1. O

    Toggle button linked cell changes

    Hi Need help with toggle button linked cell text. the linked cell contains a date. i need the true, false, #na not to appear in the linked cell. when button state is turned to true linked cell should be solid black, solid red when in a false state and when in the #na state yellow, with the date...
  2. T

    Optional Rows in calculation

    Hi there. This seems really simple, but honestly not sure how to accomplish. I'm making a simple trip planner in excel, and I have a total row to total expenses. I'd like to be able make certain trip expenses optional so we can quickly see how skipping/attending certain things affects our total...
  3. J

    Toggle Button 3 options

    I need a macro to assign to an object button (Shape) when pressed it will toggle a specific cell value to change between PLANNED, IN-BUILD and COMPLETE. I have this code but it only gives me two options Any Help would be appreciated. Regards Jason Bing Private Sub CommandButton1_Click() With...
  4. I

    Multiple Toggle Buttons VBA Code

    Hi All I have a spreadsheet with a row of Toggle Buttons. The toggle buttons are to indicate if a task has been completed. When clicking the button it says 'YES' and using conditional formatting, turns the whole row green. I have some VBA attached to the toggle button to determine the colour...
  5. G

    Toggle button Macro

    Hi, Below is some VBA code used with a toggle button to hide/unhide rows 8:10. This works perfectly. I need to amend the code so the button hides/unhides rows 16,22,23,26,30,32,46,49,52,55,58 AND Columns G,H,I,J. Private Sub ToggleButton1_Click() Dim xAddress As String xAddress = "8:10" If...
  6. D

    Trying to create an indirect link, but I will not know the filename until later on.

    What I am working on is a template file for doing material takeoffs. I am trying to set it up so that it can reference another document and pull in data from that document. Basically all the values it is pulling in are set up as indirect links within an IF statement. What I am hoping to do...
  7. J

    Subtotal / turning rows on/off

    i have a list of names / salaries that extend multiple years (columns). i would like to add a function that i can turn on/off cells representing salary to see the total at the bottom with/without certain salaries. i want to be able to toggle name 2 on and off to see how the totals change in...
  8. R

    VBA TOGGLE BUTTON - info to excell

    hello, i have a toggle buttn in vba to control if the product is "ok" or "not ok" but after i send the info for excel it doesn't show in excel as "ok" or "not ok"... how can i do that? thank you
  9. S

    toggle button size modified via vba

    I'm 99% you can't make a toggle button using code, so can you change the size and location of one via code? I have a few on a sheet and they seem to have resized/relocated on their own when switch computers and it's quite annoying so I was just going to have code (if possible) to ensure they...
  10. L

    Averageifs Function with dynamic number of Criteria - Toggle Criteria On/Off

    Hello all, I have spent the better part of a day unsuccessfully trying to see if there was a way to toggle the number of criteria on / off to perform a dynamic average. I have included a screen shot of file - essentially, I would like to toggle on / off certain attributes and perform an...
  11. M

    I'm so close yet so far: VBA Toggle to hide/show all non black text in range

    Hi This is the code I have: Private Sub HideFont() Dim cell As Variant Dim rng As Range Set rng = Range("Table1[Country]") For Each cell In rng If cell.Font.Color <> 1 Then cell.Font.Color = cell.Interior.Color End If Next cell End Sub What I need it...
  12. M

    VBA Toggle off to show/hide text based on font colour

    Hi I have a table and in column c I have cells which have black font and cells with a blue font. When the toggle button is pressed I want the cells which are black to remain black font and the cells which are blue to match their interior colour, in other words, they seem to disappear. The...
  13. L

    Make a simple button behave like a toggle button?

    Hi, everybody Suppose I have a simple button (not a toggle button). I want it to run the macro "Macro1" when I click on it the first time, and run "Macro2" when I click it a second time. If I click it a third time, it will run "Macro1" again... I want something simple, because I will later...
  14. B

    VBA - Pivot Table Toggle Data field

    Hi all, I'm currently using this code to toggle pivot table row fields, there are buttons on my spreadsheet that I click to add/remove row fields in the pivot table. This works great, however I was wandering if it is possible to adapt the code to toggle pivot table data field "values" by...
  15. D

    VBA Ribbon Toggle Button Change Event

    Hi, I am trying to stop a toggle button from being set as pressed if a column is not selected, How can I do this as the toggle button is on a custom ribbon and not a Form. Can someone help with this please
  16. M

    Using Userform Toolbox

    Let's say I select a control to add. I click on the form and it adds it. Now I want to add another control of the same kind. I have to go back to the toolbox and select the same control again, every time I add it. This is the default. There have been times when it adds that same control...
  17. E

    Toggle View of column

    Hi all, Can I please ask for some help to toggle the view of column H I would like to press a button to hide column H and then if pressed again unhide column H so on Thanks
  18. G

    If a filter is a certain value then...

    I have the following sub that is part of a user form to toggle a filter. However there is another button which also toggles a different filter. With the way I have set up the "if then" if I decide to apply the second filter because the AutoFilterMode = True instead of applying the filter I...
  19. S

    toggle a macro

    Hi I want to put a button on the ribbon that will hide and unhide column. I don’t need a password. I want it to toggle each time I click on it First click>>unhide second click>>hide Sub unhide() Columns("a:a").EntireColumn.Select Selection.EntireColumn.Hidden = False End Sub...
  20. T

    Toggle Button - Sort Information in columns

    Disclaimer: I have a basic understanding of scripting. I've created a toggle button and I want it to toggle ascending & descending in a range of cells. I've been trying to do just a column cell range with this script, but I don't like how it collapses up to the top. Private Sub...

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