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    Connect to TM1 server using VBA

    Hi , I need to connect to TM1 server using VBA. I tried using "N_Connect" and it is failed with the error "LoginFailed:SystemServerCAMSecurityRequired" I have some TM1 functions and expressions in the worksheet which will get executed and populate the data once connected. I need to achieve...
  2. S

    Use VBA to close Excel File without Prompt (without saving)

    Hi everyone, I try to use VBA to close an excel file without saving and without prompt. I've tried many methods below (pasted below) but still cannot do it without the prompt. I figured it was probably because I am in TM1 Perspectives. Can anyone please help me find a solution? Thanks a...
  3. A

    IBM Cognos TM1 Connection VBA and liberary file

    Hi, I would like to know if any one has connected IBM Cognos Tm1 through excel VBA and also wanted to know the library if you have used it. I am the new user of tm1 prior to that I worked on Smartview addin. Smartview addin had good future by using codes Hypcreateconnection and hypconnect you...
  4. D

    TM1 DBSW loop in VBA

    New to TM1. Attempting to replace DBSW formulas with VBA loop to send values back to TM1. However, VBA loop is much slower than TM1 formulas, likely because the VBA cannot batch the DBSW. For x = 1 to 250000 var_value = Run("DBSW", var_input(x), ...) Next x What options are there to batch the...
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    VBA Loop and Refresh (shift+F9)

    Hi All, I have an excel file with multiple tabs, 9 to be exact, and want to be able to refresh all, starting with the last tab and moving backward. The refresh is in conjunction with IBM TM1, so I believe I have to use "TM1Recalc1" as the refresh. I currently have the below, but I don't...
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    Printing multiple rows and columns from range based on certain criteria into new tab in workbook

    Hi all, I'm currently using Office 2003 to create a rolling forecast that can automatically update and populate. Because of my lack of vba knowledge I'm currently stuck on how to do a few things. I searched online how to copy multiple rows, and with it only specific columns, but could not find...
  7. E

    Macro to Log On to TM1

    I have a macro that runs on the second to last business day of each month. The macro pulls down data from two of our TM1 cubes and does a variance check to make sure everything is in sync. The macro works great using Private Sub Workbook_Open() and it is coupled with windows task scheduler...

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