1. C

    Trigger macro if range contains

    Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Range) If Not Intersect(Target, Range("A12")) Is Nothing Then If Range("A12").Value = "Bin1" Then Call ‘my macro’ End If End Sub Hi I have the above code that triggers ‘my macro’ when the text ‘Bin1’ is entered into cell A12, and it works fine...
  2. J

    Looping through Data

    Hi: I have data in col A and B. I'd like to build a macro that, if it finds the term "trigger" in col A, it copies the data in col B to col C (all in the same row). But, if it doesn't find the term "trigger" in col A, it copies the prior successful data to col C. Here's what I have so far ...
  3. B

    VBA question sending email

    Hello, NewMember here…. I have twocolumns AA7:AB70 that will display the word “Warning” after cell in column F7:F70becomes greater than zero. I am lookingto be able to trigger an email with the row and column reference when this happens. Is thispossible? Not a vba person! Thanks foryour...
  4. A

    Comment with scroll bar

    Can I create a comment template with a scroll bar using VBA which gets trigger through a command button
  5. W

    need to "read" value not formula

    Hi! Would really appreciate some help on this. I have a sheet (sheet1) with the cell «AB6» This Cell has a quite big formula to calculate values from multiple sheets and it works great. I have a macro to trigger if the cell value of AB6 =1 This macro is a “Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal...
  6. W

    change trigger from Worksheet_Change to Woorksheet_Calaculate

    I'm trying to change the trigger from Worksheet_Change to worksheet_calculate cannot get it to work. Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal target As Range) If target.Cells.Count <> 1 Then Exit Sub If target.Address <> "F13" Then Exit Sub If (target.Value >= 0) And (target.Value < 0) ThenExit...
  7. A

    Trigger event based on local maxima and minima

    Hi, I want to trigger an event based on two conditions: at a fixed percentage of a data value of a local maxima, after a local maxima occurs in the data, to turn the event on. Alternatively, at fixed a percentage of the data value where a local minima occurs, to turn the event off. Data values...
  8. F

    IF forumla for fortnightly and monthly reminders

    I have this spreadsheet that I am trying to create for payroll reminders for weekly, fortnightly and monthly clients. With the Weekly pay clients I need to trigger every Tuesday to be highlighted. With the fortnightly clients I need to trigger every second Tuesday and for the monthly clients I...
  9. I

    Formula for auto notification email send by expired date trigger on cell value

    Dear Expert, I would like to create a notification email send automatically which trigger by expired date input on cell for excel 2010. Kindly sharing your formula for allow me to learn from you. Thanks.
  10. A

    trigger textbox change event

    I'm using the code below to fill a textbox with a number and triggers a change event once filled. However, if the number is the same on the next row, it does not trigger the change event. How can I trigger the change event if the number is the same? tbOQty = Range("F" & ActiveCell.Row)
  11. D

    Use mouse back as trigger for macro/ribbon button

    Hi, I have a ribbon button that allows switching between the last 2 selected sheets. Is there any way to use the mouse back button as a trigger for this ribbon button, or directly for the macro? This would make it much more user friendly. Kind regards, Daniel
  12. W

    Add row to table based on second to last row

    Hi friends, I want to add a new row to my table "Time_log" based on if there is any content in the second to last row of the table (the very last row is my "totals" row). I want this to trigger whenever someone adds content to the second to last row, so that it make a new row available for more...
  13. B

    In VBA, trigger a sub when a cell gets the focus

    I want to be able to trigger a subroutine when I click on a certain cell. Presumably clicking on any cell would trigger the sub; but I can put code in the sub to determine if the selected cell meets my criteria for action, and if yes, what that action should be. So far I haven't figured out how...
  14. M

    Triggering Refedit change event

    I'm using 3 refedit controls in a form and for some reason I can't figure out how to get it to trigger an event when the value of the control is changed. What I'd like to do is make it trigger an event so that when someone clicks onto the worksheet to change the range, it would cause the focus...
  15. C

    Vlookup Column in another sheet

    Hello. I have a Table where i have values in Column A. And i want to lookup dat value in sheet2, and replace it and the same column. All of this with the trigger of a button. I have stumbled around many codes, but none of them seems to fit my purpose. Explained <tbody> Button Trigger...
  16. Emerlin

    VBA Auto sort looking at if changes in other sheets for changes?

    Hi, I am using this VBA script to get some sorting done. But my cells reference formulas on other sheets that do not trigger it as the cell changing - hope that makes sense. Can I nest and Else if to look at the other sheets to trigger the changes? Working... Private Sub...
  17. D

    Formula trigger help needed

    I've created a formula by concatenating multiple cells which each contains pieces of the overall formula. Once I have the full formula concatenated in a cell I do a copy paste special - VALUE so it will create the text of the formula and eliminate the concatenate function. Once I get to this...
  18. S

    Select range dependant on cell values

    I am trying to write some code which cycles through a single worksheet looking for trigger words, then copy and paste a range of data to the end of the sheet. I have searched the whole of the internet, and this isn't really covered. I have tried to Frankenstein some coding, but my skills are a...
  19. J

    Open Spreadsheet When Email Received

    Hi, I am trying to automate a particular process where when I receive an email with a particular attachment I open the email, run a macro and close the spreadsheet. (The macro migrates data to a record sheet, generates an email and sends a 3rd spreadsheet on to a predefined distribution list...
  20. A

    Trigger a Macro in another sheet when a cell is changed

    Hi All, This community has been a big help after my first post, and now I need some assistance with a function I've been trying to solve (I'm losing hair). I have a sheet with a few tabs, 'MMenu,' and 'Calendar,' and a macro called 'Fourfivedays.' I want this this macro to trigger in...

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