1. S

    Referencing a big number of ToggleButtons

    I have a table which has a ToggleButton next to each line. I would like to write a script that does something for each line of the table, but only if the ToggleButton on that line is pressed. Is there a way to define the if condition in an elegant way? I would imagine something like: For i =...
  2. R

    VBA TOGGLE BUTTON - info to excell

    hello, i have a toggle buttn in vba to control if the product is "ok" or "not ok" but after i send the info for excel it doesn't show in excel as "ok" or "not ok"... how can i do that? thank you
  3. S

    Create a ToggleButton

    I believe I would like to create a ToggleButton. With my limited development background, I believe I want to layer an invisible togglebutton over a cell, so that the user, when they click on the cell will change the visual properties between three states: TRUE - green background with...
  4. S

    Togglebutton Macro

    Hello Trying to figure out how to add a togglebutton via code. I've been adding buttons a few different ways, but the most efficient (to me) seemed this code that I've been using: Sub Buttoner() Dim a As Button Dim w As WorkSheet Set a = w.Buttons.Add(840, 170, 108, 30) a.OnAction = "MyMacro"...
  5. D

    Save Custom Ribbon Controls Value

    this to save and maintain Custom Ribbon Controls Values for next use, it works but need some edit from professional to find Why CheckBox1 or Toggle Button1 not respond for initial click From True to False Press after using EditBox, ComboBox or DropDown Please Use Custom UI Editor to insert the...
  6. B

    Toggle Button BMP picture is anti-aliased into oblivion

    Hello Forum, I've come here very often to get answers to my frequent questions, but I rarely post to ask one of my own, but I am really stumped! I have a userform in which I have a multitude of buttons that looks almost like a small piano keyboard and the information I need to label the button...
  7. C

    Help to Create User-Friendly Find/Toggle Features

    Howdy! I need help trying to create two items. I will illustrate the purpose of my worksheet. I am creating a database that will allow the user to identify which customers need to be contacted on that particular day. For example – If today is 10/12/16, I have utilizing conditional formatting...
  8. U

    Vba Userform control, common code for two or more togglebuttons

    Hi I used to only surf over this site but now I am here with my problem in user form control I have nearly 200 toggle buttons in a user form and I want half of them "Togglebutton1" to "Togglebutton100" will toggle between "Wall" and "Slab" and half of them "Togglebutton101" to "Togglebutton200"...
  9. S

    ToggleButton on the Ribbon

    I've made a togglebutton on the ribbon in Excel 2007, but I don't know how to check whether the button is pressed or not in a module. Does anyone know how to handle this problem?
  10. S

    Toggle button pressed

    I have a <toggleButton />, but I want it to be pressed if a cell value is equal to 1. I've got the following VBA code for my toggleButton: Public Sub Toggle_is_clicked(Control As IRibbonControl, pressed As Boolean) If pressed Then Range("Form").Value = 1 Else...
  11. B

    Hopefully, the easiest form question!

    Hi All, I'm a total noob to VB ( I assure you, no understatement) so please excuse what I'm hoping will be an easy question to answer. Basically, I've got a form with a toggle button beside a textbox. On clicking the toggle button, I'd like the textbox to be automatically selected ready for...

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