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  1. C

    All data from one cell to other rows and columns

    Hi everyone! I created a purchase order request from Jotform, but when I download the Excel file, all the information from the products come in one cell. I need the information to be allocated on separated columns and rows (example in the image below). I've tried using the replace tool +...
  2. J

    Find and replace for multiple terms

    Hello all, I need to perform a find and replace on multiple values that I'm sure can be coded in excel. I have a list of address that have certain words that need to be replaced with a '~' symbol and some terms replaced with their abbreviation. For instance: Addr addr_2 123...
  3. D

    How to split addresses into separate columns without commas/delimiters

    Hi, I'm hoping someone can help figure out how to separate a series of addresses in one column into separate columns, when there are no columns to use for Text to Columns. I have a large sample file of addresses and was able to get 75% of them (the ones correctly formatted with commas)...
  4. D

    Removing hidden formatting - VBA substitute for double-click (Text to Columns not working?)

    Hi Folks, I have an excel report that has been exported from a website. The date column has some hidden formatting on it, so that when I format the column using: Range("RepTable[Delivery Date]").Select Selection.NumberFormat = "yyyymmdd" The date remains in the format: DD/MM/YYYY. When I...
  5. N

    text to columns in vba

    i want to split a range of cells(E) into words in another column (G). There are two problems: 1) the cell contains paragraphs and a new line is not taken as a delimiter. only the first line of each cell gets split 2) They get split into all columns after G . I want all the words in one column...
  6. O

    Text to Columns - Sepecific Characters (e.g. " - ")?

    Hi, I have a worksheet that has a bunch of model and serial numbers in a single cell but the serial numbers are always spaced out like this " - "; for example: IBM 48453-XT-14 - 4156489 MDS-C9250i - CO-SAN-12345B2 etc. Is there anyway I can do some type of hyphen text to columns including a...
  7. D

    Convert text to number for currency

    I need to write a macro for converting text to number. I have tried recording when I do text to columns but when I tried to run the macro under the same conditions as when it was recorded then it doesn't wok and the numbers stay as text. What do I need to do to make the text convert to a number?
  8. T

    Text to Columns selection and cell formatting

    Hi all, Currently I have the code below, which converts text to columns. I paste the text (with multiple rows) in cell A1 and run the macro. Sub TextToColumns() Columns("A:A").Select Selection.TextToColumns Destination:=Range("A1"), DataType:=xlFixedWidth, _...
  9. T

    ToggleButton hide columns under conditions

    Hi all, I have the code below now, but when I manually hide a column (for example column C) and use the toggle button twice, column C is visible again and I want it to stay hidden. Is there a possibility to do that? Private Sub ToggleButton1_Click() Dim xAddress As String xAddress = "A:Z" If...
  10. S

    Find first instance of text in range of cells

    I have a range. The cells contain a string in them. The string consists of a date (mm/dd/yyyy) and either 1 of two words: Yes or No. Example: <tbody> 07/22/2015 - No </tbody> They are in a single cell, in a single column. Regardless of I need to extract the date preceding the " - " from...
  11. T

    How to remove extra characters from a data set when transferring data via text to column

    Here's the situation. we are moving to a new CRM (or to a single REAL CRM if you want to be honest) and we need each phone number in a new column with out the jargon (random notes) behind it. The phone number are in one column now, separated by an alt return. The phone number look like the...
  12. P

    Splitting out text in cell A1

    Hi I have a series of sentences with bullet points all in cell A1 of a workbook. I would like to split out so each bullet point has its own cell in column A. The second bullet point would go into cell A2 and so on. Is this possible? Appreciate any help.
  13. D

    dealing with macros/mid-find and text to column

    So I have this problem when importing a csv file, one cell has information that needs to be split into columns or repeated with the same tablet id. I have tried several combinations but everything takes time and it is not clean and it doesnt solve the problem, any ideas data is below and the two...
  14. A

    What is the Basic Formula to Split Cells Using "Text to Columns" Option?

    Need to figure out the formula to split cells using "Text to Columns", using the "Delimited" option for Original Data Type,the "Comma" option for Delimiters, and the "General" option for Column Data Format. Or find faster way to accomplish task without clicking through it. Thanks! :):):)
  15. G

    Column format for VBA text to column

    I am using VBA to import some data from TXT files to excel, depending on the name of txt file it is either fixed width or comma delimited. For both examples I need to be set the format of certain columns to text rather than general that it defaults to. If it helps here is the relevant bit of...
  16. H

    Using text to columns to separate city/state

    I have a set of data that looks like this: Milwaukee WI New Berlin WI Franklin WI New York City NY How can I separate these into 2 columns for city and state without using either a right/trim formula combination or a space delimited/concatenate combination?
  17. J

    How do I stop auto Text To Column

    EXCEL 2016 I downloaded a file as a .csv from a work database. I'm opening the file in excel and it is automatically splitting the first column (last name,first name) into 2 columns. I'm assuming it's because it thinks it's helping me because it sees the comma. I do not want this to happen. How...
  18. A

    Unstable/Crashing with Excel 2016 for Mac

    Folks, I've researched till I'm blue in the face...literally. This is my last hope so I thought I would stop here. I've snooped around in these forums for awhile but never really posted. Thought maybe you all could help a brother out. My excel seems fairly unstable, it crashes almost daily...
  19. P

    Import text file to excel that contains about a million rows

    Hi, I have a text file that contains about a million rows with space delimited. Out of these million records, the data that suits my criteria would be only around 3 thousand. The criteria is the "Date" column as in the below example how my text file looks. Model Invoice Date Description...
  20. R

    "Text to columns" for unorganized notepad

    Hi, I have a notepad which has around 20 entries. I have to import these entries and convert it into columns. This would have been easy, if present in a single row. but these are broken rows and are present in 4 rows. Thus, excel converts these entries into 4 different rows while...

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