1. S

    Search sheet and pull results into a list box based on criteria

    I have a sheet with headers SKU, Name and Stock. I would like to create an userform with 3 textboxes and 3 search buttons below the textboxes to perform a search whatever i enter into each box and place the found results into a listbox for easy viewing. I can write a macro to do a search on...
  2. N

    Check for duplicates

    Hello, I have a userform with 8 textboxes (txt_Name1, txt_Name2...txt_Name8) I'm trying to add a piece of code to check the textboxes above if any name is duplicate, I tried the following code but didn't work Can you please help me? Code: Private Sub cmd_Add_Clich() Dim i As Long For i = 1...
  3. zendog1960

    TextBox# issue

    I am creating a user form in which there are going to be 30+ textboxes. After copy pasting a few in, deleting a few, then adding more in, the numbering of these boxes are all over the place. I am doing a routine to populate these textboxes with values from a sheet within the workbook. I am...
  4. kelly mort

    VBA code to compare contents of two textboxes

    Private Sub CommandButton1_Click() Dim arr(1 To 2) As Variant, word As Variant If Len(Me.TextBox1.Text) And Len(Me.TextBox2.Text) Then arr(1) = Split(Me.TextBox1, " ") arr(2) = Split(Me.TextBox2, " ") For Each word In arr(1) If...
  5. J

    Apply the same formatting code to multiple TextBoxes

    I know very little about VBA code, but I managed to copy and paste code(s) from various site to create a userform. I have multiple TextBoxes (i.e., TextBox1 thru TextBox15) on the userform. I would like 10 of the 15 text boxes formatted with the same code (see below). I copied the code 10...
  6. K

    Copy and paste data from userform textboxes to worksheet

    Hello Everyone, Can someone kindly help meas I’m new to VBA. I have a userformthat contains a listbox with several lines of data. When the user double clicks on a row in thelistbox, it populates a series of textboxes below. Right now, I can’t seem to get the ADD bottomto work. What I’d like...
  7. F

    Convert Userform textbox to percentage

    I have a userform with two textboxes that receive a number from a spreadsheet when double clicked. The numbers on the spreadsheet are percentages so I've formatted the textboxes to show the percentage. The code below works fine. I would now like to add those two textboxes together in another...
  8. T

    Set focus after tabbing through textboxes and checkboxes on sheet

    I have a sheet (not userform) with many ActiveX textboxes and checkboxes. It's used as a checklist for equipment inspections that gets printed out. Tabbing through the textboxes and checkboxes is hard coded on Sheet1 with: Private Sub CheckBox1_KeyDown(ByVal KeyCode As MSForms.ReturnInteger...
  9. B

    Changing cell on button click pulling information from a ListBox

    Hey everyone, I'm trying to run a dashboard with 3 different tabs as display and 1 tab as database. Each display tab has a dashboard containing a ListBox and 3 TextBoxes. The List receives the data from the Database tab and the TextBoxes receive it from the List. One of the TextBoxes displays...
  10. D

    Update value of TextBox after other TextBoxes have updated

    I'm in the process of learning VBA and am working on a League Manager for my local billiard hall (The guy likes Excel). I have created a UserForm to enter scores and I'm looking for an easier way to code up my controls in it. I have a TextBox that needs to display the sum of values contained in...
  11. J

    Show error if no match then clear textbox

    Hello All, I have a userform with 2 texboxes where I scan a barcode in both and if they match the textboxes turn green and red if no match, I am trying to show an error message if there if no match then clear both textboxes but I can not figure out how to do it as I am very new to VBA, could...
  12. kelly mort

    Validation of texts from two different textboxes

    Hello I am looking for a script that will compare the values in two textboxes to see if the both contain same words. One box has "Small Yellow Car" Second box "Car Yellow Small" "Small Car Yellow" Etc Rules : 1. The order does not matter 2. The length of characters in both cases must...
  13. B

    calculating textboxes on userform with custom Formats

    I have a userform where users can enter times for a team and i am wanting to add the four times together but not sure how to do it. Each textbox is formatted "0\:00.\00" so that when the user enters the time eg 1500 it shows as 00:15.00 (minutes:seconds.00) I don't even know where to start in...
  14. D

    Userform Textbox with figures

    Hi all, I have a userform with some textboxs that are linked to some cells in a sheet of Excel. Here is the code of the userform Private Sub UserForm_Initialize() TextBox1.Value = "" TextBox2.Value = "" TextBox3.Value = "" TextBox4.Value = "" end sub And here is the code of the command...
  15. D

    eventhandling of dynamically created textboxes

    Hello, In fact I need a list of inputboxes: - first collumn is with fixed numbering - second and third collumn should behave like inputboxes for values - I need 20 rows of it As the listbox-control doesn't allow user input, I thought of creating the textboxes dynamically in code and assign...
  16. I

    Edit ActiveX textbox from VBA Userform

    The formatting for my original post messed up. I have corrected it below. I have a userform that adds, edits, and delete deletes entries from a sheet named ‘Data’ (Sheet 2). The first row of this dataset feeds into the 2 ActiveX textboxes that I have on Sheet(1). Upon adding an entry, I would...
  17. kelly mort

    Remove comma from a textbox

    Private Sub lstView_DblClick(ByVal Cancel As MSForms.ReturnBoolean) Dim n As Integer, ac As Integer, i As Integer i = Me.lstView.ListIndex With lstView For ac = 1 To .ColumnCount .TextColumn = ac Me.Controls("Rw" & ac).Value = .Text Next ac...
  18. B

    Quick way to ClearContents of UserForm TextBoxes?

    I have several UserForms with many TextBoxes. To quickly ClearContents I've tried this which produces Object required error. Any suggestions? For i = 1 To TextBox.Count TextBox(i).ClearContents Next I
  19. D

    Userform Textbox's Multiples - Easier way to get cell data to these boxes

    Hi. Would appreciate any help. I have a userform with 100 Textboxes on it. The majority of the textboxes will be for the DISPLAY of cell values only. With some being used for the input of new data which the goes onto the worksheet. My question is. Is there an easier way to get...
  20. sharky12345

    Format textbox input

    I am trying to force the input of data into 2 different textboxes so that the user can't input an incorrect value or in the wrong format. The textboxes are on a userform and I need them to format as the user types so they are formatted as follows; In both examples, they should only be able...

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