1. CKinTX

    Excel VBA Script to Access Files on an SFTP Site

    Good morning, all - I download files from an SFTP site, but the files don't always have a unique name. Files on the site have a naming convention of File_Name.xls for the first file in the group and File_Name_X for each subsequent file in the set where X is an incrementing value from 1 to the...
  2. G

    Need to Upload a PDF into the Web page

    Hi , I m New to VB and I was struggling to the code for upload a PDF into the web page. I need to upload a PDF in (https://draftable.com/compare) in this website please help here and provide any code to upload a PDF using VBA. I have tried to upload PDF but getting error when "Choose File...
  3. D

    Update the imported fields with Replace function

    Hi, Just want to have your opinion on how to resolve the issue, i have Text field to upload in my Table "Short Text", and i need to update the field SI_ICXX to remove spaces, however, i think it automatically converted to Numbers. Sample SI field(Short Text):12333 02 01 i need to update as...
  4. R

    A complicated one... is this even possible?

    Hey forum folks, I have a problem. I need to replace: HERE in B2 with the data in C2 HERE 2 in B3 with the data in C3 HERE 3 in B4 with the data in C4 HERE 4 in B5 with the data in C5 HERE 5 in B6 with the data in C6 And I need to do the same for every cell in column B. Is this possible...
  5. S

    vba help with vlookup

    Need some help with vba to handle vlookup from one sheet to another in same workbook. Standard formula in cell U2 to bottom of dart =VLOOKUP($E2,'Ampacet Pricing File'!$C:$F,4,FALSE) I need to lookup E2,E3,E4, etc. to bottom of data on sheet 'Upload' to sheet 'Ampacet Pricing File' columns...
  6. R

    Macro to replace value on sheet with a value from another sheet

    Hello All.. Quick history: We have assets that are known by what we call "external" name. This external name is an unique identifier. But... When our oracle database was created, this external name was not used has the key field, another "internal" name was used. Example External name = 987654...
  7. D

    Storing historic data in excel

    Assume that my workbook has 2 sheets, "A" and "B". Data will be uploaded in "A" and all the calculations and result finding will be done in "B". So for 1 upload in "A", 1 row in "B" will be utilized. During the next upload, the user will delete the data from "A" first and then upload new data. I...
  8. MFish

    Photos in Excel linked to a folder using VBA

    Hi, I'd like to know two things... One: Is there a way I can add something in a userform (button, textbox, etc.) where I can upload a picture from a shared folder? Once you hit submit to transpose the information on the sheet it will show either the picture or a link to open up that photo...
  9. W

    Reference cells to cells in other spreadsheets, even when sorting

    Hi I have the need to reference cells in 3 different spreadsheets but they change every time I sort the data. It's a little complex to explain - is it possible to upload samples ? Thank you in advance :) Wayne
  10. CPGDeveloper

    Timed Upload Function with Multiple User Access DB

    I have an MS Access Based DB, which has a dozen or so users. The database is split, each user has an executable .accde front end on their respective desktops. The Back End is on a shared Network drive. I've written a function that searches several pre-determined folders for text files, and...
  11. S

    Excel macro to upload data to a website

    Hi, I have a ready csv file to be upload it to the website. I want to upload this file to https://login.xero.com i have the login id and password. can anybody help me how can i do this ? Kind regards, Shaikhstonevilla
  12. mgirvin

    Members Upload Files to Workspace at powerbi.com?

    Dear Team, I have created a Workspace at powerbi.com and added members by e-mail. But when one of the members tries to upload, they cannot see the Workspace. I would like all the members that I have added by e-mail to be able to upload files to the Workspace. More Detail: 1) In powerbi.com on...
  13. A

    Dax function

    I please need to replicate the sumif calculation on column Z and AA on a power pivot using the function calculate without success. . Can anybody help me, please? Also, this is my first time posting and I did not see where to upload the file.
  14. B

    vba to find a match cell on separate file to upload data on that same row

    Ive always appreciated the assistance of you all, and i need a little more assistance: In the past only 1 person in our office is responsible for uploading new jobs or correcting/updating existing job milestones in our PM job log. However, we've gotten to the point, where this is too much for...
  15. D

    VBA - Need to set static time stamps in two columns, from value of another column

    can i upload my file for help?
  16. C

    Capture Weird data from a cell

    Hey Folks! I'm trying to figure out how to capture specific locations in a cell. <tbody> <tbody> Basically below is a column from a report I pull. My boss would like me to be able to pull out the speedtest download and upload and show it in a report with the areas that are associated with...
  17. B

    pasting a table?

    Is there a way I can paste a table into here to show an example of what I want to do? I know I can make a table using the tools here but that involves a lot of manual typing. Alternatively I can show an image, but it seems like we can't paste one or upload it, only link through an external...
  18. I

    Index Match - N/A

    Hello - How do I get the following equation to return 0 instead of N/A if no match? Note - I'm on excel for Mac. Thank you in advance {=INDEX('OPEX Detail'!$Y$2:$Y$927,MATCH(1,('Updated Budget Upload 2019'!J16='OPEX Detail'!$F$2:$F$927)*('Updated Budget Upload 2019'!F16='OPEX...
  19. Shazz

    VLookUP Formula

    Hi All, I want to be able to click on a Supplier in the drop down menu on the PO Tab and all the address details are pulled through onto the cells under the supplier name, I know this is possible but I cant work out how to do this. I do not have an option to upload an example but I can PM one...
  20. S

    VBA Script to select the file and upload on IE

    Hi All i am trying to create a script to upload a wallpaper after signing. So far got through this after several attempts, your help is greatly appreciated. Source: Upload Upload current code Dim HTMLDoc As HTMLDocumentDim MyBrowser As InternetExplorer Sub VCW() Dim MyHTML_Element...

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