1. P

    Code to unlock a locked spreadsheet without pw

    Hi guys, I have an xls that has been locked by a previous staff and both staff and password are gone... any vba code to unlock the thing?
  2. S

    HELP - Custom search text on Combo box under protected sheet.

    Dear Excel Experts I need urgent advise on how to do a custom search input text in combo box under protected sheet. The property of combobox is unlock as well as all the cells link to that box are unlock. Below are vb code for this combo box. Private Sub ComboBox1_GotFocus()...
  3. W

    Popup box asking for password to unprotect cell

    Hi, I have a excel sheet that is used to calculate staff hours and the sheet is protected with a password to stop people changing it. It has checkboxes and fields which add up/minus etc depending on what is chosen, something that has taken awhile to produce and something I am proud of. I've got...
  4. M

    Newbie at Vb need help

    I have 3 cells that have a macro to change values via a command button and ctrl + R and ctrl + D. Those values change color as well with conditional formatting so you can see the change. How do I lock those cells with out getting a Vb error "1004". At which time I need to reboot pc. Basically I...
  5. E

    Automatically unlock a protected cell based on the cell ontents

    I am trying to find out if there is a way to automatically unlock a protected cell based on the contents of the cell. I have a spreadsheet that is password protected. I am looking for a way to unlock a particular cell if the result of the formula in the cell is an error or a certain result...
  6. S

    how to lock/unlock range of cells with a yes/no dropdown menu....STAT!!

    I've seen just about every form of this except the one I need for my sheet specifically. In Row H starting at H5 I have a drop down menu with a Y/N option and it goes all the way down to around H950. I want to lock the remaining cells in each row seperately if N is selected. In my case if I...
  7. A

    Object Property Setting in Bulk

    I have a worksheet with a multipage object. On each page I have a series of frames, and within those frames a series of checkboxes. Is there a way that I can set the lock properties for all the checkboxes of all the pages without having to set each one on their own? Each of the pages has 50 or...
  8. R

    Need update to current VBA code to lock a particular cell & not entire sheet

    Hi, I am currently using this code assigned to a button which locks my sheet so no one can edit in a workbook but now i would like this code to only lock a particular cell which contains a list dropdown or range for eg. Cell C4 or C4:H4 Can someone please help me on this. Ive tried a lot but to...
  9. S

    Unlock cells after data entry

    Hi all, I was wondering how to unlock cells after certain data was entered, e.x required fields are A1 B1, F1. Once there are values in those fields the next row will become editable and so on... Thanks
  10. D

    Typing in a text box on a protected worksheet

    My spreadsheet needs to be locked but I have a text box on it that the user needs to type in. How do I unlock it so I can type in it?
  11. T

    VBa to unlock rows as data gets filled in?

    Hi Everyone, I have a data input form in Column B to J starting at row 12 the page is protected and I want to unlock the protected rows as data gets added to the row above. it would be best to trigger it from column B So it would go: on selection if cell is in column B the unlock the row...
  12. A

    sort and replace macro help

    I am trying to create a macro to sort and replace text and have an example below. 1) First I want to sort everything with column b from lowest to highest and that would sort the other columns with it, so each row keeps the same info 2) Next, replace the text in column D with a new word - for...
  13. H

    lock remaining cells in protected sheet

    Hi, I use workbook with 62 sheets (number of shifts in month). On every sheet are lock and also unlock cells, sheet is protected by password, so users are allow edit only unlock cells. I try to find easiest way to lock remainig unlock cells (for example some macro by clicking on button). Than...
  14. O

    Macro to unlock VBA Properties and relock using new password

    I have about 50 workbooks I want to open, unlock the VBA properties with the current password and then re-lock with a new password and then save and close the workbook. Is this possible? Thanks!!
  15. K

    Unlock Locked Cell based on another Cell Value

    I have a spread sheet that is Locked/Protected. I want to be able to unlock cell D10 based on the Value of cell C10. so if cell C10 ="Other" I want cell D10 to unlock. else then Cell D10 to remain Lock. thank You in advance
  16. K

    Unlock Locked/Protected Cell based on text from another Cell

    I Currently trying to write a code that will unlock a locked/procted cell based on data entered in another cell. below is the formula that I currently have. Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Range) IfRange("C10") = "Other" Then Range("D10").Locked = False...
  17. Q


    I have a work book that has multiple Sheets in it (32sheets total). Now each one of them have a protect sheet with password to unprotect. They all have the same password. My question is there any way to protect the entire work book with the same settings(Select Unlocked Cells, Format Cells, edit...
  18. C

    Unlock Column based on date

    I've done tons of searching and have found things similar but can't get anything to work for columns. I do have the below code which unlocks rows based off a date in column A. but I need it to unlock columns based off dates in row 1 Private Sub Worksheet_SelectionChange(ByVal Target As Range)...
  19. W

    Lock and Unlock button

    Is there a way to create a lock and unlock button. This mean that every time I click on one cell, then the lock button, the whole row will be locked. And to unlock i just have to click on one of the cell in the row then the unlock button. Lock and unlock button is to prevent the data from...
  20. P

    'Invisible' unlock range box

    On some computers the 'Unlock Range' input box does not show up properly - it appears as a small vertical blue line and people keep thinking excel has crashed as they do not notice it You can enter the password and the range will unlock

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