time stamp

  1. S

    Time Stamp with initials from dropdown box value

    Currently I have an Excel file which enters a time stamp depending on if a value is entered in Column A. So it looks like this <tbody> Column A Column B Column C Data<where value="" is="" entered<<="" td=""></where> Blank<blank for="" now=""></blank> A Date Stamp auto fills when something...
  2. B

    Enter date when cell is filled

    Hi all, I would like to record when data is added in my excel file. Tricky thing is that it has to start from row 548 and onwards. If data is in cell B548 i get the date of when the data is entered in cell A548. How do i do this?
  3. mikecox39

    Timd/date format question

    When I rt click a column or cell and set the format for time and date and enter [4-25] I get [1/13/1900 12:00:00 AM] in the address field and [4/25/19 0:00] in the cell. First, why are the options grayed out; they seem to be working otherwise and is there a way to get the program to plug in...
  4. H

    Change date Time Stamp to 8:00 AM based on critieria

    Hello All, Is there away to change my time date time stamp to 8:00 AM. The reason im doing this is I'm trying to get the the amount of minutes it takes for an engineer to contact a customer. For example Assigned time is 1/3/2019 7:45 AM, but i cannot use this cell for my calculation because...
  5. J

    SAVE as PDF has a glitch {pulling hair out}

    I am running an excel macro that saves it as a PDF. I want it to pop up with a default file name and ask the user if they want to overwrite it. If they say yes, then overwrite, but if they say no, then they should be prompted to change the file name. It does this, but if the user selects save...
  6. B

    WORKDAY Function for FRIDAY

    Hi there! Might be a rather simple question - but has been causing me a TON of trouble... I have a report that is published every weekday - it usually needs to capture the previous BUSINESS DAY, but on MONDAY, needs to reflect the previous FRIDAY (or, business day...). Seems pretty simple...
  7. B

    Time stamps below the cell with entered text

    For now i have 2 spots that have a time stamp when text is entered/changed C19 changes text C20 is date stamp, same with C30 and C31 getting date stamp. C19 pulls its cell value from another place and updates (to the same value) every time the document is opened so i don't want that to change...
  8. L

    Auto Update Time Stamp?

    Hello, I am trying to have a cell (or cells) that log when the last change was made to a shared workbook. I have tried a few options through VBA that I found through searching:Public Function ModDate() ModDate = Format(FileDateTime(ActiveWorkbook.FullName), "m/d/yy hh:nn ampm") End Function...
  9. K

    Adding Date Stamps when specific cells are modified

    Hello. I'm brand new to the forum and have been "lurking" for a solution to my problem for a while. This subject has been discussed to a certain degree on other threads and I'm sorry if I'm reopening old wounds. I have a worksheet that my company uses as a form. On that form, there are...
  10. R

    Agent schedule based on timestamp

    Hello guys, I've been struggling lately to find a way to show up on a wallboard what was the availability of our agents during a day based on their timestamp statuses. I am using Cisco UCCX and I can get a report named Agent State Detail which provides me agent name, Time when status change...
  11. X

    Adding 7 Hours to a Time Stamp using VBA

    There's a formula I found that describes what I want to do: If I want to Time Stamp a Cell this is the formula I use: ActiveCell.FormulaR1C1 = Time Works great ! But If I want to Add 7 Hours to this time stamp why won't this work? ActiveCell.FormulaR1C1 = Time + Time(7, 0, 0) What will work...
  12. T

    Job Tracking / Labour Data Collection

    Hello, I am trying to build a sheet to use as a job tracker. The company I work for produces art & photos on canvas, in frames. I would like to be able to use a scanner to input my data, such as Employee name, the job they are doing, Job Start, Job End and the quantity of products made. with a...
  13. N

    Can i change the time stamp on EOMonth Formula

    Hello, I am hoping this is a really simple one. I have tried searching the world wide web for the answer, however, I am a bit poorly today and not functioning properly. I have the following formula; =WORKDAY(EOMONTH($D$1, -1),1) Which gives the date that a report is due by. I am then...
  14. M

    If cell has a value do nothing

    Hi all, I have the following bit of code that supplies a time stamp in column Z when the cell in column G is populated: If Target.Column = 7 Then Application.EnableEvents = False Cells(Target.Row, 26).Value = Date + Time Application.EnableEvents = True End If I wanted to bypass...
  15. K

    stamp time in excel tables

    i am working with tasks in excel table -for example (row 1contains task -to answer i insert row 2 under the task above)-i want to - time stamp in D2 - i hope the answer with formulas -i am beginner in macro <tbody> A B C D E F G 1 task:how to stamp time .... 2 formula...
  16. M

    Adding conditions to a time stamp in VBA

    Hi Everyone, I have the following code to populate a timestamp in column 38 when the value of a cell in column 13 is changed: If Target.Column = 13 Then Application.EnableEvents = False Cells(Target.Row, 38).Value = Date + Time Application.EnableEvents = True End If I was...
  17. M

    Time stamp adjacent cell when formula changes given cell in range

    Hi all, Long time viewer, first time poster, haha. I can't even begin to say how much the posts here have helped me out at work. What I'm trying to accomplish is that when the value of a cell in column C changes, the cell adjacent to the changed cell is time-stamped with the time of the change...
  18. L

    Username & Time Stamp When a Change is Made Anywhere in the Excel Workbook

    I have an Excel workbook (5 worksheets) that I'm posting to a share drive for my colleagues. The purpose of the Excel workbook is to gather assumptions in an organized manner for a financial model that I'm developing. For data quality check purposes, I would like to have a VBA code that states...
  19. N

    Time Stamp adjacents cells based off drop down box

    Good morning, I am currently trying to have timestamps entered into adjacent cells based off the value selected from a drop down box. The drop down box values are: Complete (Company), SME Review, and SME Action These values are in column A, under a title Status in A1. When Complete (Company)...
  20. S

    Subtracting Decimal Time (4.3 minutes) from time value 10:00 am

    I have the following values that are exported out of Epic EMR (electronic medical record). The first column is a decimal time value, for example the first example is 4.3 minutes. I want to subtract the 4.3 minutes from the time stamp of 10:01 am in the second column. I realize I could manually...

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