1. W

    Spell Checker in a ActiveX Textbox issue.

    I found some code I found at How to apply spell check in textbox? to check for misspelled words in an ActiveX textbox and all-in-all it works great except if it finds a misspelled word and you click on "Ignore Once" , "Ignore All" or "Cancel," it seems to go into this endless loop. After you...
  2. O

    Replace lookup value with Textbox value VBA

    I have a table that the user doesn't see with data in rows A and B. There are data in row A (for example apples, oranges etc) and row B is empty. User picks from a combobox a value that belongs to row A, the value is stored in a cell. After that user must put an integer in a textbox that belongs...
  3. D

    Append text to a cell keeping text formatting

    Hi everyone! I hope you are well. Is there a way to append text from a TextBox on a UserForm to a cell without losing the cell text formatting? Please see sample workbook attached :) TextBoxSample
  4. T

    Using ComboBox and TextBox in a UserForm as the Range VBA

    I am trying to have the ComboBox1 selection determine the row that the value from TextBox3 will be placed, as well as have TextBox2 determine the column that it will go in. The below code achieves the row that it will be placed, however, I can't seem to get the column to work correctly. This...
  5. A

    Userform Textbox value to select named range based on Userform Combobox value

    This is too specific for me to find any relevant info on the internet, at least from my searches, and I'm wondering if anyone can help out. I've created a userform that is filled in by user. I would then like to use the values entered in the textboxes in this userform to populate a new lastrow...
  6. C

    Textbox Not Populated well after double click listbox

    When i double click the listbox, the data shown in textbox is not sorted well (Refer Image). Based on the image 1st image, textbox 1 should be blank , only textbox 2 is populated And for Image 2, it should doing the same things whereby Textbox 2 should be blank, only textbox 1 is populated...
  7. C

    Disable TextBoxes and "gray it out" Based on ComboBox Choice

    I have two textboxes (TextBox1, TextBox2) that need to be disabled based on combobox1. I need the textbox to be "gray out" to show they are disabled ?How can i do it ? Private Sub ComboBox1_Change() If ComboBox1.Value = "Section" Then TextBox1.Enabled = True TextBox2.Enabled = False End If End...
  8. M

    [VBA] How to populate a textbox with formatted text?

    I have text string in a cell on tab A. For example, let's say it is: "The red dog was very big." I would like to populate a textbox on tab B with the string including the formatting of the string (the bold and color included). In my case a person would select a cell and click a button to...
  9. G

    populate listbox in userform based on textbox with multiple rows

    I have this userform that has a listbox. I haven't been able to get the listbox to populate the values. The Values start on row 3, Column A has the criteria, the sheet name is "MAIN", It populates when the userform is called, but not when an option button is clicked, which adds text to a...
  10. K

    Populating Listbox/ Textbox based on criteria or listbox selection

    I have a userform that i need a listbox filled with 2 columns from another sheet based on the contents of a Textbox in the userform I have the Textbox populated, and can fill the listbox column 1 I then need to populate 2 other textboxes based on the selection made in the listbox TextBox1 holds...
  11. V

    Button on a userform to add and remove text from left side of textbox?

    I am wondering how I would go about adding a button to a userform that could add and remove a portion of text to the left side of a textbox. Simple example would be a button labeled 'ATTENTION' that when clicked would add the following text to the left of a notebox: "**ATTENTION**" Clicking...
  12. V

    How can I make my code add text the the front or left of a textbox on a userform?

    I have a checkbox on a userform and I would like for it to add text to a text box, without replacing the contents if there already is something in the textbox. I would like for it to be added to the left most of the textbox, essentially being the first text that is viewed when reading the...
  13. H


    I create a userform that have 80 textboxes in it and all the value I put its unique. I want to fill 80 unique data in the textbox, but I the value should not be the same in all the textboxes and avoid duplicate after update from sheet data.
  14. N

    Amount of Days Between Two Dates But for Alternate Days

    Hello All, I hope everyone is keeping healthy & happy! Just a quick question. I have a userform that contains four textboxes; 1x start date, 1x end date, 1x Alternate Day number & 1x result. A user enters a starting and ending date, eg "01/oct/2020" and an end date "04/jan/2021". In the...
  15. 5

    Speed up an Autofilter with 20k+ rows

    Hey everyone. Hope you're all doing well. I have a listObject table with 20k+ rows that I'm filtering with a textbox. This is the code I modified a little from extendoffice: Private Sub TextBox1_Change() 'Update by Extendoffice 2018/08/22 Dim xStr, xName As String Dim xWS As Worksheet Dim xRg...
  16. M

    Transfer activex textbox value to table on another sheet

    Hi, I have a sheet called "CLP", there are several activex textboxes in this sheet. I want to use VBA to transfer the values of each textbox into a specific named range on a table ("Data") that's on sheet "CLP Client Data" So for example on sheet "CLP" there is a textbox named "TBDate", i want...
  17. M

    Timer mm:ss in textbox VBA

    Hi all, I have a problem with textboxes in userform. Basically i just want to display one cell with a timer inside through one textbox in my userform. In C2 i have a timer and the cell format is "mm:ss", so the textbox2 should display that cell in that format but it seems so complicate. If the...
  18. W

    Excel - date format issue in vba

    I am using below code in my userform in order to put todays date by default. The below code sets the date in the given format in my textbox :- Private Sub UserForm_Initialize() txt_date.Value = Format(Date, "d/m/yyyy") End Sub But when I click Add data, then in the sheet1 the Date column is...
  19. 5

    Filtering a 2D array in a listbox from a textbox

    Hi everyone. I have a userform with a textbox and a listbox. The listbox is populated with data from a 2-column ListObject table whenever the form initializes and, as I type in the textbox, it gets filtered using the full string. That works, but since I'm filtering construction materials, I...
  20. G

    UserForm not converting to number

    Hi, I have a userform that fills a table with the values from the boxes but sometimes the output in the table is in the form of text and not number. Ive tried many solutions but none seem to work... Bellow is the code for filling the table in case is needed. When the MontanteBox, EURBox...
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