time conversion

  1. K

    I need help with this formula; I am not familiar with its syntax

    I have come across this formula to convert time but am unfamiliar with the syntax. Can someone help decipher this for me? Thanx =TEXT(MOD(TEXT(S2,"00\:00")-TEXT(J2,"00\:00"),1),"HHMM")+0
  2. E

    Parse and convert with odd format date and time

    Hello all, I am trying to convert date and time to CST from ZULU with the date. The export gives me 2017-09-30T05:00:00.000Z. Which is 12:00 AM on 9/30/17. I need a formula that will do that. I did try left, right, mid, value and a few more, but I keep getting ###### in the cell. The only way...
  3. F

    Days between two date

    I have two date. I want to count number of days between. Dim date_today, test_date As Date Dim result as Long date_today = Format(Now(), "dd/mm/yyyy") test_date = Format(wsM.Range("M10").Value, "dd/mm/yyyy") result= DateDiff("D", date_today, test_date) But the result is wrong, it's 539...
  4. P

    Time sheet calculations Excel 2013

    So I have a spreadsheet that I need to: sum time for the week for the agent sum time for the day of the week count the number of agents that are scheduled during each half hour <colgroup><col><col span="8"><col></colgroup><tbody> Agent Agent ID Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun Total Hours...
  5. K

    Time conversion to General format

    I am in need of converting an existing column of data from the exported format of 3/3/2014 9:00:00 AM to 0900 in general format Example <tbody> 3/3/2014 9:00:00 AM 0900 3/3/2014 6:00:00 PM 1800 </tbody> and so on and so forth... Thanks for the help!!!
  6. C

    Convert Numbers into Actual Time

    I have a Spreadsheet completed by a colleague who does not understand anything about Excel and I am having to try to sort out a problem caused by a user. What has happened on several columns which have been formatted as numbers with two decimal places actually represent times for example 10.45...
  7. M

    Calculating a Clock-Out Time depending on Hours/Days worked so far for the Week

    I'm not sure if this is possible, I've tried a few different things but the formula is too complex for my knowledge. Basically, I would like to look at my employees' hours worked for the week, the number of days they have left to work that week, and determine what their clock out time should be...
  8. D

    Time Conversion 100 minutes to 60 minutes

    There is a lot of material out there on how to do that. But, how do I prove to the employee that he/she is getting what they are suppose to be paid? Our time clock is 60 minutes while the input software to be paid runs on a 100 minute clock. :hammer: Thank you!
  9. J

    Converting Time To Decimal Equivalent

    Good Morning; We have a report in which the data gives the time an agent was in a particular Aux in terms of hours, minutes and seconds. In our finished report, we use only the hours and minutes and convert the minutes portion to the decimal equivalent. (ie: 5:07:24 would be 5.12, 7:45:35...
  10. R

    Time Conversions

    Trying to get formulas to caclulate Rate f/m and f/hr Time for a distance of Depth. Using =(B2-B1)/150 as distance and lapse time of 2:30:00 to get .033 f/m and =(B2-B1)/150*60 to get Rate f/hr. Having to enter each change in lapse time manually <TABLE style="WIDTH: 439pt; BORDER-COLLAPSE...
  11. D

    Need Help on formating date/time

    I have this column of phone call data in military time 8/1/2010 3:06:01 AM I have a client who wants to see what day and hour of the day the calls are coming in. I got the day column going, now how would I convert this data into pivot ready time, non military? I want to show him a report by...
  12. R

    EXCEL formula help

    I have an Excel sheet where one column contains a time in the following format: 0000:00:32. I am trying to come up with a formula that will delet all of the zeros so that time will read as 32. I've tried everything and haven't had any luck yet. It's not as simple as just reformatting the...
  13. D

    Excel Macro Local GMT Display

    I am part the way through an assignment. I have been able to create macro to give me now time (thanks to post by VoG in Feb 07) but also need to display current GMT to finish building global time converter. This is the closest I have found (below - from...
  14. P

    Convert time to text

    Again a simple time problem, but by some reason I cannot get the right result. Cell P9 holds a (start)time “10:45”, and cell P10 has the (end)time “11:00”. Both cells with time property and the result of a calculation with time values. I want the value of both cells in a piece of text on...
  15. J

    Converting text time to HH:MM format

    I've got a data field that is represented in text format as XX hrs. XX mins. where the hours can be anywhere from 0 hrs to 120 hrs and the minutes from 1 min. to 59 min. I've tried using TIME(LEFT(a2,2),MID(a2,FIND("min",a2)-3,2),0) but if more than 24 hrs. it won't convert correctly. For...
  16. R

    Changing time from 12 to 24 hours (not only the display)

    Hi everyone. I have a column with dates and times that for some reason has cells formatted either in 12 or 24 hour formats. I need every cell in 24 hour format; the problem is that altough I can format cells to change the display (custom: dd/mm/yyyy hh:mm:ss) the formatting on the cells is not...
  17. D

    Sum of Operating Times do Not Appear to Add Correctly

    In my spreadsheet I track the hours each piece of equipment operates in hours and minutes with a maximum per row of 24 hours. I have two columns that total the starts and stops. Column AL displays hours and minutes while Column AM displays the equivalent in hourly decimal form. Although the...
  18. D

    Convert cummlative hh:mm:ss to minutes

    I have a report that lists the amount of time people are logged out of a call center for various reasons. The time is cummulative for the day. I would like to add up the cummulative times for each reason and person for a month but the format is hh:mm:ss. I need to convert this to minutes...

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