1. W

    Saving data from textbox to specific folder without dialog as .txt

    Hi. I am trying to save information within a textbox, to a .txt file, to a spesific folder, without using dialog (this button shall basicly autosave the information within the textbox to a folder, with only saying something like "Submitted" when its done) I have only used...
  2. D

    Color the cells based on notepad color code

    Dear All, My name is Dusan and this is my first post in the forum. I have been using it for quite some time now, and the reason I am boring you with this question is because I have not been able to find the answer anywhere... Here it goes: I have 50.000 lines in the .txt file (50.000 different...
  3. E

    Delete File Permission Error

    Hello - I'm looking for help with this Permissions error. The Scenario: We are sent hundreds of .txt files emailed to us in .zip format which must each be converted to an Excel. The .zip files can contain any number of .txt files, and each .txt file can contain any number of columns. All data...
  4. U

    From Excel to notepad (.txt)

    Hi, I wanted to see if anyone knew a way to convert a dataset from Excel to notepad (.txt). I need data in .txt format in order to import it to our ERP-system (UBW. The input would look like this (9 columns, usually a couple thousand rows): <tbody> 10 1000 SKOST 300,5 1000 B3 K01 01.10.2018...
  5. sharky12345

    Get specific data from txt file

    I'm just tinkering with the idea of saving passwords and other information in a config file - I haven't yet fully grasped .ini files and know only a little more about .txt files, so what I need to understand is how I can read specific data from a saved text file. This is what I have saved in...
  6. C

    Save Workbook Sheet As without Prompts

    Hello Hope someone can help me with the below please. I am new to this forum so I apologize in advance if I am unclear. I have a work book in .xlsx format that I wish to save as to another file in .txt format. I need to do this without prompts every half an hour, overwriting .txt file each...
  7. B

    Importing .txt file into vba

    I tried searching for answer for a couple days, cannot find one. Maybe you guys can help. I am trying to load data from an .txt file, split the columns, and paste the data into excel using vba. I managed piece together a macro, but pasting the data line by line is very slow. How can I speed up...
  8. T

    Import .txt to Excel?

    Hey! I have enormous amount of data in .txt which I need to be converted to Excel. Data looks like this: AhAs3s2s@100,AdAs3s2s@100,AcAs3s2s@100,AhKh3s2s@100,AdAh3s2s@100,AcAh3s2s@100,AdKd3s2s@100,AcAd3s2s@100,AcKc3s2s@100,AhAs4s2s@100,AdAs4s2s@100,AcAs4s2s@100,AhKh4s2s@100, (...) Outcome has...
  9. J

    Insert .TXT file into Word file as object.

    Hello everyone, I'm trying to insert several .TXT files into a Word file, in specific places within a table. Sorry, I've tried to attach a picture to help explain, but could not find a good image host. The link is bellow https://ibb.co/cqmhTe
  10. K

    Export to .csv or .txt --> Header gets messed up

    Hi There! I'm exporting my customer email list, along with additional customer info, from excel to .txt However, every single time I do the export the header gets messed up in the .txt document. The header labels do not line up with the data below the header. So for example the labels "email"...
  11. J

    Renaming all files in a folder (there is a mix of .txt and .xlsx)

    I have this macro which is the second half of my process to 1) pull in all the names of the files in a user selected folder and display them in column A and then 2) rename all those files to whatever the user inputs in column B on the spreadsheet. My problem is there are both .txt and .xlsx file...
  12. A

    Wrong merge of .txt files

    Hi guys! I use this macro in Excel to: open a FileDialog select some .txt files a copy of these files are created in a specific folder (empty at the beginning) a file named trend.txt has to be created in that folder. It is a merge of all .txt files. the problem is that in the file trend.txt...
  13. M

    .TXT files deletion from local folder using VBA Macros "KILL"

    Hi Gurus, I am using VBA to generarte a .TXT file that gets picked up by a SAP process chain. The Code works well, the problem I have is that I have to be able to delete the file once I am done running the process chain but I am being unsuccessful. So far I'm just trying to put together the...
  14. I

    VBA: How to save excel file as a separate .txt file

    Hi, I currently have the following code to save an Excel file as a .txt file. Sub Macro1() 'Saves the Activesheet to the Desktop as a text file with a different extension Dim newFile As String, fName As String, gName, fileSaveName gName = "FGM_" newFile = gName & Format$(Date...
  15. I

    VBA: Keep column formatting when exporting spreadsheet to .txt file

    Hi, I have currently the following code to export an Excel Spreadsheet to a .txt file. 'Saves the Activesheet to the Desktop as a text file with a different extension Dim newFile As String, fName As String, gName, fileSaveName fName = "TEST" newFile = gName & " " & fName & " " &...
  16. I

    VBA: Convert spreadsheet to .txt file

    Hi, I currently have the following code to convert a spreadsheet into a .txt file: Sub Macro1() 'Saves the Activesheet to the Desktop as a text file with a different extension Dim newFile As String, fName As String, gName, fileSaveName gName = "FGM_" fName = Range("A2").Value...
  17. A

    One Text file (*.txt) for multiple user input

    Hi, I created a macro in excel (open as ready only, so that many users can access at a time) and allowed to write the contents to a .txt file. How to make it possible to allow the .txt file to accept multiple users entries if, entered at the same time. or How to make the user to wait till the...
  18. H

    Worksheet save as .csv(Comma deli) and rename as .txt by cmd.exe

    I am trying to save a sheet as .Csv (Comma delimited) and then rename as .Txt by Cmd.exe (Shell) but not working. Please help me !!! Dim MyFolder As String, MyFile As String, MySheetName as String Dim ShellComand As String ......... MyFolder = "D:\Revise" MyFile = Dir(MyFolder & "\*.txt")...
  19. S

    How to automatically update all pathnames for .txt files imported into an Excel file?

    I use "Data" -> "From Text" (as shown in the figure below) to import data from many different .txt files into my Excel file. All these .txt files are in a single folder on my computer. Let's say this folder has the pathname "C:\Users\sam\folder1" If the data in the .txt files is changed, I can...
  20. Z

    Outlook auto display only .txt attachments in body

    Hello, I'm looking to save myself quite a bit of work. on avg, i'm receiving about 200 emails a day with automated .txt file attachments. the .txt files have information that i need from an automated source. all i have to do is look at 2 lines of the .txt e-mail and know exactly what needs to...

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