1. L

    Logging man-days in a time sheet

    Hi, I am trying to automate a time sheet to log man-days based on the hours worked. The timesheet has start and stop time, based on which calculates the hours worked and it should return the value in man-days based on the following condition: Work : log as: Less or equal to 2 hrs. 0.00...
  2. D

    Timesheet Calculation

    Hi Everyone, I made this account specifically to ask this (probably very simple) question. I have gone through quite a few websites trying to get an answer but I can't seem to find one that works. Standard time is Monday through Friday 7am to 6pm Overtime is anything outside of that, so...
  3. R

    Multiple timesheets in tabular form to list form?

    Here is what I have... A supervisor updates 1 timesheet for every day of the week (7 total) Each time sheet is saved under the same sheet stacked vertically (see sheet picture) At the end of the week the data from these 7 individual timesheets must be summarized as a list of records on another...
  4. S

    Timesheet Calculation

    How can I complete this timesheet? I need Total Time worked (End Time less Start Time less Break) and Total $ Due. I've tried it with the Break as minutes or hours or x24, formatted as h:mm or 0.00. I just can't get there. Can you help? Date Start Time End Time Break (Minutes) Break (Hour)...
  5. L

    Code to create a pop-up window with a text field - entries should be logged in a sheet

    Hi Everyone, Semi new to VBA code but always hopeful to learn something new. At my previous company, we had a time management software that pop-up a window asking "What are you doing now?" but at the new place the IT security issues are so great (can't get assess to Task Manager) that they...
  6. L

    Resetting table based on day

    First off, I'm really not experienced at all, just downloaded a free template from a website and just edited it and added a few simple formulas to suit my needs. So, I've got a timesheet that supposedly tracks the start time, end time, project name and all those things, mind you, not a weekly...
  7. E

    Compute Night Differential, and Night Differential OT

    Good Day! How can I compute the number of hours between a specific range, For example, an employee has timed in at 6:00 pm then timed out at 3:00 am the next day. What formula can I use to compute the number of hours that is only within the Night Differential, 10:00 pm to 6:00 am. Note: Night...
  8. L


    Hello, I am trying to set up a simple time sheet tracker. How can I enter start and end times and then total the hours for each task. I tried in the below example but appreciate any help on this. Thanks Excel WorkbookABCDEFGH3Time Charged To4A/NDateAFR NumberShop OrderOtherStart TimeEnd...
  9. H

    Timesheet: calculating total, regular, ot and pto hours

    Hi, We use Excel for our timesheet. The formulas work well, except for the PTO (Paid Time Off). We can't get it to add to total hours without adding to regular. Here are the forumulas: Total Hours: =ROUND(IF((OR(B16="",C16="")),0,IF((C16<...
  10. Jym396

    Entering numbers is very slow

    Workbook with 3 sheets: Timesheet, Charts, Data. ONLY the Timesheet when I enter a number or time, calculation is slow (~5-6 secs). It does not happen with alpha characters. Dimension for Timesheet is A1:AG566 A few vlookups and many if statements. The thing that puzzles me is this happened...
  11. B

    Calculate Overtime with multiple criteria

    I am trying to make a timesheet that calculates overtime with the following criteria... 1. Overtime is after 8hrs on any given day. 2. Overtime is after 40hrs/week...consideration to the after 8hr criteria to ensure not duplicating overtime. 3. The after 40hrs/week overtime criteria changes if...
  12. R

    Overtime payroll sheet nightmare!

    Hi I am trying to create an overtime sheet for my Hospital's salaries department and I am stuck! They need to have an out put of the exact hours worked (eg 09:00-17:00) for each day. Some people my work onsite in the hospital on several occasions per day so the exact hours for these need to be...
  13. I

    Average calculation of workhours - notice

    Hello, I am trying to make a formula that lets me know when an employee needs to have time off (by law there is a maximum amount of hours they can work in an eight week work period). There are different values for different shifts: Day: 9 hours Evening: 9 hours Night: 7,5 hours Free: 0 hours...
  14. D


    Hi all, I'm new to the forum so hi and Thankyou for any advice. I am currently working on a timesheet for my partner, the problem I have is the way the sheet works I have a column that accumulates any flexi time over 7 and a half hours but she has started doing half days on Wednesday only so I...
  15. K

    Excel Timesheet minimum hours

    Hi, Sorry bit of a newbie here!! I am making up a new timesheet for one of the departments in my company. Employees in this department get a guranteed payment of 6 hours per day, even if they dont work 6 hours that day so i have used the formula...
  16. V

    User Form - Kept in sharing - asking MsgBox to User - Solution required

    Hi Guys, I have a new query on VBA Form.. I have made one timesheet tracker. on sheet3 button placed, where user need to click to open timesheet tracker userform. (this is one time activity) on sheet1 (besides to sheet3), all the data on userform saved in this sheet. Everything has...
  17. B

    Rota deducting lunch if shift over so many hours

    So I want to get a total amount of hours worked in a day, which takes away lunch of 30 mins if someone works 6 or more hours, what formula do I use? Cheers
  18. V

    find record latest one

    Hi All, I have assign x = TxtProjectID.value (text box) x value are in another workbook called "Timesheet Data" in Col E, with same directory. x = numeric data. I have multiple rows in "Timesheet Data". this x value information may exist multiple of times. What I'm trying to do... The...
  19. S

    Calculating how many hours taken between shifts

    I have been looking all over the web for something similar to what I am looking for but have not found anything so far which suits what I need. I am creating a time sheet where colleagues would input data for each employee, where they worked, start time and end time. As part of the law, we...
  20. P

    Elevate user folder rights from an application

    I have a VBA Excel-based timesheet program that allows employees to submit weekly timesheets. The application itself takes charge of creating each weekly timesheet and saving it to a specific network location (ActiveDirectory). At other times, the application also needs to be able to read...

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