unique row in excel

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    Seeking a formula to return

    Hello, See table below. This is a condensed version of my actual table which has tons of columns, but all other columns have exactly the same values in each row so i have hidden them. I need a formula that can be copied down in the "Is current row" column to return 1 for only one of these...
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    Import Most Recently updated rows

    Hi All, I have a SOURCE workbook I use for Order Management and when I submit the form data to the sheet, it also submits it to a closed, HUB workbook on a shared drive. There are 6 other people using this. The HUB workbook has everyone's work. When you open the SOURCE workbook it will ask you...
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    create unique row in excel

    hi all, i have data in worksheet in tabular format like <TABLE dir=ltr borderColor=#05ad00 cellSpacing=1 cellPadding=2 width=269 border=1><TBODY><TR><TD width="25%" height=16>JobName </TD><TD width="25%" height=16>JobType </TD><TD width="25%" height=16>Machine </TD><TD width="25%"...

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