1. X

    Daily Task tracking and reporting

    Hi! I need help designing a tracker for team members to track any work outside of their normal daily tasks. I have completed formulas to work out how many hours they have spent on each task and how much of their day they have utilised on each task, but I can’t think of the best way to present...
  2. M

    Price tracking

    I would like to create a spreadsheet that tracks our material costs over time. I would like to have a chart that is easy to select between materials and shows the trend of the pricing (like a dashboard), and possibly something that multiple people in our organization can access. I was thinking...
  3. E

    Tracking multiple versions - is this possible?

    Hello! I realize this may be more than Excel is designed for, but maybe not! I work for a publishing company. We produce 20+ magazines each month, each headed by a different editor. We want to track each of the magazine's content as it moves through the system. For instance, a tracking page...
  4. A


    Hi! I have a table that I put into a subform so users can fill out portions of the data. The user will review the work and write in who is responsible, the credit category, cause, and notes. I want to hide the TINITIALS (username) and STAMP (time stamp). I want to use an Event, but I can't...
  5. D

    VBA code not working anymore?

    Hello everybody, I am currently managing a stock tracking file, which is edited manually to a large extent. Currently, the four significant columns look like this: Here, column I is the actual quantity in stock. If my code was functioning, which it was as of yesterday (and I have made no...
  6. L

    Automatic counter based on changes to a cell (inventory usage tracking)

    I am a librarian interested in tracking book checkouts over time. I only need to track how often an item has been used, not when or by whom it was used. My library is too small to justify the purchase of an ILS (circulation software), so I am looking for a simpler solution using what I already...
  7. S

    [VBA] Copy/Paste Values to New Workbook and Separate Tabs

    So I have somewhat of a complex requirement that I need some help with in VBA. I currently have 1 Workbook (Payroll Tracking) which as you can imagine, tracks payroll numbers. Haha. What I would like to have it do, with a command button is to copy/paste (Values) from 1 table to a new workbook...
  8. P

    Summarizing Data from One Worksheet to Another

    Greetings, I know just enough VBA to be dangerous, and what I'm attempting is way over my head. I would be grateful for any assistance. I have a workbook with two sheets named "Tracking" and "Summary". On the Tracking sheet in column A is a number "JobDay" (1 - 5). I want to add the values...
  9. K

    track change in my workbook

    i have a "track change" sheet to avoid any anonymous change in my workbook, but i found some error tracking, i hope someone can point me out here with BIG THANKS. after i loaded all macro in my workbook, my team member will deploy every role to every staffs in their daily duties, what the out...
  10. E


    Will Excel keep track of invoices? Example; I generate and invoice and the next day i generate another, will excel store the info and add them up to track income?
  11. T

    Pivot with formula for blanks

    I have a sheet, where it points to another sheet. The formula under the heading tracking number is IF(DropIn!G2="","",DropIn!G2). The problem is when I pivot, I am getting a count of all cells where the formula is not just tracking number. I know I can change the pivot each time to remove the...
  12. Z

    Tracking driver limites

    Our truck drivers are not allowed to work more than eight 12-hour days during a 30 day period, is there a way to track this?
  13. B

    Vlookup, concantenate multiple results... Help!

    Good Morning All, Having trouble getting multiple results from a Vlookup. Using Excel 16. Have list with po numbers and they have multiple tracking numbers. Would like to be able to look up po on separate sheet and have all the associated tracking numbers concatenated there... Maybe i should...
  14. K

    Tracking several phase of several manufactured products

    Wise people of the forum... I am in need of a way to do tracking. We manufacturer many different products for many customers. Each product needs to move through several phase of assembly. We would like to move a product through assembly using dates. I have looked at Gnatt chartd but all I can...
  15. P

    Final issue using SUM/SUMPRODUCT

    So, received a bunch of help in my other thread on how to set up some formulas to only look and count certain values that we use for tracking maintenance performed at our Job Sites. The only issues i have left is when tracking 200 and 2000. So, i have the one formula that successfully sees...
  16. A

    Day and Date function

    OK I am trying to build a leave tracking for my organisation. I want the the tracking tab to obtain its information for the month from the leave planning tab. This information is entered as letters. The countifs function gives me an error, the countif means I have to copy and paste this formula...
  17. P

    limiting SUMPRODUCT to a certain value

    So, i have this formula =sumproduct((H2:H500,"Job 1")+(K2:K500,"200")) Problem is sometimes K says 200, others its 200/tire, etc. Is there a simple way that anytime it see "200" that it will count? Basically i have MX events to also track and trying to automate the tracking. I did try "*200*"...
  18. C

    Have excel send an email to Outlook if something is due

    I have a tracking file that remains open at all times. This tracking file has links to other files including status and due dates. I am looking for a tool that would run every morning and check the due date column. If it found todays date in the due date column, it would send an email to...
  19. J

    Leads and Follow-up Tracking Spreadsheet

    Hey Guys, I see this tracking-template is unavailable for download now, wondering if anyone has one similar they use for tracking marketing leads and follow-ups. Thanks!
  20. T

    Tracking changes

    Hi, I'm trying to track changes from the the sheet "Main" and document/track these changes back in sheet "Tracking". However when I make some changes in sheet main, nothing happens in the sheet tracking. Any idea why? The code I'm using is the following: Dim oldAddress As String Dim...

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