1. D

    Creating and exporting moving average values from multiple series

    I have numerous x/y series that aren't regularly sampled, I need to create an average of these series on a regularly sampled output. Here's the beginning of 3 example series: x1 y1 x2 y2 x3 y3 2.055 1542.36 1.013 1540.924 1.185 1541.119 3.077 1542.382 2.028 1540.778 2.002 1541.082 4...
  2. C


    Help me please. I would like to know the possible probability, forecast, and trend. If you are given 2 possible outcome with atleast 1-60 given outcomes. For insctance, if you have 100 ballpens, and the only colors are BLUE and RED. then you want to know the possible color you would pick next...
  3. S

    YTD Dynamic Trend formula

    Hi All, could someone please help me figure out how to make a dynamic trend formula in a following way: I calculated YTD trend as but would like the Trend formula to automatically take into account the following month once I update the source table with September Actuals so that the trend for...
  4. T

    Help with plot returning strange values for trendline

    Hi folks, I am trying to do a calibration curve and have strange results from the trendline. It appears to be giving me a trend that beggars belief! Just looking at the X and Y axes, it seems apparent that the relationship given is not likely at all. Can you advise on where I'm going wrong...
  5. I

    Trend cursor on Excel Chart

    I have 3 charts in a worksheet. All of the charts share the same x axis. I would like to a trend cursor to each of the charts to clearing indicate the y value for each of the charts at the x-value the mouse pointer is located at. There are probably several parts to this question. but looking...
  6. C

    Formula to Detect Trends Over Time

    Please bear with this explanation as it may be lengthy but I want to be as clear as possible with my problem.. I am trying to detect with a formula the trend over the past 6 months of my data. I do not simply want to see if the data has increased from one month to the next month; rather I want...
  7. B

    Trend formula completely wrong

    When I enter the following data into Excel and generates af Forecast Analysis with a Polynomial Trendline (Order 2) Excel shows an almost perfect trendline in the diagram. But when I choose Display equation on chart, it comes up with a Trend formula that has nothing to do with reality. This is...
  8. G

    Values behind Polynominal Trendline

    Hi, I am wanting to be able o se the values behind a trend line I am using on one of my graphs I can get this to work for order #3 using a formula I found on one of these forums, however when I try and adapt it to work for order #4 the results it give me are different to the trend line
  9. L

    =Slope with %s

    Hi - I want to be able to describe the trend (+, - or flat) of a series of %'s over time, but the =slope function returns very large numbers (e.g. 72,932) - what is the best way to interpret? Dataset: Known Ys: Jan 18 - Apr 19 dates Example Known Xs: <tbody> 8.17% 8.26% 8.33% 8.45%...
  10. J

    Need help with deleting data points within a range from trend line

    Hello, I have the attached image (left) of more than 45k data points and I want to delete all the points within a range from the trend line to have it like the one on the right side (only the points between the two red lines, deleting all other points that fall out). I can't think of a...
  11. A

    calculate trend as a value?

    Hello everyone, I'm trying to calculate the "trend" in student GPAs as a value of some sort, indicating if the overall trend is negative, positive, or flat. I've done some digging but can seem to figure out what this value would even be called. Possibly r-squared when you add a trendline to a...
  12. P

    Highlighting every 6th occurence in a table using conditional formatting

    I have a spreadsheet which is used to add in the vacancies which are closed. As you can see there is a reference number, a date and the title of the vacancy. I want to highlight every 6th occurence of the Administrator vacancy for the records to be audited. I want all fields in the record to...
  13. S

    Changing charts based on cells

    This probably sounds familiar, but I have been rifling through google and herd all day to find a solution. Here is some background information: The spreadsheet is for trend analysis on tests. You put in the class number, number of students, and what version of the test they are on(there are 3...
  14. L

    trend equation

    Hi I am trying to display trend equation on my line chart but the option is grayed out in the format trend window. Why is that? Thank you so much.
  15. N

    VBA Help / Coding in Trend / Moving things around

    Hi folks, I have a new file a friend has been helping me with, but we are stuck on a couple parts, so I am looking for someone who can help me finish this up. Here is the file: The "SELECT DATA RANGE" tab is a summary based...
  16. P

    Formula to spot upward trend

    Hi, I am looking to create some sort of formula that can throw an alert for the user if the upward trend is increasing. I need help with the algorithm For example, Months Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr, May, Jun Values 1024, 1130, 1250, 1375, 1425, 1250 Displaying this in a chart you could say the cost...
  17. D

    Identifying points on a trendline

    I currently have a trend line with the following trend line equation, y=-0.0131x+580.53. I am trying to determine the start and end points of the trend line. I have 19 data points please let me know if sharing the data points would be helpful or are they relevant considering I am addressing the...
  18. D

    Finding start and end points on a trendline

    I have a graph with a trend line and am wondering how can I determine what the start and end points of the trend line are?
  19. N

    VBA Code for Frequency Count Trends

    Hello folks, I was wondering if someone is able to help me with code for identifying and summarizing trends based on frequency data. I have been working on this file for a while with the help of somebody else, but he is stuck with regards to reporting the Trend based on data selected. In the...
  20. P

    Extrapolating a future value using two values

    <tbody> Day Price 1 1.0 2 3 5.0 4 5 10.0 </tbody> Hi I'm trying to calculate a future value based on a trend line calculated off two values. I've tried searching example/tutorials and can only find where the data is fully populated. I'd like to use something like the...

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