1. B

    Index Match with zeros and duplicate data.

    Hey all, Thanks for taking the time to review my question. I must be missing something simple but for whatever reason I am missing something. In "Tab A" I have a list of "A" names, "B" dates and "C" total hours, In "Tab B" I have "A9:A39" each date of the selected month, "A1" the name I want to...
  2. B

    Measure Total Issues

    Hi, I'm having issues trying to get totals to appear for one of my measures. Below is the table I'm creating and I've highlighted the issue I'm having. Below that is the meaures I've created. Any help would be appreciated. Lost Check 1 = ([FX Renewable Income (CY)]=0 && [FX Renewable Premium...
  3. L

    Update cell range/reference in existing macro and exclude 1 row

    Hello, I am trying to update a macro that someone else wrote and I cannot follow the logic. Currently this macro will total/format cells within defined sections of rows between columns I and O. However, we have added a column and now we need the macro to change to do columns J to P instead. We...
  4. B

    Assign totals to combo box values?

    Hi, I have a question regarding combo boxes and totals. If for example, I had a combo box filled with menu items e.g. pizza, pasta, is it possible to assign each option with a numerical value? If a food item is clicked upon that number would then be added into a total cost cell. Any help would...
  5. E

    count if...

    hi Do you know how i can count how many times a number is shown in a column "item" but for each "order" counting as once, like the example? : ABCDE1OrdersItem21333133total of 33:24122525562337222
  6. D

    New to Excel need very simple help, thanks

    I'm guessing this is very simple but cant seem to figure it out, I need to total the tonnage of each different type of product and put it in the table to the right. Can only seem to get it to tally the products , how do i get the sum of each product's individual tonnages? So i get a total...
  7. T

    Optional Rows in calculation

    Hi there. This seems really simple, but honestly not sure how to accomplish. I'm making a simple trip planner in excel, and I have a total row to total expenses. I'd like to be able make certain trip expenses optional so we can quickly see how skipping/attending certain things affects our total...
  8. T

    Calculating a double percentage discount

    This is fairly difficult to explain. I want a spreadsheet to calculate 50% of the total and then calculate 25% of that 50%. This should be output as the total amount discounted and then as the total payable in another cell. For example, the total is £2500.00. 50% reduction is £1250.00. 25% of...
  9. T

    Monthly payment calculator

    I'm looking to break down a total charge into monthly payments. B2 contains the total charge B3 contains the number of monthly payments B5 contains the first instalment B6 contains the remainder This would be simple if the amounts were spread evenly, but I want to make sure that any pence are...
  10. T

    Calculation including two cells if both have data or one

    I need to create a spreadsheet to calculate the total of two or three cells depending on whether just two or all three contain data. A3 contains an amount of money B3 contains a number from 1-12 C3 contains another amount of money (if input) The total in D3 will either be A3*B3 or A3*B3+C3...
  11. U

    Inserted row above total is not included in total. Any solution would be welcomed!

    I have a worksheet with a list of properties. Every time an expense is added to the list it goes on the last row for the property, just above the total. I welcome any kind of solution either a worksheet formula or a VBA solution that would insert the new row and update the =SUBTOTAL( and =Sum(...
  12. P

    averaging months

    what i want to do is. i want a foumula that will let me to get a rolling average for a month as i add numbers for each week. that total will be in one cell. I want it to be able for it to figure a average for week 1,2,3,4 so that I will have a current average each week. Example: week 1...
  13. H

    Add contributing %s to max 100% total

    Hi. I have a spreadsheet <tbody> D E 1 Question 1 90% 2 Q1 assessment criteria 1 20% 3 Q1 assessment criteria 2 30% 4 Q1 assessment criteria 2 40% </tbody> Under Question 1 there are three things users have to report on their progress with. They type in the % figure and...
  14. R

    FIND Question

    Hi! This seems like it should be pretty easy, but I can't get Excel to accept my formula. Maybe there's a better way to do what I am trying to do. There are two relevant tabs, "Total Summary" and "List." I am entering the formula on "Total Summary" to count items that meet specific criteria...
  15. K

    Timeline slicer: 2x click total of the pivot provides too many lines

    Hi, I have set up a timeline slicer on a pivot for a tool in Office 365. The users use Office 2013 and the pivot behaves exactly the same on both versions: if we put the slicer on today's date, we have the result of all the lines of today. But we need more than that. In my version, if I double...
  16. E

    How to combine two table information?

    Hi, Can someone please help me with this: I have a table with these columns: <tbody> Product Original currency Jan-16 Feb-16 ... Dec-16 Total 2016 in original currency Total 2016 in CAD A USD 3 5 8 XX (3*1.3)+(5*1.28)+...+(8*1.294) C EUR 3.4 3.2...
  17. U

    VBA - Replacing cell values based on specific range

    <tbody> A B C Oct 2019 % Share Vegetables Apples 10 50 Lettuce 10 50 Total 20 100 Fruits Oranges 10 50 Blueberries 10 50 Total 20 100 </tbody> Hi guys, little bit of an involved question here. The above is an example of my table for sales. I currently have two...
  18. JTL9161

    Sumproduct with an IF statement

    I have this formula below. I need to add and if statement to it that if the total is less than 4 (<4) then just put an 0 but if 4 or greater (>4) then show the number. =SUMPRODUCT(COUNTIF(R2:U2,B$192:Q$192)) Thank You, James
  19. J

    Add Totals Column on multiple sheets

    Good day, I have a workbook containing multiple sheets and a 'Summary' sheet. I have a column in the Summary sheet named 'Balance as Per Schedule' and I want to sum the amounts in the 'Total' columns on each sheet by using the ID No as the criteria. Basically there is a column for 'Total' on...
  20. S

    Total values based on text and date occurances.

    Hi, At the moment I have this formula to total number of times a word appears in a given date range. =COUNTIFS('Projects Tracker'!B20:B25000,">="&F8,'Projects Tracker'!B20:B25000,"<="&H8,'Projects Tracker'!F20:F25000, "*Sector: Corporate*") F8 = Start Date H8 = End date B20:B25000 = List of...

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