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  1. I

    If Cells Match in Two Columns, Then

    Hello, I am trying to come up with a formula that will review two lists (A2:A6 and D2:D6), and if any cells in the lists match, then return the value of that match from Column B. There would not be multiple answers to this (Option 1 and Option 2 would not be listed in D2:D6). Example below...
  2. L

    If Then Function in VBA

    Hello, I have this formula but i would prefer to have it in VBA =IF(G7="INT1",'GL Accounts'!B1&D7,"") I would like someone to help get it on code
  3. A

    IF / THEN statement mismatch

    Hey guys, Trying to get this to work but no matter how I try it I either get mismatch or syntax error. Hopefully it's an easy fix thanks in advance! Sub Button3_Click() Dim X As Range Set X = Range("D1:D13") If X = "Passed" Then Rows("D1:D13").EntireRow.Hidden = True...
  4. M

    Filtering based on cell

    Hi! I'm new to VBA and need help. I have a column on one worksheet titled "Profit" that has various numbers listed in column C that correspond with the accounts in column A. On another worksheet titled "Total" I have a cell that I need to filter by. I'm trying to come up with an "If" statement...
  5. M

    Help with Conditional Formatting

    Hello Excel God's and Goddesses - Here again asking for some help, this Time with Conditional formatting Cell A1 contains a dollar amount and cell B1 contains a % number from 0-100% What I'm looking to do is apply conditional formatting to cell A1 based on the value of cell B1 as follows If...
  6. O

    Best way for multiple condition to be meet for answer

    All, I am trying to find the best way to get the correct answer from the below table. Basically the answer will depend on 2 things: The percentage range in A & B The value the product is between. I have two cells in another sheet, one states the percentage, and the other the amount. What I...
  7. O

    Formula to Mark a Cell and Place a Corresponding Value in another Cell

    Hello, I am new to Excel, so this may be a basic question. I have two Columns: A B 1 2 3 4 5 I would like to create a formula in one cell (E2) such that if I place an "x" (or a number perhaps) in a cell in column B, the corresponding value in Column A will appear in cell E2. For...
  8. oldeirish

    Trying To Use Formulas To Add Numbers with Only 2/3 Sets of Criteria

    I’m looking to create a formula that will look at two separate columns [Status] and [Quarter] and select (for example) HP in column F and Q1 in column. Then add all those particular numbers located in the G column and add them. Example would be an outcome of all numbers added would have both...
  9. R

    Excel 2010 IF question

    I have a simple if statement =IF(G5>1,G6:G11,0). The false portion works, but the true portion generates a #Valule, which doesnt make since. The formula appears to be straight forward. Is there something I need to turn on within 2010 or is there some syntax I am missing? Thanks for any...
  10. N

    Formula help needed

    I need some help here. I've looked everywhere but can't seem to find it. I have a due date in B2 and =TODAY() in A1. I need a formula that says if B2 is <= today then it will say "late" but if B2>today then it will say "" please help. These formulas confuse me big time.
  11. J

    If/Then Formula for Inventory spreadsheet

    I need some help with a formula in Google Docs. It's an inventory spreadsheet, so I have a column for 'need', 'got ' and' to order '. I need to subtract need from got and have that number to to the order column. If that number is negative due to having more than I need, I need the answer to be...
  12. J

    If another cell contains just any two characters then make this cell equal...

    Hi, I know this should be easy... TIA... I'm in cell c2… if cell c3 contains just any two characters only (a-z or 0-9) then make this cell equal "." (just a period [or any char I choose]), otherwise just leave cell c2 blank.
  13. L

    I give up! Nested IF, THEN operations plus COUNT to return a single sum??

    I am a relative Excel novice, but have thoroughly explored MS Excel Help and other online help forums for an answer to my question, and at this point, I am wondering if what I want to do is even possible? Please help! I want the formula to return a single sum for multiple conditions (two, to be...
  14. C

    Find in a range

    Hi everybody im new here and I already have a question for you guys So I gotta find mif a cell is between a range of numbers Something like IF a1>=100 but <400 then 50, if a1<400 but <600 then 100, if a1 <600 but >800 then 150 Hope you guys understand I just need that Excel give me a number...

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