upper case

  1. L

    Amending Upper case macro to exclude hidden rows

    Hi there, Can somebody please help amend my macro so that it ignores hidden rows? I have been playing around with some code but have not got it quite right. I know it is an easy fix I am just a noob. Here is what I have so far: Sub Selection_Uppercase() For Each x In Selection...
  2. T

    VBA save as error & VBA Paste in UPPER CASE

    I have created the following VBA macro in excel. The macro works fine until I get to the save as section at the end. I have used the same code in other excel spreadsheet and its saves perfectly, although I get the following error message when I try to do it within this spreadsheet: "Compile...
  3. A

    VBA code to enforce Upper & Proper case for different cell range(s)

    I'm new to Excel and MrExcel as well so hopefully I have posted this question in the right place. As I am quite new in VBA stuff, I'm having trouble getting my code to work in VBA. My requirement is to enforce UPPER case and Proper case on different cell ranges. I found below thread here...
  4. M

    Changing upper case to lower case for 3 letters of a word

    Hello all, Would it be possible to alter a whole column (as shown in column B) so that any upper case entries remain upper case for the first three letters of a word but all other letters change to lower case (as shown in column C). However this would only apply to particular cells within the...
  5. T

    the use of UPPER

    Hi I've modified my formula or at least tried to because I want only upper case letters to be inputted for the data. My data format is as follows 1234AB12345 where AB must be capital. I've tried using the upper function in my formula but it still allows for lower case letters. I've been stuck on...
  6. dmqueen

    Count Listbox items to Convert to Uppercase

    Good Morning, I have two listboxes that are dynamically populated at runtime so the user can add items. I want to add an Uppercase converserion to the text before these items are displayed Since the number of items can e different every time. I'm trying to use listbox.Itemscount as my loop max...
  7. E

    upper case for the last two number in a cell

    Hello, I have an excel table of one column (No. 1-100). The 100 cells are composed of values such as 1.98025, 2.34525, and 6.42325. I want to make all the "25" upper case and keep the other number the same. Please kindly advise how to code the need without changing the setting 100 times...
  8. H

    Need to Split Uppercase word in a sentance

    Hi Team, I need one function where I can split word based on 'Uppercase'. Can anyone please help me with below requirement. Please find the below reference data and also note that in this given data only we can find upper case word at the end of the sentence. <table border="0"...
  9. J

    Logical Check: ISUPPERCASE

    I'm trying to figure out if there is any way of performing a logical check (possibly by way of a custom function?) to ascertain whether a cell contains a text string (no numbers) and is all in upper case (or lower case, or Proper Case). The reason for this is that I receive approx 10,000 rows...

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