update cells

  1. P

    VBA How to Update the information to the correct Row?

    Hello! Table of Contents: 1. Situation (already working Makro's that are used 2. Question 3. Example I'm currently working on a personal project that is supposed to help me at work. Note: I'm not using UserForms 1. Situation: I've programmed a Macro that lets me copy Values I put into the...
  2. A

    VBA or shortcut to update cells

    Hello all, My SQL query produces a nice excel table and in one column the retuned value is "=B2" now once I double click the cell, the cell updates to reflect what is in B2. Is there an easy way to update all the cell values at once? Thanks!
  3. M

    Find dates and delete text VBA

    Hi gurus, I am looking for a VBA solution to check a cell which contains several updates and only keep the latest update, each update has its updated date and time. See the example below: <tbody> M 2 2018-05-18 01:02:09 - K (Work notes) As per suggestion, implemented the fix. No...
  4. R

    Finding last used cell in a Range and ADD form values into the Worksheet

    Hello guys, Need some help here. I have a form and I need my code to update the form values into a specific range (M55:Q65) in my worksheet. <tbody> Rno M N O P 52 End of Booking Data 53 54 55 eDM Name Tot sends Uniq OR Uniq CTR 56 Need the data to updated 4rm this line...
  5. R

    Updating Current Row from ComboBox

    I have a UserForm that pulls values into a combo box from a dynamic range. On some sheets, I want to add data from the UserForm, to the last row. I can do that. I'm struggling to update the row that has the same value as what was selected in the combo box. I've looked around and I found this...
  6. T

    Find/Copy/Paste Issue

    I am brand new to anything to do with Excel programming via VBA. My issue sounds simple but I don't know how to fix it. It is for my job and I feel there is an easier way to do this. I have a workbook that has 177,000 records. The example below doesn't show all the columns on the original and...
  7. H

    Need a formula to update info by date but also maintain old info by date

    Greetings everyone, I'm trying to write a formula to check for new data added each day with certain criteria. One worksheet has data added to it, and the other worksheet runs the calculations. So Worksheet 1 will have x number of lines of new data added to the top of the list, and each new...
  8. M

    Update Data in Listobject

    Dear Experts What is the most elegant method to update data in a listobject (with a userform)? This is the table tblCustomers: <tbody> ID Name Street Postal Code Phone Mobile </tbody> The userform frmCustomer has: txtName , txtStreet, txtPostalCode, txtPhone, txtMobile Is this the...
  9. H

    Referencing a list throughout multiple sheets that automatically updates

    I am working on a project as a contractor, and I am having a somewhat interesting problem. The company sells chemical products and I was instructed to have one page where the products are listed and can be updated throughout the document. I was also instructed to use type selective drop-down...
  10. C

    Find All Matches Update Missing Info

    I have to enter in manually the dates for E-H and update the matching vins manually. I have been trying to create a macro that would find all matching VIN's in column B and then fill in missing dates from E-H that have already been entered. I keep running into issues with the code I have been...
  11. J

    Fill Handle of VBA functions

    Hi there, I wrote a vba function, which works fine. I want it to be applied at each row all the way down an entire column. I typed the formula into the top cell and I clicked the little box to drag it all the way down to the last row, which drags the formula down but doesn't update the...
  12. S

    Update a cell from comparing cells in a list

    I have three columns; Column A, B and C. 1. Column A. This is a blank column that compares what is entered into Column B to a list of filled in cells in Column C. If it finds a match, it puts a Y. If it does not find a match it puts an N. 2. Column B. This is where a user enters data or...
  13. M

    Forced formatting of input data

    I have a sheet that routinely has data pasted into it. Sometimes the data that is pasted in has a 13.5 pt. MS Sans Serif font. I want everything on the sheet to look uniform so I would like any text placed in the sheet to instantly convert to a 12 pt. Comic Sans font. I would think the easiest...
  14. J

    Setting the same cell on multiple worksheets

    I am creating a 3D worksheet and need to set the same cell on multiple worksheets at the same time. As a user enters text in a cell, say ("C4") on one worksheet, the same cell ("C4") on several other worksheets are updated with the user's input. Does anyone know how to do this? Thanks in...

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