unprotect sheet error

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    Unprotect Sheets - Multiple Passwords - VBA

    So I have a workbook with 100+ sheets. The sheets are protected and use either one of two different passwords. I need a way to unprotect all of the sheets cycling through the two different passwords if one or the other fail to unprotect the worksheet. I don't know which sheets are using which...
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    Excel asking to unprotect an unprotected worksheet

    I am working on a worksheet that has been protected off and on. I unprotected this AM, but XL will not allow changes and instructs to unprotect the WS, but it is already unprotected. The WB is not protected and never was. I am at a loss as to how to work around this problem. Any suggestions will...
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    Data Validation User Error Causes Workbook to Unprotect Itself

    This one has got me stumped. Any help would be severely appreciated. I have built an occupancy projection spreadsheet for our employees in the field. They are to project move ins and move outs once a week. After the appropriate week is passed, those projection cells are programmed to lock via a...

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