1. B

    Text file read and replace values, Large file

    I have the following code that reads the data line by line. I would live to replace the values found by subtracting them by 5. Any help would be appreciated. The text file is displayed as below. I made the text bold, I am looping through the file and locating "HXX1" in the line and would like...
  2. A

    vba - Text Reader class

    tldr version: Trying to fix someone else's code who isn't here anymore. This hasn't been working for over a year and I have been tasked to fix it. This is a class called cbTextReader, and is called to handle the lines of a text file for checking and manipulation. I've dug into what's...
  3. A

    How to find and read multiple files based on date range.

    I have been searching for a way to be able to read and write multiple files to .txt. I can currently get the most current file with a wildcard, but the other archived files are in sub-folders named by date i.e. 07072019. I would have two dates on a sheet, say B3 and C3. B3 being start date and...
  4. J

    Text file column to create variable with commas using VBA

    Hello, I am looking for some code that will do the following. When the macro is run it will pull only the first column from a text file (path is C:\Users\jmckibb\Desktop\My Stuff\text.txt) and create a variable (if that is the right terminology) that is the first column with a comma behind...
  5. J

    VBA userform textbox to textfile and back

    Hello, Stumped on this one. I have a userform with a textbox to input item number(s) and two option buttons "upload" and "retrieve". when the code is run I would like it to doe the following: If optionbutton1.value = true then I'd like it to take the item number(s) to be put into a textfile...
  6. C

    Copy Paste a range from one textfile to another

    Hi, I am new to excel VBA. I am trying to write a code to copy a range of text from One text file to another . For instance : I have a textfile 1 with data some data ... < startaction> some data ... < \ startaction> some data... Textfile 2 some data ... < startaction> empty < \...
  7. kelly mort

    Upload Image Challenge

    Hello Geniuses, I have this challenge here and I need you all to help me nail it down. I want to do something cooler with a userform by clicking a button which will open a dialogue box where I choose the picture I wanna upload. I started this and suspended for a while and wanna get buck to it...
  8. C

    Text File Parsing Not Working

    I have a text file that I am trying to parse into Excel. The file fields are delimited by |. When I use the code below, it parses everything in to the first column. Can anyone help with how to modify the code so that it parses each line of the text file into the appropriate columns and rows...
  9. U

    Write Data in Column to a .SQL File

    Hi Everyone, just needed some assistance with writing data from Column A of Worksheet titled "SQLScript" to a text file and then save it as a .SQL file in Directory "C:\Users" using VBA. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  10. U

    Combine Data in Multiple Columns Into One Column

    Hello Everyone, thank you in advance for your help. Basically what i am trying to do is copy all data from Columns M to Column T starting from Row 3 and paste it into a new worksheet. The hard part is that some cell values can be blank in between rows. So essentially id like to copy all values...
  11. K

    Excel to Text File problem

    I am trying to export my worksheet to excel as a text file. I was told to use ADD-INS write to text; although I have no idea how to get "write to text" on my add-in tab. So instead what I have done is just save it as a text file although this is not what I want. I want a text file that has...
  12. V

    How to wait for text file to open before proceeding?

    Sub something() Dim FilePath As String Dim strFilename As String Dim strTextLine As String Dim iFile As Integer: iFile = FreeFile strFilename = "C:\desktop\file.txt" Open strFilename For Input As #iFile 'read each line in text individually Application.Wait (Now + 0.0000058) 'wait for about...
  13. D

    VBA range export to csv file

    Hi, I am trying to achieve two things with one macro, the first I have solved with the sub below, I now need to populate the file with only the range L2:L11 and not the rest of the data in the sheet, maintaining the rows so each cell contents are on a seperate row in the csv file: Private Sub...
  14. S

    VBA for Editing Text File

    Hi all, Quite new to VBA but would be very grateful if someone could help me with the below. I can't figure out the code I need in order to go into a text file, remove lines 10, 11,12, 13 & 14 in the text file. I've seen threads with the find and replace in a text file but cant use these as...
  15. S

    Making an imported text file useful in Excel

    <tbody> Excel 2007 <tbody> Row\Col A B C D E F G H I J K L 1 1 2 3 GrandTotals 2 Qty Value Qty Value Quantity Value Quantity extend Value GrandTotals 3 ------------ ---------------- ------------ ---------------- ------------ ----------------...
  16. S

    Exporting TextFile with SaveAsWindow Prompt

    Hello, I am a VBA "dummy" so please bear with me. I am currently working on a "Lookup" program. There is an Export button on my user form, but the text file generated saves automatically in a user's directory (e.g., My Documents). Here is the code: Private Sub Export_Click() Dim OutCount As...
  17. K

    VBA reading in text file and parsing by line breaks (carriage returns)

    Hi guys, I am a little stuck here. I am trying to read in a text file and parse it by line breaks however I cannot read the content of the parsed line breaks, it just shows up as 'Empty' when I watch them. Option Explicit Sub ParseText() Dim myFile As String, text As String, textline As...
  18. N

    Multiple Loop for Reading a text file with tags

    Hi Sirs, I have a problem regarding sorting our books on our store. The database extracted in textfile is somehat like this <bookstart <bookstart <bookstart **BOOKSTART SERIAL=3234123532; AUTHORSN=12343234; CASE=11; CLASS=1-1-101-241-33-NONE-0-NONE-00000000-65535-0-0-DP_UPS-NONE...
  19. K

    Import Text Files with VBA- How to set TextFilePlatform to a code page

    Hello I am writing a macro that changes the filepath for an existing text file import as a QueryTable. I want to set the connection parameters to variables and reapply them with a different filepath. Dim DataType() as Variant Dim Platform as Integer Dim TableCell As Range Dim...
  20. E

    Type Conversion Failure Access 2007 Double

    I want to import a texfile into an Access table. My textfile contains the following: somemoredata;+025,1234;somemoredata The delimitor is set to semicolon. The decimal symbol is set to comma - both in my regional settings and in the import whizard. The target field is a Double with Decimal...

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