1. S

    Rotation of 3D surface

    Hello all, I seem to be having an issue with rotating a 3D surface. I have an grid of elevation values that I have plotted to a 3D surface. I want to be able to use 2 ActiveX spin buttons to rotate the surface in the X and Y planes, in order to get a better look at the surface elevations...
  2. E

    SUMPRODUCT 3D Dynamic Reference

    Hello! Running into an issue when trying to create a 3D Sumproduct formula, which I have come to find out is not possible in MS Excel 2010 since the Morefunc add-in is not compatible, to use THREED function. Trying to figure out the work around using a "SUMPRODUCT(N(INDIRECT" function, but...
  3. U

    Very strange: vlookup shows only half of results characters!?

    Here's what is bugging me; have 2 workbooks: 1st is a production lot sheet 2nd is a weekly production planning sheet I want to type in a lot# on 1st workbook and then get all the relevant data from 2nd workbook. 2nd workbook (weekly production planning) has 52 sheets (hence 52 weeks in a...
  4. D

    local range names within Threed function?

    I am attempting to use conditionally sum across multiple tabs using the "threed' function. What I have found - using the threed function with cell references appears to work. For example this formula proves successful...
  5. R

    sumproduct with threed

    Hi everyone, I'm trying to do something that appears rather complicated to me. I'm using an array function (sumproduct) but i need to use 3d references, which arent compatible with some array functions. So, I'm using threed to change a 3d array into a 2d array. This is all to work out how many...

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