1. L

    recording marco timing

    Hi Can I change the timing in recording macro. For example I want to copy a cell and then paste it to another location after 3 seconds. Can I do that by Recording Macro. Not written a code. Thank you very much.
  2. C

    Brining SplashScreen To The Front Help

    Hi i have created a splash screen for my workbook but the workbook opens 20 other worksheets and starts to move information around between them. My splash screen then disappears to back with the original workbook i have run the macro from. Is there a way to bring the splash sceen to the front so...
  3. M

    Macro Help - To copy rows from multiple sheets to one sheet

    Hi, Would someone be able to help me with a macro please. I am looking for one to do the following: I have a capacity planning spreadsheet with 14 sheets. 9 of the sheets are individual timing/task plan sheets for each member of the team. So apart from the data they have input into them the...
  4. G

    Timing of events on different levels

    Background is that our IT has allowed us non IT types to get to some SQL data which I get with a Data connection in Excel. I would love to pipe it straight into MS Access but I imagine even to humbly request that would create a dread sense of panic amongst them and I would subsequently live in...
  5. B

    Split the content of a cell into separate rows

    Hello, I have to review a reconciliation file similar to the one below. The problem is that in column 5 (Comment) there could be cells that include a number of items, which makes it impossible for me to filter/analyse the data, (i.e. comments for item #3 ). Whenever a comment contains several...
  6. Z

    vlookup probelm, cant see to know what wrong with the formula

    hi, i have been trying to solve my vlookup formula however i couldnt find what wrong with it. basically what im trying to do is that when the user input the timing, there will be animal output in another cell. the reason is that I will like to do dependent drop downlist. here is the array...
  7. W

    Best approach to calculate Impact vs Timing

    I'm trying to generate a bubble quadrant chart, but need to further refine my data. The quadrant will have Impact along the X axis and Timing along the Y axis. The size of the bubble should be the quantity of the Category. My data looks like the below: Category Issue Description impact...
  8. C

    Save and close a Workbook at 5:00 PM?

    Hi, I'm still very new to VB. I would like to save and close a Workbook that collects data off the stock exchange. Exactly at 5:00 PM (Eastern). Also, where would the code reside (regarding modules)? Thanks for your attention. Chris.
  9. J

    Time Space Diagram for Signal Timing

    I am would like to create a time space diagram in excel so I can show how signal timing would work for vehicle and bike progression speed respectively. You can see below what I would like to be able to graph, not sure how to actually do this would be cool if someone could explain how.
  10. T

    VBA Filter by selection & Delete on all sheets

    Hi Guys, Is there a way to do the following: Select all sheets except one called 'Data' Apply the auto filter and filter on column L Delete all the data with the exception of 'Cambelt timing' I know i can do this via a macro but sometimes some of the worksheets does not have Cambelt timing in...
  11. D

    Testing if File is Already Open

    I am trying to test whether or a certain file is open already, and if it is closed I am saving data to it. For some reason, my code was working just fine and randomly it stopped working and giving me the message "Sub or Function not defined". I don't understand why it suddenly stopped working...
  12. CyrusTheVirus

    Making Macro More Efficient?

    The below macro takes around 8-18 seconds to run. Total number of rows will be around 2,000. Curious if anyone has any ideas on how to alter the code to make it run even quicker. It seems to be the second for next loop that takes the bulk of the time. Is 8-18 seconds normal for a code like...
  13. 9tanstaafl9

    Windows 8 causing macro timing issue? How do I test this or fix it?

    I think Windows 8.1 is causing a timing issue in an older report I have that works fine on non-8 Windows versions. Unfortunately I’m self taught and missed the class on how you check for things like this. Could anyone give me some advice on checking for timing issues or how to fix them? My...
  14. F

    Call back or go back to macro after a user action such as clicking in a cell

    I am about to write a small macro to do a iteration calculation. I would like though for the user to select me a cell so that the macro uses the value in that cell to start calculations. Now, what I think would be the problem is how do I code a "time" or notice an action such as clicking in a...
  15. M

    Help with analysing a large series of time data

    Hi, I have a series of time in the following format. Column U <COLGROUP><COL style="WIDTH: 113pt; mso-width-source: userset; mso-width-alt: 5485" width=150><TBODY> Works Recorded Time 07:26 08:12 08:21 08:28 08:29 08:31 08:40 08:42 08:43 08:44 08:46 08:47 08:48...
  16. O

    VBA Help

    Hi- So I'm using VBA to complete a form in Internet Explorer. Within the form, I enter text in one box(Store Number), then text in another(Qty per Store), then I click a button. The problem is the image is clicked before the text is entered, so I get an error telling me to enter a "Store...
  17. L

    Possible to loop through control box?

    Hi again, I have a chart which shows revenue by salesman for a month. Basically I have a dropdown control which lists the names of 12 different sets of data. So I can choose Jan, Feb, Mar, etc and based on my selection it will update the data in a range and then adjust the chart based on...
  18. G

    Alarm Clock in Excel

    I am writing a tutorial about using time in Excel on my blog and I made a clock in Excel which can be started and paused from the same button using the following code : Dim RunClk As Boolean ----------------------- Sub RunPauseClk() RunClk = Not (RunClk) Do While RunClk = True DoEvents...
  19. D

    QUIZ: Is this possible? If so, how ;)

    Hello, thanks for looking at this for me. I have laid out the scenario as best I can below (apologies for the poor text formatting). I've got a series of individual files (all formatted exactly the same) containing data. These are located in specific directories. I have one consolidation...

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