1. F

    Userform textbox launches another userform

    I have a userform with two textboxes for users to enter dates. I have code that when the user clicks into one of the text boxes a second userform will appear. My issue is the second userform only appears once for each textbox. When the main user form appears, and either text box is clicked...
  2. M

    Search by textbox and criteria combobox and show in listbox

    Hello, good day everyone, I want to search based on the combobox as (search column) and textbox in sheet 1. How is this possible? ABCDEFGH1no.Nameidsexagedate of birthIQ TestMeaning of Name214Ani4935426663female2231/10/199998Ornament, Beautiful, Variant of Anne /...
  3. M

    Unable to get the TextBoxes Property when login !

    Hello, I have created an excel sheet which have two textboxes "username" and "password" as a login system. I did not use the visual basic form to design. I have only insert 2 textboxes on the sheet and a picture as a login. if i click the picture it should login. its checking the password and...
  4. E

    Trying to enter into Text activecell value

    Active cell in column A into a form text code. When I click on a active cell I need it to fill form Textbox. The code below does not work? Click on the cell but nothing happens. Private Sub Enter_Number_SheetClick(ByVal Sh As Object, ByVal Target As Range) Dim ws As Worksheet Set...
  5. K

    VBA Spin buttons in user form - how to declare them as a variable?

    Hi all! I have a user form with lots of text boxes and spin buttons that work as a time picker. So one textbox shows value of spin button (from -1 to 25) for hours and other one shows value between -1 and 60 for minutes. Each of this spin buttons contains the same code: For hours: Private...
  6. R

    UserForm TextBox to Specific Cell

    Hey everyone, I know there are a million threads on this topic and I have tried everything and I keep getting a runtime 9 error and I can't figure out what I am doing wrong. My userform has 4 txt boxes and I want to be able to save the values so I created a sheet [Sheet25] "UserForm" to store...
  7. Jaafar Tribak

    Date Input Mask ( Applying a Watermark to TextBox)

    Hi dear forum, I just thought I would post this little demo here which, just like the thread title reads, it shows an attempt to mimic the watermarks that we sometimes see in some web forms. I was spurred to it by the question asked in this recent thread ... The result I have obtained looks...
  8. brendalpzm

    Vlookup function in two text box

    I have 2 text box (not a user form) in one text box the user is supposed to type the employee number (TextBox1) and when they click on the "search" button, it should bring in the TextBox2 the name according to the employee number. The sheet where the textboxes are located is called "Input" and...
  9. brendalpzm

    Apply an excel formula but in a VBA instead

    I have this issue, I'm creating a form that must have a specific folio according to previous entries. I'm creating the form with ActiveX fields, I tried to link a textbox value from a cell where I have a simple excel formula that gives me the folio depending on the prveiously entered data...
  10. P

    How to add a scroll bar to a active x text box when enabled property is set to false

    I am displaying information in an excel text box. However, when the data is too large scroll bar is not visible even when ScrollBars property is set to 2 - fmScrollBarsVertical. Any help is appreciated
  11. B

    This formula is missing a range refrence or a defined name

    I have been trying to put the formula into a text box =GETPIVOTDATA("AMOUNT",Data!$A$3) But following error is showing This formula is missing a range refrence or a defined name
  12. K

    Add a new row in Named Table (Table1) and add data from txtboxes into last empty cells based on header named of the Table1

    Hello All, I would need your expertise, please. I have a named Table1 with columns test1, test2, test3, test4 and textbox1,textbox2,textbox3,textbox4 Using click procedure, I would like to create a VBA to add a new row in Table1 and based on with header name of the Table1, the data to be...
  13. M

    Loop through array for value to copy to textbox

    Hello and thanks for reading. I am missing something simple here on a conditional loop. I am first checking to see if a textbox on a userform has a number in it. If it does not, i am looping through the 5 sheets that may have the number in cell P14. Whenever i find the number i want to change...
  14. T

    Copying a range and pasting it several times from a user form

    Hi, I want to copy a range and paste it several times via a user form using a text box. It already works fine but I can only copy and paste that range once. I want to paste it as many times as the user wants with the textbox input. Thats my code at the moment. I would apreciate some help...
  15. R

    Create dynamic textbox by column amount

    Good evening friends, I'm working on a maintenance control spreadsheet project. I'm having trouble doing the loop that creating the fields as filled in the worksheet creates only the amount of textbox required per line. The second question is in relation to making these fields bring the values...
  16. T

    VBA textbox loading value from cell

    hi, i'm starting programming on vba alone. i'm trying to show on textbox 10 a value from a cell. That should happen when i input a value on textbox 1, but if it's complicate it can be load when the form is open. The value showed on textbox10 i don't want it to change with keyboard so I locked...
  17. D

    Highlighting Multiple Textbox in User Form

    it is possible to highlight multiple textbox in one userform to inform that the field need to be field? If TBPOCD.value = "" Or TBEPON.value = "" Or TBLN.value = "" Then If TBPOCD.value = "" Then TBPOCD.BackColor = vbYellow Exit Sub End If If TBEPON.value = "" Then...
  18. W

    Spell Checker in a ActiveX Textbox issue.

    I found some code I found at How to apply spell check in textbox? to check for misspelled words in an ActiveX textbox and all-in-all it works great except if it finds a misspelled word and you click on "Ignore Once" , "Ignore All" or "Cancel," it seems to go into this endless loop. After you...
  19. O

    Replace lookup value with Textbox value VBA

    I have a table that the user doesn't see with data in rows A and B. There are data in row A (for example apples, oranges etc) and row B is empty. User picks from a combobox a value that belongs to row A, the value is stored in a cell. After that user must put an integer in a textbox that belongs...
  20. D

    Append text to a cell keeping text formatting

    Hi everyone! I hope you are well. Is there a way to append text from a TextBox on a UserForm to a cell without losing the cell text formatting? Please see sample workbook attached :) TextBoxSample

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