1. s_macloskey

    Add +1 to a cell value (plus complications!)

    Good morning all, I have another VBA/AcitveX/Button query that I hope someone can help me to solve! Also please forgive me as I don't 100% know the QUESTION I am asking, I just know the result I am after. (I have also have to redact some of the information becuase of where I work.) Context...
  2. J

    How do I make an excel vba project unviewable that doesnt give an enter password prompt?

    Hi, I have been reading forums for a while now, I'm trying to find out how to make my excel vba project unviewable and also not give a password prompt when someone would try to unlock the vba project. I have read different posts, some people say sharing plus some other steps, another person...
  3. R

    VBA Project Locked/Unviewable

    Hey guys, So I know that this has been a previous post, but most of the issues have revolved around the excel file being shared or having a digital signature. I am unable to view the VBA code, and my excel file is neither signed nor shared. Additionally, I'm 95% sure that it was created in one...
  4. T

    "Project is Unviewable" - Excel add-in

    I have an excel add-in of which I'd like to view the code, however when I go to view it rather than prompting me for a password it comes up with: Project locked, Project is Unviewable An internet search threw up a couple of suggestions: 1. If can occur when using excel 97 or an earlier...

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