1. D

    Total iterating over dimension table

    Hi, I have set up two simple tables, "tsales" ; Product , Sales , Discount applied, and 'Product' consisting of Product , Price, so revenue would be tsalesA:=SUMX(Tsales,Tsales[Sales]*(1-Tsales[Sales Discount])*RELATED('Product'[Price])) ignoring the discount and iterating over the...
  2. M

    Google Sheets | Where do I put a TOTALS array in the following formula?

    Good afternoon, Please could you advise where i would put the following array: {QUERY;{"TOTAL",SUM($E$5:$E)}} this query: =IFERROR(QUERY(IMPORTRANGE("sheetname","INVOICE_ENTRY!B2:J"), "SELECT *" & IF ((LEFT(G4,1))="*", "WHERE Col7 STARTS WITH '"& RIGHT(G4,LEN(G4)-1) &"' AND Col1...
  3. M

    Pivot Table: Calculating Average % Across Years

    Hello, I have a Pivot Table with Years as the top-level column, then two fields underneath, Cash and Operations. The values in each field are currently calculated as % of Parent Column Total, so Cash and Operations are shown as percentages of each year's total. I would like to also create a...
  4. M

    Adding DateDiff Values

    RE: Time tracking application, or at least my attempt at one. I need to calculate the total number of hours that a person was present. Very similar to punching a clock. I have two sets of dates/times that are added via a timestamp function. I have two DateDiff functions set up in an array to...
  5. A

    VBA Code for Summing Data Above total until a blank row

    Hi All, I'm working on a project to automate a manual process currently in place and am struggling with one piece of the macro puzzle. I have a spreadsheet with data across several columns and rows, separated by a blank row with totals underneath each data category. The totals are generated by...
  6. M


    Hi I have a Workbook which has a sheet for each month and a totals sheet. I'm trying to get Year to Date totals based on the month. ie in cell E1 on the Master Doc tab the month is Jan then in C5 it shows the value from C5 on the Jan tab. If E1 is changed to June 19 I want C5 to show the Total...
  7. N

    Dragging a formula problem?

    I apologize if this has been covered somewhere else, but I'm not even sure how to accurately search for my problem. I have a spreadsheet in which I have calculated a lot of data on 3 separate sheets. I'm trying to consolidate the data into a "Totals" sheet. I have used the following formula in...
  8. R

    Case Statement and For next loop

    Hello, My workbook has a tab for each month. When I’m in a specific month, I run the macro below to add a name to the Totals tab. It places the name on the first available row for that months chart. I created name rages for column A for each months chart on the totals tab. Example...
  9. T

    Looking up Categories on a different tab and summing the totals

    Hi, I am tring to get Category totals looking up what category a meal is in from another tab and summing the totals on this page. <tbody> Category Total $$ App Salad Entre Drink </tbody> The table below is on a different tab <tbody> Dish Category Salsa & Chips App Bean Dip...
  10. M

    How to add up different amounts into separate totals.

    Good evening. i hope a can explain what I need. i am doing a cash ledger with around 6 or 7 categories. What I am trying to do is total the amounts from each categories separately. eg. col1. Col 2 subscriptions. £25 events in. £34 subscriptions. £79 camps in...
  11. F

    Sum numbers using two row and sum the numbers greater then 0 using row 1 as the default

    I have row 1 (2019) totals Row 2 (2018) totals. Row 2 has all 12 months worth of data. Row 1 has 9 months worth of data. I need the sum of all 9 months in row 1 and the last 3 of row 2. That easy enough. Now when I collect the totals for the 10th month of row 1 I then need the total for...
  12. V

    Obtain separate monthly totals from a year's daily data.

    I have daily data over a year in col B with the dates in col A. I wish to find the sum of data for each month, (1st to last day). I had thought of sumifs, but cannot see how that could work, given the different months’ lengths. What would be the best easiest way to get the totals I want, please?
  13. B

    Macro to move data to a new row

    Hello, I am in the process of trying to move data within Column 15 of my Excel Spreadsheet to a new row. I will post what the Excel spreadsheet originally looks like and what I would like the end result to look like. I'll also post the Macro which I've put together. The issue right now is...
  14. K

    VBA code to calculate column totals

    Column I of my worksheet is titled AMT_OWED. What I am trying to do is loop through this column and total each group of AMT_OWED rows individually. In the example below there are 3 groups that need to be totaled. Example A is what my spreadsheet looks like now (no totals for each group). Example...
  15. W

    IF statement to check for value in range and if true include adjacent value in SUM

    Hello, This seems like it would be easy, but maybe it's not. I am trying to construct a daily tally list for task completion in one sheet that would then show a running total in another sheet as a "dashboard." Here is a type of example.!Avza4YgA-BnDjCcyut2cvLSv_6ag In...
  16. J

    Insert Column Where Cell Value Greater Than Zero

    Hi My spreadsheet has a row of totals where most totals are zero. I have VBA to hide those columns where the totals are zero, but the spreadsheet now looks a bit busy, so I would like to insert a column where the total is greater than zero. So I am looking for VBA code to insert blank columns...
  17. G

    Need help with amending a macro to pause.

    Hi I have the macro shown below and I need to add a few things to it but dont know where to start. What it is when I have done the auto filter for each unique criteria on both sheets I need it to compare the totals between the two sheets and if both balance then OK nothing needs doing, If not...
  18. D

    How to get total of item parts

    Hi guys, in the spreadsheet pictured below in dropbox we are trying to get the total of different parts of an item in to a table automatically. The table that starts in cell AV3 is causing an issue for us. Currently it is set to get the material/paint/prod plan/ factory/site/transport totals...
  19. M

    Sumifs for a Number of diferent worksheets

    Hi, I have a total worksheet I have 4 worksheets, Week 1, Week 2, Week 3 and Week 4. All set in the same format To get the totals I need from each sheet, I have been using Sumifs. To add up the totals from the different sheets, is there a alternative to...
  20. D

    Additional help needed - VBA coding

    This is in reference to the following thread for the top 5 customers and their respective totals: I have tried to make the formula work to eliminate 3 customer names from...

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