1. The_Rock

    Random Replace Characters in a Word

    Hi Folks I've been scouring the net but without success. I'm hoping the genius's here will be able to help me :-) I'm trying to mock up some work for my daughter to help her with Synonyms and Antonyms. What I would like to do, if possible is: Column D looks at Column F (which will be hidden)...
  2. J

    Create hyperlinks to files in folder

    Hi Can anyone help with a VBA code that makes a Hyperlink to cells? This Workbook is a staff list where in column "E" it is possible to use a Hyperlink next to each person to see a photo The path to the file is e.g. C: \Users \ Division \ Staff \ 38543_Benny_Mcgee \...
  3. M

    Count number of characters before, after or in between a character

    Hi Excel master, I've been struggling to figure this out and so I am requesting you help to write formulas based on this particular value: For example: CMR_01_28988699_0 Questions: 1. Formula for counting the number of characters after the underscrore after R? 2. Formula for counting the...
  4. H

    [VBA] underscore in ListObject Name and Formula error

    Hello I have a macro that create automatically new Sheets and on each Sheet create a Table The Table Name is based on Sheet Name ActiveSheet.ListObjects.Add(xlSrcRange, Range("A1:G1"), , xlYes).Name = "Tab_" & ActiveSheet.Name Excel replace space and other characters on the Sheet name with...
  5. R

    Odd TextBox Artifact: Underscore

    Hi Folks, I have a TextBox/SpinButton Combo that works fine, except that I notice an odd artifact when directly/manually changing the (numerical) value in the TextBox... It acquires an Underscore during input. This does not happen when changing the value via the SpinButton. :confused: The...
  6. S

    Extracting 1st word of a text string delimited by 1 of 2 characters

    I have strings that I need to pull the first word out of. The problem is, that the first word is either delimited by a space, or an underscore. I have been using the below formula to find the first word if separated by a space, but unclear how to add the OR to look for an underscore...
  7. mole999

    VBA Non Breaking Space Alt0160

    I have a large set of names, and I need to Transpose those into Last Name, First Name. 800 of which have either two first or split last names. I'm currently going through and adding an underscore _ but really want to convert the underscore to the non-breaking space. Everything I have tried so...
  8. R

    getpivotdata formula issue that searches for text with an _

    I have an getpivotdata formula that works quiet well for multiple items but fails to return data for one item. The main difference between the item that fails to return a result and the others is that it contains an Underscore. =IFERROR(ROUND(GETPIVOTDATA("Events",Changes!$C$503,"Last changed...
  9. D

    VBA Return Last Text from a String

    Is it possible to get the variable last text in a string after an underscore. There will always be an underscore before the last word but the length of the text is variable and the text contains letters and numbers. I would like to offset the returned text i.e C2 contains the text and G2 is...
  10. M

    Need excel formula to insert underscore before the Proper case letter where ever find it in a string.

    I need to replace a string like below: IpArId to be converted as Ip_Ar_Id Wherever the upper cases identified in a string to be prefixed with "underscore" ("_").
  11. J

    Exclude cells containing "_" from range given to dropdown list

    Hi! Here's an easy one for you guys! I have this table row of which I want a range including only cells without the underscore char. The underscores appear in no particular order. Example: Apple|Orange|Apple_Nutrients|Orange_Nutrients|Banana|Banana_Nutrients|Banana_Count Desired range...
  12. J

    Find and Replace

    I am in dire need of help.... I am in a GIS class with a homework assignment and in need of help with Arc Catalog. In an excel table I am needing to find and replace blank spaces with an underscore in fields. I would really appreciate some excel help. Thank you sooo much!
  13. D

    VBA Find first word before a character and set as word found to match againist sheet name

    Hi, I am trying to find the first word in a cell before an Underscore, the words I need to find are varying length including numbers before the underscore. I don't want to extract the word, I just want to find the first occurrence of the word and set this word as the word found so I can use it...
  14. D

    Replace All Underscores in Range with Space

    Hi all, I have been trolling the forum for the last few hours trying every .replace code I could find but to no avail. I would like to insert code into an existing macro that calculates sheet 2. The sheet is full of index functions that pull categories with underscores from sheet 1...
  15. J

    Auto Correct - Replacing space with underscore

    Hi Guys, I've been searching around for a few days but can't seem to find what I am looking for. :confused: I've created a worksheet with several drop down lists that are INDIRECTly related to eachother. As there are several hundred options in each list, I would like the user to be able to...
  16. S

    Spell Check - treat underscore as word separator

    How can I define an underscore (or any other character for that matter) to be a word separator? I have sentences such as "... use the vendor_name in the Initial_Load file ..." and both underscored compound words fail the standard spell check, but would succeed if treated separately. This is for...

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