1. B

    Combining information from frequently adding sheets

    Hello! I have one excel sheet with one combined data and aditional information and sheets who are added frequently. I need to add column in combined sheet where data is recovering as new sheet added. I'm the beginer in excel for now I needed only standart solution. But here is new job and new...
  2. M

    Updating values and highlight them based on external excel file

    Hey guys I have two versions of the same files. One of them is the updated one with the new data. Now I have troubles writing a macro which does the following: Ask which file I want to compare it to. Comparing two identification numbers in those two different files. If they match, it shall...
  3. H

    macro to Update Formulas on all Sheets (F9)

    I have written code to update my formulas instead of manually updating using F9 It is not updating all sheets, only the current sheet Sub Refresh_Formula() Dim ws As Worksheet For Each ws In Worksheets ws.Calculate Next ws End Sub It would be appreciated if someone...
  4. J

    Upgraded to 2016: Graphs are no longer animated running VBA

    Hello, I did some searching but could not find anything that seemed to work for me so I apologize if this has been asked before: Our office recently did a batch of Windows upgrades and I'm now on Excel 2016. I have numerous macros that will perform iterations and update numbers on the screen...
  5. RobbieC

    Workbook not updating

    Hi there, I have a massive workbook which is mainly inputted via user forms. I'm running excel 2010 and everything runs fine on my computer and 3 other machines I've built with similar spec. However, I've just installed the workbook onto 2 new laptops (with same spec) and I appear to have a...
  6. Johnny C

    Links updating incorrectly with a #DIV/0 error when source data is pasted values

    I have a file linked to another. Nothing fancy, 3 rows 4 columns in columns D-G with the formula ='F:\[Historic costs.xlsb]Historic costs'!B14 copied down and across. When I open the file (with the source closed) the data in columns D,E and G are fine, but the links in col F have a #DIV/0...
  7. N

    Opening multiple instances of Excel

    I've recently migrated to Windows 10 and am using Excel 2019. When I open a second sheet it is opened in the same client instance as the first. I've edited the registry to prevent this (there are some guides on that on the Internet) and this works but only when I run Excel by itself, not when I...
  8. R

    Updating a value using match

    Column X contains a list of all companies. Column Y is used for a simple check (values would be yes, no, n/a) In column Z I have a partial list of company names. Here is what I need help with: I need to start at Cell z2 see if that value matches ANY value in my column X Range (x1:x1000) If yes...
  9. T

    Updating a money total every 2 weeks

    I am working on a spreadsheet (2007) that requires a monetary cell to be updated with a money sum from a separate cell every fortnight. Can someone help please?
  10. jim may

    Switching Pivot Table Data Sources

    My PT isn't updating after switching my data sources. It might be that my Pivot Cache isn't updating. If I go into my immediate Window (VBE) what one-line statement can I type to Update my Cache? TIA, Jim
  11. G

    How can I amend where I get link updates from

    Hi I have a macro as shown below and im updating links. Issue is the workbook that it updating from will not always be 5555 but all different numbers. Is there anyway I can change it to update to new name regardless of name after \BACKUP ?? but maybe from active workbook...
  12. A

    Screen Updating

    Please can anyone tell me why using the screen updating control in a macro sometimes does not altogether eliminate screen updating? Thanks AP
  13. D

    links not updating!

    so i have a workbook that's linked to another workbook...but the links aren't updating! the only way I can update the links is if 1) i manually go to the cell then enter again or 2) go to "data" -- > "edit links" --> "update values" or 3) i open both workbooks (workbook with links and...
  14. K

    Querry Stopped Updating

    Question: What would cause a simple query to stop updating? I can see historical information but can't edit or add. I can delete an old record directly from the table and that appears to be reflected in the query but no other edits seem to pass between the query/form and table. We've used this...
  15. O

    Updating or Auto Saving a file every hour

    Hi! I have an excel file that is saving every day. I could save it an hour but not 'every' hour because of the error with the filename. Is there a way to just have a file which is updating every hour until it reaches a whole day and automatically save it with the same file name? Thanks
  16. K

    vba for Excel on Mac; screen updating

    Does anyone know how to turn off screen updating in Excel VBA on a Mac? Application.Screenupdating = False doesn't work on a Mac. Thanks.
  17. V

    sound alert if any error occurs

    Hi people, I am using a excel file where stock quotes are keep updating for every second. During the process when random errors occurs excel sheet will show error messages. I want some sound alarms whenever any message box appears or the sheet stopped updating latest quotes. Thanks in advance.
  18. B

    Help with automatically updating tab names please :)

    Hi There, I'm hoping someone may be able to assist. I'm setting up a budgeting spreadsheet and want to align each tab with our pay cycle, each fortnight. I would like each tab to be date named e.g. 02.01.2018, 16.02.2018 etc. Is there a way I can automate this instead of updating 26 tabs...
  19. P

    Cell reference to another workbook not updating

    I have 2 workbook. 1. Ipe.xlsb 2. Masterfile.xlsx I have the follpwing formula on Ipe.xlsb]B1 ='H:\Prod\[Masterfile.xls.xlsx]Sheet1'!A2 it is not updating unless I press F2 and update it manually. Is there a way to update the link automatically? Or is there another formula that I can use to...
  20. syndee

    Updating links with auto updating

    My Control File contains several worksheets. It links to data in other files in same folder. Just having problem with updating links with auto updating and returning to Control File.xlsm Tried this but need files to save and close except Control File.xlsm after updating. Is that possible...

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