time table

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    Shift Management with fixed pattern, different starting point

    Good day, I am busy building an automated shift system whereby I will be able to generate my own shift system by only indicating the master shift pattern and then I want it for 6 employees with conditional formatting indicated by a separate column. Thus, if the shift pattern is...
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    extrect period of a class from time table

    <tbody> <colgroup><col span="2" style="text-align: right;"><col style="text-align: right;"><col style="text-align: right;"><col span="6" style="text-align: right;"></colgroup><tbody> NAME DAY DAY PERIOD 1 NAME DAY PERIOD 2 NAME DAY PERIOD 3 NAME DAY PERIOD 4 NAME DAY PERIOD 5 NAME DAY PERIOD 6...
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    Is this impossible

    Hi I am trying to create an auto table in excel for a daily work schedule for my employees. I would like to have the names of employees in colomn "J". addded to a table on the left automatically. Each employee would start and end at different times given in columns "K" & "L", and must have...

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