1. H


    I create a userform that have 80 textboxes in it and all the value I put its unique. I want to fill 80 unique data in the textbox, but I the value should not be the same in all the textboxes and avoid duplicate after update from sheet data.
  2. N

    Amount of Days Between Two Dates But for Alternate Days

    Hello All, I hope everyone is keeping healthy & happy! Just a quick question. I have a userform that contains four textboxes; 1x start date, 1x end date, 1x Alternate Day number & 1x result. A user enters a starting and ending date, eg "01/oct/2020" and an end date "04/jan/2021". In the...
  3. 5

    Speed up an Autofilter with 20k+ rows

    Hey everyone. Hope you're all doing well. I have a listObject table with 20k+ rows that I'm filtering with a textbox. This is the code I modified a little from extendoffice: Private Sub TextBox1_Change() 'Update by Extendoffice 2018/08/22 Dim xStr, xName As String Dim xWS As Worksheet Dim xRg...
  4. M

    Transfer activex textbox value to table on another sheet

    Hi, I have a sheet called "CLP", there are several activex textboxes in this sheet. I want to use VBA to transfer the values of each textbox into a specific named range on a table ("Data") that's on sheet "CLP Client Data" So for example on sheet "CLP" there is a textbox named "TBDate", i want...
  5. M

    Timer mm:ss in textbox VBA

    Hi all, I have a problem with textboxes in userform. Basically i just want to display one cell with a timer inside through one textbox in my userform. In C2 i have a timer and the cell format is "mm:ss", so the textbox2 should display that cell in that format but it seems so complicate. If the...
  6. W

    Excel - date format issue in vba

    I am using below code in my userform in order to put todays date by default. The below code sets the date in the given format in my textbox :- Private Sub UserForm_Initialize() txt_date.Value = Format(Date, "d/m/yyyy") End Sub But when I click Add data, then in the sheet1 the Date column is...
  7. 5

    Filtering a 2D array in a listbox from a textbox

    Hi everyone. I have a userform with a textbox and a listbox. The listbox is populated with data from a 2-column ListObject table whenever the form initializes and, as I type in the textbox, it gets filtered using the full string. That works, but since I'm filtering construction materials, I...
  8. G

    UserForm not converting to number

    Hi, I have a userform that fills a table with the values from the boxes but sometimes the output in the table is in the form of text and not number. Ive tried many solutions but none seem to work... Bellow is the code for filling the table in case is needed. When the MontanteBox, EURBox...
  9. M

    VBA OR function help please

    Hi there, I'm rying to set a condition on a user form so that the user needs to close a textbox before the open another. The textbox is opened via a command button. I have never used the "OR" function before so had a look online. The code I have just opens up the msgbox regardless f whether or...
  10. M

    Problems making userform textbox visible/invisible

    Hi there, I have a textbox (TBPsychology8) which is populated using the code below. I also want this box to be visible or invisible (depending on certain criteria) when you click a command button (CBDisc8). The criteria are: -If TBPsychology8 is blank and invisible then run the code to populate...
  11. M

    VBA code to set specific scroll height in userform

    Hi there, In my userform i have several textboxes which are made visible by clicking a command button and then invisible by clicking another command button. When I close the textbox (make invisible) the userform position changes and it scrolls half way up the form. Is there a way to set a...
  12. lockarde

    Enter into ActiveX Textbox with VBA

    Hello all, I have a spreadsheet with some checkboxes and text boxes. I would like to write a macro so that when I check a specific checkbox, it automatically enters into a specific textbox. I've found properties such as "enter", "setfocus" but those only seem to apply to form textboxes, I...
  13. M

    Transferring Text from userform textbox to a worksheet textbox

    Hi there, I'm wanting to copy text from a userform textbox into a workseet textbox i.e. a non activex textbox, just a standard textbox (Activex textboxes are easier but i find that they tend to lag on a worksheet). So the sheet is called "Life Purpose" and the textbox is named "TBSR1", can...
  14. M

    How to reference standard worksheet textbox in VBA

    Hi, I was wondering how i would reference a textbox in VBA. I can do this no problem with activex textboxes but don't know how to do with a normal one. I am wanting to use a normal textbox as the activex one is very laggy and takes forever to show the text you're typing. Many thanks for your...
  15. M

    Stop user from resizing text box or trigger script when textbox is changed.

    Hi, is there way to stop user from resizing a text box ?? I have this script that brings it back to the pre determined size but is there a way to trigger it every time it is modified. Ideally I would want this to be dynamic where it does that for all textboxes on the sheet ( if not, i...
  16. M

    Resizing textbox based on the table height next to it.

    Hi I have a few tables and a few textboxes next to the tables. I want the textboxes to expand when new rows are added to the table. The range would be dynamic hence I have to find the textbox in the specified range and then adjust the height. I tried to code it but the height of the textbox...
  17. C

    Copy Command Button caption to Clipboard

    Hello everyone. As the title say, I have multiple (at least 10 I think) cmdbuttons on a userform. I have 2 things I am looking to achieve: 1. Copy the cmdbutton captions to clipboard when clicked. This will be pasted on another program like Notepad, etc. 2. Show the cmdbutton captions on...
  18. C

    Textbox to Textbox, Hyperlinks to desired browser, Reset CommandButton, Open another Sheet while UserForm is open

    Hello All, As the title says (i am not sure if this kind of title is allowed, kinda desperate for help), I have a few queries about my current worksheet. Below is my code for my checkboxes and comboboxes captions to appear on my TextBox3. Shoutout to @DanteAmor for these codes. What I want to...
  19. C

    Copy Checkbox and ComboBox value to Textbox

    Hello All, Need help with my work. I have a userform that has multiple checkboxes and a label. What I am looking forward is: 1. I want to copy the label into the textbox when one of the checkbox is selected. If multiple selections, one label only for the entire selection. 2. I want to copy the...
  20. Y

    Barcode Scanning in the Userform (missing numbers.)

    Hello everyone my problem is a little bit annoying. When i try to scan a barcode in the textbox there is always number 7 is missing. for example if the barcode is 123456789 it writes in the text box 12345689 . The barcode scanner works perfect except in the userform. I tried in the notpad it...

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