1. K

    Strike full line of selected text in form control textbox

    Hey, I am having trouble with my textbox 'correction' macro. What I want it to do is have the user select a line in a form control textbox. Then it should select the whole line and strike through it. The code I use to add lines to the textbox is as followed...
  2. Y

    VBA INDEX MATCH Application to display value in Textbox

    I am trying to use Index Match to replace Vlookup Function so my textbox displays date format. If I use Vlookup my textbox shows numbers. I tried the below code but it is not displaying the value in the textbox once I run the code. Can I please have your help to make the code work? Dim TBL As...
  3. W

    Saving data from textbox to specific folder without dialog as .txt

    Hi. I am trying to save information within a textbox, to a .txt file, to a spesific folder, without using dialog (this button shall basicly autosave the information within the textbox to a folder, with only saying something like "Submitted" when its done) I have only used...
  4. J

    Userform, textbox copy to sheet

    Private Sub ToggleButton2_Click() Me.TextBox1.Copy Sheets("Data Sheet").Range("L" & Rows.Count).End(xlUp).Offset(1, 0).PasteSpecial Paste:=xlPasteValues Struggling to achieve a simple copy to the next available row in column L from a textbox in a userform. It is failing on line 2. Any...
  5. B

    Userform | Evoke Textbox change event when radio button is changed

    I have three radio buttons that the user can select Uppercase Lowercase Propercase When the form initializes the Uppercase radio button is set to true if the user selects one of the radio buttons I want the text already keyed into a textbox to update to the choosen radio button I have...
  6. S

    Referencing class variable(s) from another class

    I have two simple classes shown below for several userform textbox and spin button controls. Userform_Initiliaze event basically adds any such controls to relevant collections to manipulate later using events. What I want to achieve is to pass text from textbox class (clsTextBox) to spin button...
  7. S

    Copying data between two different workbooks

    hello, I'm trying to copy the text box inside my page. The code I used didn't work can you help me Thank you name of the textbox is "oyku" Sub oyku() ' ' Windows("1.xlsm").Activate Sheets("Kimlik").Select Sheets("Kimlik").oyku.Copy Windows("2.xlsm").Activate...
  8. T

    "Contains" filter on number and text column

    Hi, I've got a column that I want to filter using "contains" filter in my vba code. Most of the column data is a 3 digit number - e.g. "842" But some have more digits/letters - e.g. "84203-A" Filter input is from a textbox in a userform. Is there any way I can use an autofilter so that if...
  9. A

    Carriage (Enter) instead of word wrap

    Can someone as assist with a code that will enter a carriage (Enter) whenever the multi-line textbox wraps the string to the next line. I know the multi-line textbox will do this for me, but I need this to enter it a cell to indicate to separate line. Thanks for you
  10. S

    Populate rest of Userform based on two ComoboBox Values

    Hey all, I am trying to quickly get order data from a single sheet of over 3000 entries using a UserForm to make it as simple as possible for staff. So far i've made a userform that i want to use containing a number of text boxes: "Cust ID", "Order #", "Item", "Part No", "Date Ordered"...
  11. C

    Populating a TextBox with a % Value taken from worksheet cells

    Hi there, I have a calculation taking place on a work sheet - a calculation to work out a percentage. =IFERROR(SUM(D6/D5),0) In this example I'm using Loan (£100,000) / Property Value (£200,000) = 0.5 (formatted to %) = 50% All I want to do it have my user form pull through the value of...
  12. L

    Sub for keypress check

    Hi! Well i have a question for check keypress for multiple textbox with public sub. Heres example how i have done it now for each textbox. Private Sub TextBox1_KeyPress(ByVal KeyAscii As MSForms.ReturnInteger) KeyAscii = KeyAscii * -CLng(Chr(KeyAscii) Like "[0-9]") End Sub So i would like...
  13. A

    Multi column listbox and textbox search

    Hi Guys, I've got a user form with a listbox and textbox. What I'm trying to achieve is when I type things in the textbox it searches the listbox and removes anything that doesnt relate.("*" Wildcard "*") The column I want it to search in is column C and it currently has 6 columns. What is the...
  14. T

    Sequentially adding text to next line in textbox in userform

    I am needing to have a TEXTBOX be updated from a button that takes some info from my Combobox's and puts them into the TEXTBox 1 line at a time. But I will need to keep adding to this until i am ready to complete the data to send and then clear it out. I have tried using: TextBox1.value =...
  15. J

    textbox max of 2 and min of 1

    is it possible to input 1 and 2 only in textbox ?
  16. zendog1960

    TextBox# issue

    I am creating a user form in which there are going to be 30+ textboxes. After copy pasting a few in, deleting a few, then adding more in, the numbering of these boxes are all over the place. I am doing a routine to populate these textboxes with values from a sheet within the workbook. I am...
  17. W

    Copy cell to text box

    I'm sorry in advance if the answer is painfully obvious, but I am not very knowledgeable when it comes to macros. I am attempting to copy the contents of cell "C2" and paste it a line above the first line in "textbox2" or a line below the last line in "Textbox 2" while keeping the text that is...
  18. P

    Copy cell value from a different workbook into a textbox in a userform

    Hi, good afternoon, I have a userform with TextBox310 where I want the textbox to show the info from another workbook for example the work book is located in 'G:INDAY.xlsm ' and the info is in sheet1 cell S17, please can you help? I have tried... [CODE]Private Sub TextBox310_Change() Dim WB as...
  19. J

    Finding Date in Listview

    Hi, Is there anyone that can show me how to find in listview control column 2 the earliest date and populate it in textbox 1, and the latest date into textbox 2. Thank you to anyone that can help me.
  20. Z

    VBA code to search Column and enter text box value in the line below

    I have a userform that the user will pick from the combo box list and then enter in a value in a textbox 1. Once the user clicks the OK command button I would like it to search the combo box value in column A on Sheet1 and place the value from textbox 1 in the next available row below in column...

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