txt file

  1. P

    writing/creating multiple .txt files from excel data

    I have attempted to search this forum for a solution to something that would be extremely helpful and timesaving for me moving forward. So far most of what I had found wasn't exactly what my situation is so let me try to explain what I am attempting to do. I have 2 columns with multiple rows of...
  2. M

    Open .txt file with delimited columns from fixed folder

    Hi, I'm currently trying to build an Excel Macro that would open the needed .txt file, with columns delimited by a comma, but from a fixed folder. My macro works perfectly fine to open the file I need, but I would like to make it better, and that the window that opens to let me choose my file...
  3. F

    Extract specific lines from a TXT file to an Excel Sheet

    Dear all, I am being new to VBA (learned about the existance of VBA 2 weeks ago), and I have a question about the extraction of data from a txt file. I have a code that extracts the data of a txt file to my excel sheet, and I wanted to know about the existence of a formula that could only...
  4. R

    Export a textbox value as a text file

    I am trying to export the notes from a single textbox on a worksheet called "CONTENTS" to a text file. The code works well, but if I click "cancel" on the saveasdialog box, then it creates a text file in the location with the name "False". I'm assuming I need a statement to handle if cancel is...
  5. J

    Open txt file

    Good Morning, I am completely confused on how I can parse the file sort it by dates but retain only the last 6 months then remove duplicate computer names. Need a solution to open a txt file that is comma delimited with four fields. I need all duplicate Workstation removed but retain the...
  6. I

    How do I display an existing .txt file with a userform command button?

    Hello, I have a .txt that I would like to display when a user clicks my 'Help' command button on a userform I have created. How can I accomplish this? Thanks
  7. B

    Searching for a value in a TXT File

    Dears, How can I search for a value in a TXT file and return its correspondence in an Array? In my Excel Spreadsheet, on cell A1, the user will type the airport code, like SBKP for example. It's always a 4 digit string. Then, the VBA code will check if there is the airport SBKP into my TXT...
  8. eq52515

    VBA - Saving multiple rows as separate txt files

    I currently have a functioning macro that once I select a row in Excel, it will copy information to a new sheet and save as a txt file to be imported into a pdf later. In a separate macro, I sort the building, add a sheet and format it ready to run this macro. #1 Is it possible to select...
  9. V

    Convert Macro script for Mac

    Hello, I am wondering if anyone would be able to convert this script for Excel Mac 2011. It allows you to select a .txt file, and then search for values within Column A and replace from Column B within the txt file. This version works for PC versions but not Mac Sub Replace_Text() Dim strFile...
  10. A

    VBA loop into txt files and append a text line

    I need to add text string in the end, to all files on a folder For example, on the folder on the path and called C:\folder\ I have a random number of txt files, with text. I want to add a line for example "text" on each of the text files on the folder I have little knowledge of vba programming...
  11. A

    Getting VBA from Spreadsheets and Saving as TXT files

    I have a list of spreadsheets that may or may not have macros and functions in them. I am looking for a macro that would: Look at each file in a list of spreadsheets in Excel 2010 or 2016, Open each spreadsheet and if there is code for a macro or a function save into a text file named the same...
  12. H

    Select range in excel and save as text file & email - Macro

    Hello VB gods, I have searched past posts but have found nothing to really help me with my macro solution. In essence, I want a macro that I can attach to a button that will a) Select a range of values in Active Sheet (eg. A4:A67) b) Save to a Txt (.txt) file with a specific name from cell...
  13. A

    Move an excel sheet into a new workbook and convert to a .txt file

    Hi all, I'm trying to copy and paste cells A:D from a sheet into a new workbook and then in turn convert the new workbook into a .txt file, is there a good way to do this? I have tried the below code but all it does is copy and paste cells A:D back into the same worksheet! Sub Macro2() x =...
  14. P

    Import multiple txt files (different format) to the same workbook in different sheets

    Hi I've been doing some searching over the forum but the solutions is not what I need. Basically I need to import txt files with two different methods, one is delimited the other is Fixedwith -using the array code as below - (due to the system where they come from are different), both needs to...
  15. R

    Macro to Copy Txt File from Master Folder to Different Folders according to Criteria/List

    Hi Excel Guru's, Im new to VB so I guess this question is very common. Is there a macro that according to my criteria or list can scan to my designated folder and copy its unique .txt files (no duplicate files) and paste it in the new designated folders. Agents = Designated Folder USD = New...
  16. E

    Macro To Create A .txt File

    Hi, I'm trying to create a .txt file from the data in my spreadsheet. Requirements: 1) Copy columns A C D J S 2) Where the value in Column S = Out Of Stock 3) Each column to be separated by ** 4) Each row to be separated by *split* 5) Remove *split* from the last record Example of output...
  17. G

    PowerPivot Error - Importing demo txt file

    I purchased PowerPivot For The Data Analyst and downloaded the associated example files. When I try to import the demo file I get the following message: An error occurred while loading the file. More Details:Failed to connect to the server. Reason: No error message available, result code...
  18. outlawspeeder

    Need to make zeros

    I am using execl to make a txt file. what I need to make is a 6 digit numer Int((100000 * Rnd) + 1) but if the number is less that 6 I need it to put zeros in front to make up the lead. If Print #1, Int((10000 * Rnd) + 1) returns 345 I need it to Print #1, 000345 Of course execl will kill...
  19. E

    Save As TXT to Convert to Text

    I have a spreadsheet containing numeric and alpha numeric data that needs to be converted to text before I can use it in my printer software. The only way I can get it to work is to save the spreadsheet as a text file, and then import that file into excel, marking the column as text in the...
  20. S

    Obtaining original creation date from imported .txt file

    Hi, I have a very straight forward spreadsheet, which performs a currency conversion on the first sheet, with user defined currency codes and value. The Exchange rates are obtained through a macro button, which opens a text file, chosen by the user, named ***EXR.txt as a temporary workbook...

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