1. B

    Rotate based on shape name

    I want to change the code below so if the value 30 is entered into Sheet 1 A2 then “Group 1” will rotate to shape ‘Isosceles Triangle 30’ 40 is entered into Sheet1 A2 then “Group 1” will rotate to shape ‘Isosceles Triangle 40’ 50 is entered into Sheet 1 A2 then “Group 1” will rotate to shape...
  2. S

    Small triangle in random cells at top left hand corner of cells

    A friend of mine is doing simple sums of cells, but in certain cells in that range a small triangle appears in the top left hand corner of that cell. Whatever you input in those cells do not add up in the results cell. Their is some form of strange formatting happening here, Any ideas ?
  3. P

    Add-In function call causes Inconsistent Calculated Formula Error (Green Triangle)

    I'm making a call to a public function declared inside a referenced Add-In. The function works fine, but I'm getting the dreaded green triangle for the all the cells in the column of my table. The option to "Restore to Calculated Column Formula" or simply re-inputting the formula removes the...
  4. I

    Green Triangle Intersection of Row and Column Headings Under Name Box

    First time see a green triangle at the intersection of the row and column headings under the name box (top left of spreadsheet) suddenly appeared and hid 30 rows. What is it and how to undo it? By the way the triangle am describing is not the cell indicator error. Thanks-
  5. D

    Lookup max value that meets all criteria

    Hi all. I have a fairly complicated question and I've been racking my brain for a while. I have the following data set: <style type="text/css"><!--td {border: 1px solid #ccc;}br {mso-data-placement:same-cell;}--></style> <colgroup><col style="width: 146px"><col width="79"><col width="83"><col...
  6. F

    isosceles triangle sides

    What's excel formula for an isosceles triangle sides? The base is 40" the height is 40"?
  7. F

    formula for isosceles triangle sides

    What's excel formula for an isosceles triangle sides? The base is 40" the height is 40"?
  8. B

    Conditional Formatting Help - red/green or icons based on previous cell

    Hello, I'm looking for an Excel conditional formatting to help me achieve what I'm needing. I have a column of data, and I'd like each new cell of data entered to be represented by an icon set based on the previous cell data only (either red (increase), yellow (no change), or green (decrease)...
  9. R

    Level indicator on a triangle - on Userform

    Hi, I want to put a triangle on a userform and then with another superimposed triangle would like to show level (kindof like depletion of a stockpile). So as the level is reduced, the tip of the superimposed triangle get cut off (if that makes sense).
  10. kelly mort

    Issue with InputBox function

    Option Explicit Sub AreaOfTriangle () Dim a As Long, b As Long , Aunit As Variant On Error resume Next a = Application.InputBox ("Enter base of triangle" , Type:=1) b = Application.InputBox ("Enter height of triangle" , Type:=1) Aunit = Application.InputBox ("Enter unit of measurement "...
  11. H

    Addressing object in a collection

    The following code is giving me an "Invalid procedure call or argument" error. The code is a class object "aCanopy" that contains a collection of "Members". Each member class also contains a collections of "Triangles". I can address the properties of the Members just fine but the error occurs...
  12. B

    can we draw shape?

    my intention to draw shape by using cell reference i like to give shape dimensions,angles which i want to draw triangle rectangle...etc in excel
  13. mikecox39

    Missing Lists options

    I have a workbook with a "Details" sheet and a "Lists" sheet. The Lists sheet has my Account names. There is an Account column on the Details sheet. I used to be that when I clicked on an empty cell in that column a triangle appeared at the right edge of the cell with the List from the Lists...
  14. keldsor

    Connecting shapes between connections points by VBA ????

    I have some named shapes on the active sheet - let's say then names are "28", "28+31" and "31". They have got their names from some LONG PId's in my Access DB - never mind that ! "28" and "31" are in fact som ractangles and between them - a little lower on the sheet - is a triangle - this...
  15. B

    Multi-Criteria Search Box for dynamic listbox

    I am using 2 textboxes, 1 listbox, 1 button. I simply want to show a list that contain what is entered in the textboxes. textbox1 = color textbox2 = shape <tbody> TEXTBOX 1 TEXTBOX 2 A B C 1 BLUE-CIRCLE BLUE CIRCLE 2 GREEN-TRIANGLE GREEN TRIANGLE 3 RED-TRIANGLE RED TRIANGLE 4...
  16. M

    Lookup with multiple variable

    I have the following sample database starting with A1 as the 1st column heading: <colgroup><col><col><col span="5"></colgroup><tbody> Colour Shape Taste Blank Colour Shape Taste Red Sphere Sweet Red Sphere Blue Triangle Bitter Blue Triangle Green Square Hot Green Square...
  17. L

    Excel table missing arrow to resize table in right bottom corner

    Hello guys, I have one little problem. If I format some data as table, down there in right bottom corner is blue (if table is blue) triangle, which should be used for resizing table. My problem is, that I am not able to use this triangle, there is just cross when I point the mouse on it...
  18. C

    Help with creating macro's

    I'm new to this site, and I'm new to macros.Does anyone have an Excel macro that can give you the area of a triangle. Using this formula: area = Sqrt. (S x (s-a) x (s-b) x (s-c)) Where S = (a+b+c)/2 Sqrt. = Square Root of x = multiplication Any help is appreciated! Thanks.
  19. R

    Current Mode of Operations, Future Mode of Operations Triangle

    Here is the setup. I have a team. It has 200 members. In this team there are 5 different levels of individual performers and no leaders. These levels represent the skill level of the individuals (Novice, Trainee, Middlest, Mentor, Genius). Each of those levels represents some portion of the...
  20. A

    How to eliminate green triangles in cells

    I have some cells in which I set formula for calculation, but I noticed that on the TOP LEFT corner of the cell, there is a SMALL GREEN TRIANGLE. How to get rid of it? (My Excel is version 2003) Thanks.

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