two sheets

  1. G

    Mirroring columns to two different sheets

    Hi guys.. my very first post to this site What I am trying to do here is making a two way input range in two different sheets That is, if I put anything in "A:A" Column(or specific range) in sheet1, it will appear on sheet2 "C:C" column(or specific range). Also, if I revise it on Sheet2 range...
  2. C

    conditional formatting dilemma!

    Hi, I was wondering if anybody could help me on here, I have scoured the Internet for solutions but none quite solve my problem. I use a 2007 excel sheet to book products in and out of work. There are two sheets in the workbook, sheet one for booked in and sheet two for booked out. As I book...
  3. W

    search options

    is there a formula that would allow me to search a whole sheet from another sheet given 2 options but only one needs to be filled in. such as you could either searh by their last name or by their special code and the search will pull up the same information??? i currently have a vlookup formula...
  4. J

    Multiple formulas on sheet 1 referencing data on sheet 2

    Hello, Let's pretend I had sheet 1 and sheet 2. Sheet 1 has multiple formulas, sum(), average(), etc. Now the data is on sheet two. Each formula points to product 1, 2, 3. So on sheet 2, product 1, 2, 3 have one data in the column. So I need the formulas on sheet 1 to reference sheet 2. I was...
  5. MaxWol

    Remove different rows in 2 sheets

    Hi all, I have two sheets. Sheet 1 has 73.619 rows and sheet 2 has 41.470 rows. The values of column A in sheet 2 appear randomly in column A of sheet 1. I want to do 2 things: 1. I want to delete all rows in sheet 1 that have a value in column A that can not be found in column A of sheet...
  6. P

    Copying column data from one sheet to another

    Hi all I am new to Macros and I need a little help with a project I have just been given. I have two sheets in an Excel workbook. One has the information in column D starting in cell D2 in my 'source' sheet. I want to be able to copy all the entries in that column to another sheet called...

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