Logical Check: ISUPPERCASE


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Feb 17, 2002
I'm trying to figure out if there is any way of performing a logical check (possibly by way of a custom function?) to ascertain whether a cell contains a text string (no numbers) and is all in upper case (or lower case, or Proper Case).

The reason for this is that I receive approx 10,000 rows of data each month French customers who - for some strange reason - seem unable to tell the difference between a "First Name" and "Surname" field header (in French obviously!)

While most people do complete their data correctly, there is a large proportion where I can tell that the surname has been typed in the First Name field and vice versa. I can tell this because in France it is common practice to type your first name in proper case and your surname/family name in upper case.

What I therefore need is some way of identifying rows where data in Column A (First Name) is in upper case AND where the corresponding data in Column B (Surname) is in lower case or proper case.

Once identified, I can swap the values between columns.

Is there a relatively simple way of creating a logical check (to return TRUE or FALSE) on whether a cell's contents are in upper case, lower case or proper case?

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