treeview control

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    Complie Error: Method or Data Member Not Found

    Hi all, Going absolutely nuts trying to resolve this so was hoping somebody out there could show me the way. So I am trying to create a tree view within a userform and received some code from a friend but anytime I try to run this I receive the error as stated in the subject line. The piece of...
  2. M

    Treeview Control will not set focus

    I have a form with many controls on it and the main one is a treeview. I have some code that brings up another form for the user to give some information and then run some simple code on the treeview, but the problem is when the code is ending and I ask it to set the focus to the treeview. I...
  3. T

    Issue with userform pop-up menu

    Hi Everyone, Using Excel 2013 (32bit) to build an add-in for my workplace. Done lots of this sort of thing before but new to Excel 2013. I have a userform with several controls on it, one of which is a TreeView. This TreeView control is used to display and interact with structured data from a...
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    Excel Treeview help

    hi Guys, i have just found the treeview function within the user forms and would like to build one. i have looked at a few examples of the data needed but cant figure out the codes to import the information. to simplify it can someone please send me the makro or code for the following...
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    TreeView control disappearing from shared workbook

    Hello, I have a strange problem and I have no idea what's causing it. I have written an application in Excel 2003 that is used by multiple users. The workbook is located on a network-share and everybody except me has read-only rights there. Since last week a user opened the workbook and it...

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