1. R

    Value error Today function

    Hi, I have this formula: =(PROPER(TEXT(TODAY();"[$-809] ddd d/mm/jj"))) which is initially a Dutch language formula (hence the "jj" and the ";"), but I wanted to return the days in English so I added the locale code 809. The formula works perfectly on my work computer (Excel 2016 32-bit) but...
  2. B

    Formula for current date in YYYYMMDD format

    Hi All, Is it possible to create a formula in excel to return the current date in YYYYMMDD format? If the month or day is only 1 digit, I need the formula to return 2 digits (e.g. 20220103 for January 3, 2022). Here is the VBScript I would like to add that formula to: Sub...
  3. D

    Conditional Chart Data Range

    Hey guys, I have a workbook that charts data for various dates. I want the chart (called "Chart 6") to display different ranges of data as the years go on. When I select my chart and go to Select Data, then the Select Data Source window pops up. Currently, the chart is displaying data from the...
  4. D

    VBA to create a folder name with the date for Monday and Friday separated by a hyphen?

    Hi Folks, I have found a great macro which allows you to check for the existence of folders in a file-path matching: Year, Month and Day (i.e., creating the folder if it doesn't exist). For instance, if the FilePath starts: C:\Temp Time Sheets\ it checks for C:\Temp Time Sheets\2019\ C:\Temp...
  5. R

    Macro with Message Box for Date Greater Than Today

    Hi there, I need a VBA to be used in Excel to check a couple of columns (F:F, H:H, N:N) to see if any cell in those columns contain a date that is greater than today and pop up a message. Could you please help? Thank you.
  6. A

    exel 2002 total accumulated payments

    i need to know what is the toal of monthly payments i have made i have forgotten how to include a spreadsheet on this forum post! thanks all <colgroup><col style="mso-width-source:userset;mso-width-alt:2560;width:68pt" width="90"> <col...
  7. G

    Calculate Future Due Date

    I would greatly appreciate any suggestions to help solve the problem listed below which uses the table shown below: <tbody> A B C D E F G H 1 TODAY IS: 11/06/2019 2 3 PAYEE FIRST DUE DATE AMOUNT REPEATS EVERY X PERIODS UNTIL NEXT DUE DATE 4 Chase...
  8. G

    Return a true or false based on two cells

    Hi there. I have searched for the answer but I think maybe I'm not quite describing my aim correctly in order for the search to return what I need. Anyway I'm sure it's pretty easy for you guys. Here goes. I would like a function/formula for the following. If cell A1 is greater than the value...
  9. A

    PERSONAL(AutoRecovered).xlsb Problem

    Hello, I discovered something today which scared me. Yesterday I had a PersonalXLSB workbook with a number of macros stored. Today, I saw a Personal(AutoRecovered)XLSB workbook with the same macros but named with the Personal(AutoRecovered).xlsb!macro name. I do not know how this happened...
  10. R

    Formula not working

    I can't seem to get this to work =IF(ISNUMBER(SEARCH("Rejected",A2)) =IF(isblank,"","Today")) Any help would be appreciated. Dorinda
  11. J

    Countifs formula based on multiple criteria and a date less than today

    I've been trying to create a formula with multiple criteria, and I can't do it. If there is any number in column C, then I need to look at the dates in two columns (J and AB). If either J or AB has a date more than 28 days ago (based on today), I need it to count how many students have no call...
  12. T

    Calculating y,m,d not including blanks

    Greetings, I am trying to calculate the amount of time from a date (m/d/yyyy) to show # years, # month, # day but ignore cell if blank. The formula I am using is IF([@[BEGIN DATE-MIN ]]<>"",DATEDIF([@[BEGIN DATE-MIN ]],TODAY(),"y"), DATEDIF([@[BEGIN DATE-MIN ]],TODAY(),"y")&" year...
  13. J

    Adding a year today total textbox.

    hi, how can I add a year today total at the end of list each of the box in the code below represent amount per moth (January-December) here is the code: COGSform_All.TextBox_Results1.Value = .Cells(.Range(strAddress).Row, 2).Value COGSform_All.TextBox_Results2.Value =...
  14. I

    Keyboard Shortcut changed from Today to Ellipsis

    Hi All Randomly my excel has changed CTRL + ; from todays date to ... When i go into options there is no option for keyboard shortcuts. Has anyone any ideas how to revert this back? Checked a colleagues version and only difference I have is having fuzzy lookup installed. Thanks!
  15. S

    Dax need to calculate current QTD Sales

    Hi, I have a DAX formula for MTD I'm looking to total my sales YOY using QTD. So today is the 12 of September I need to see all sales QTD ending today and will compare them year over year. This is my MTD formula: =if(month(dCalendar[dateS])=month(today()) &&...
  16. gheyman

    CountIf Date is less than today

    I have dates going down column M starting in row 5. I want to count how many are less than today Any help is appreciated. Thank You
  17. A

    Conditional formatting is not working for less than TODAY(), only for greater than

    Conditional formatting does not apply to dates less than TODAY(), only greater than TODAY(). I have an IF statement with two VLOOKUPS inside. One of them outputs "Not Registered" if the cell looked is empty. The other, just copy the data that is on the other spreadsheet. <code style="margin...
  18. V

    today's date leave blank

    Hello all Can I have some help please on this I want to include in the formula below [IF TODAY() > TODAY () Leave blank [Range("C23:P34").FormulaR1C1 = "=SUMIFS(Sales!C9,Sales!C5,R21C,Sales!C16,R22C,Sales!C21,R4C3,Sales!C24,RC2)" Is this possible please
  19. N

    how to limit the day to open excel file by VBA

    Hi all I have excel file data.xlsm and share to another one in my company Now i want another one can only open file if today < 30/08/2019 (day format as dd/mm/yyyyy) If Today > 30/8/2019 will have notice: "File has expiry date" Please help me to do this by macro VBA. Thanks./.
  20. M

    Nested Formulas and automated cells updates

    Hi All, I am new to Excel so apologies if my question will miss pieces of information or is not clear. We work within the Construction Industry and make monthly projections of our turnover based on prospect. BACKGROUND We assume based on the size of the fee - which is related to the size of...

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