1. S

    Adding worksheet to a range variable

    Hi I tried to add the worksheet information to a range variable which was passed from a main routine. "Received_range" is the range variable received and all of the three lines below has resulted in error. a. Set localrange = Sheets("Sheet1").received_range b. Set localrange =...
  2. O

    Using excel to generate reports from a Trial Balance

    I am looking for some ideas. I am not happy with the reporting features associated with my accounting software. So I would like to instead download a trail balance to excel each month and generate standard reports from that trial balance. Each month, I will want to update the trial balance...
  3. G

    VBA time trial

    Hi everyone, i have found some vba on the net that creates a time trial for workbook, it is also ment to create a logfile. But it is not creating the log file for some reason, if any one can have a look over the code and possible help correct this problem i would be appreciative. and if...
  4. K

    Paste Multiple Ranges to Different Sheets With Single Button Click

    I'm trying to set up a single button that copies various ranges and puts them into different sheets in the first open row. The purpose is to have those copied ranges automatically graph as more rows are added (this part isn't perfect but I'm content with it). There are 5 groups of ranges that...
  5. J

    Index and Match error

    Hellol everyone. I have a trial balance and a list of journal entries: I am trying to retrive the values coming from the journal entries table to the trial balance by the voucher number. I using index and match with an array but i am getting #NAs . Dont know what i am doing wrong in the formula...
  6. NdNoviceHlp

    Is someone messin' with me?

    This is the third time this has happened to me. I get a warning message that this site (Mr is not secure and my browser will not let me access it. I give it some time, days even when it initially happened, same result. I trial different browsers with the same result. I can access...
  7. N

    Calculating average of triplicates in a single column of data

    Hi, I need to calculate the averages from a column of triplicate data, and am struggling to find and correctly use a formula to do this. Here's what the data looks like: Column A Column B Column C ID number Trial number Measurement 1 1...
  8. W

    Monthly Download Database Preventive or Corrective Maintenance

    Dear all, I am newbie in VBA and i tried downloading trial balance on monthly basis thru Macro and I have the following concerns in mind: 1. How can I amend or update the downloaded month trial balance which was run earlier with the correct and updated month trial balance? e.g. Nov-2017 trial...
  9. E

    Sumif formula to generate trial balance from general ledger

    Hello I have downloaded a General ledger and I am trying to form a manual trial balance of the chart codes within it using a couple of criteria. My quick solution to creating a trial balance is to generate a pivot table and utilise the chart code column and amount column and then report filter...
  10. B

    sumif with a range of cells as criteria

    Hi, What formula should I use to sum up the amount in a trial balance that relate to a range of cells. In this case i want to sum up the amounts in multiple accounts. I know i cant do a vlookup since i can only do 1 value and a sumif would work but then i'd rather not have to type each account...
  11. W

    Consolidate Data into one sheet

    Hi Guys, I have Trial Balances of different divisions with same pattern in many different sheet. I have prepared a separate sheet which include the sum of certain codes of trial balance to make a profit & Loss A/C. (As an example all codes in the Trial Balance in All sheet starting with Digit...
  12. S

    Prevent Users Manipulating Time Out on Excel

    Hi All, I have a form on excel which is being used on a trial basis. Once the trial is up a message box appears to inform the user their trial has expired. If the expiry date in the code is 31/08/17 it should expire as today's date is 15/09/17...which it does. But I've realized if I manually...
  13. kelly mort

    Show Result on a label on userform

    Hello everyone; I have this code from the internet for my login form. I have done some modification to it. Now I wanna do something cooler: I wanna have the attempts left displayed in a label instead of the textbox I have used. I named the textbox Reg1 as in the code below. I believe there is a...
  14. A

    Setting a trial period on a spreadsheet

    I am working for a group of companies that ask me to set up elaborate spreadsheets which have some complex formulas behind them with a simple interface for the user. I would like to provide them the spreadsheets but put a "Trial Period" on them that would expire after a period of time unless I...

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