1. A

    Userform Frame Scroll

    Is there any way to scroll a frame on a userform when the screen used is a touchscreen? i.e. swipe to scroll, not tapping scroll bars.
  2. H

    Input via touchscreen (Win 10, Excel 2013)

    Hi, Our client has just upgraded to Windows 10 and an Excel 2013 form with an input textbox does not trigger the touchscreen keyboard to be opened. You have to use the mouse to click into the text box, which then opens the on-screen keyboard. Any assistance with this will be appreciated. Pete
  3. T

    Changing A Cell Value (Mouse Move or Touch Screen)

    I'm at my wits end, I've have been trying to change the value of a cell. My workbook has multiple sheets and it's cell A1 on the 3rd sheet that I want to change from FALSE to TRUE if I touch the screen or move the mouse. I just haven't been able to come up with a solution, any idea's good people?
  4. S

    Excel enlarged page scrolling

    I've tried this every which way I can think of and I'm having no luck. I want to make the excel page as easy to use as possible on a touch screen surface. Ideally I could add a page up/page down button on the screen or enlarged scroll arrows. I tried adding a scroll bar form control but that...
  5. D

    vba touch screen status windows 8

    I have an excel sheet using VBA macro to execute tasks in a loop. Code is below. It is launched by clicking a shape that has the macro assigned. The loop executes at least once, and repeats so long as the mouse button is held down. This method works fine for mouse, for touchpad on a physical...
  6. R

    What is the best way to do this project?

    I have been slowly learning a lot of things from this website, and now I am creating a game simulator program in Excel 2003. I would like to keep this "game" device small as possible and also have a touchscreen. Is there anyone that has any suggestions as to what PDA, Laptop, Touchscreen, CPU...

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