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  1. HeRoseInThree

    Count business days that have past - not weekends

    I have dates in w24 (start date) and w26 (end date) with the resulting math taking place in w28. Easy enough. The issue is I need to not calculate the weekends. I tried the workday function, but that isn't what I am looking for... Any ideas?
  2. HeRoseInThree

    Data refresh question

    I have a spreadsheet that has my driver's names (and other data) and another spreadsheet that I use that data for. When a driver is removed from the driver data spreadsheet, I receive an error on the other sheet... The formula works well until I remove a driver. The formula I use: ='[N&I...
  3. A

    Trouble with Print Preview

    I am trying to replace "Selection.PrintPreview" with "Application.CommandBars.ExecuteMso ("PrintPreviewAndPrint")" but I am missing the "Selection" component. How do I preview the selected range with the new print preview window?
  4. M

    How to add rows to a new custom table based on values in other table? Options

    Hello, I'm stuck in one of the business use case where we need to add duplicate entries in a new custom table from the inputs given in other table. e.q. consider i have a table with Subscriber Effective_date Expiriation_date Service_Code Now i want to dynamically create a custom table...
  5. S

    Building a Product Selection Tool With Excel - Advice Please

    Hi, Perhaps this is a straightforward one for you experts here.... I'm trying to find the best way of building a product selection tool for around 3-500 Adhesive Tape products. These are quite technical and have many criteria associated with them. For example: Adhesive Thickness Side 1 & 2...
  6. A

    Insert text at a bookmark via VBA

    I am somewhat new to VBA, I have created a userform that will open a word document and update several lines of text within the document before saving and closing it. I know that it is possible to insert text at a bookmark, but I do not currently have the understanding to do this. My code is as...
  7. S

    Unsure of How to write this equation

    I'd like to know what kind of formula/what is the formula to have Excel figure something like this out: Say A=7 B=12 C=30 D=Scaling(1-100) Like a unit's level And it will make Q=((A*B*C)+(C*D(also D-1, etc)) like an Arithmetic progression. Where D is Q/((A*B*C)+(C*D(also D-1, etc)) So for the...
  8. J

    'invalid control variable reference' error

    Hi all, I am trying to copy an example from a textbook so that i can edit it for my own use and i have typed out the Macro they apparently used. i Have checked a few time and can't see the error but i keep getting a 'invalid control variable reference' error and can't get any further. I would...
  9. V

    Keyboard shortcut for highlighting cell

    What is the keyboard shortcut for highlighting cell? Can a frequently-performed task be assigned a keyboard shortcut by user? If it is done by VBA, please post the code. Thanks.
  10. V

    Excel table auto-sorts while updating!

    How to design an excel table that auto-sorts while updating? If VBA is the only option, please post the code! Thanks.
  11. J

    Creating a Macro that double click a cell

    Hi All! I'm new here so please forgive any of the stupid things I might say :) I'm trying to create a macro that goes thru all the cells in a row, double clicks them and goes on to the next cell (all the cells already have values in them). When I record this then this is the code that is...
  12. S

    Auto delete a workbook

    hi pls help me crack this.... is it possible to delete a workbook automatically basis the system date. for eg - I have to give a report which is to be given every month to couple of people, this report expires on every 28th of the month. I want that the moment date is 28 in the system clock...
  13. S

    Auto delete a workbook

    hi there... i need a help i am circulating a report to couple people in my office every month which contains lot of macros and formulas.... if i want that after 30 days the old file gets deleted automatically so that they can easily save my new file without changing its name or overwritting...
  14. S

    Userforms & Multipages???

    greetings for d day! I have a problem refering to a multipage..... i have a user form (userform2) on to which i have a multipage with 4 pages and each page has a image box on it viz a viz they are named like page1 image1, page2 image2 and till 4..... now the problem is i am not able to refer...

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