1. aaaaa34

    VBA to delete row itself, 5 upper rows and all below if it includes specific words

    Good afternoon all, I want to have VBA code to delete row itself, 5 upper rows, and its all below rows if it includes these words: "Alternative Matches" Please have a check the attached file in this link and you will see example sheet and desired result sheet after VBA runs...
  2. R

    Excel Line graph

    I am looking to plot a line graph with upper and lower limits (Ranges). Attached is the target view (PNG). The value that I have, has positive and negative values. Hence showing upper limit and lower limit range in the line chart is a bit complex. Attached is the excel sheet(Sample.xlsx) with...
  3. Ironman

    Need formula result to show date in upper case

    Hi Cell D8 contains the following formula {=INDEX(LogYear_Log_Dates,MATCH(2,INDEX(1/(LogYear_Log_Miles=E8),0)))} The result is a date in custom format ddd d mmm e.g Wed 6 Mar I'm trying to change this to upper case and I'm having difficulty in doing so. I'd be very grateful for a solution...
  4. G

    Using IFS function/ always show green triangle on the upper left corner

    I was using IFS function to calculate the grades although the formula and result is correct it always show green triangle on the upper left corner of the cell. why so?
  5. T

    Disappearing borders

    In my Excel 2016 form, I seem to have a disappearing border. I have columns of info that are completed using the drop down box and data validation. If I make a selection and use the auto fill, my upper and lower borders in the cells disappear. It then becomes a continuous column of info...
  6. L

    Subtracting if positive value and get the sum if negative value

    Hi, I’m trying to figure out for a week trying to research what could be the formula for below for instance A1 = 87.5 A2 = -4.0 the answer should be 91.5 (87.5 + 4= 91.5) however if A3 = 91.5 A4 = 5.0 the answer should be 86.5 (91.5 - 5.0 = 86.5) The formula should be in one formula, so...
  7. M

    Count upper values only if the line below has 0

    Hello,</SPAN></SPAN> I need a VBA solution, which can count upper value only if the line below has 0. Result in column S</SPAN></SPAN> Example counts of the row 7 values, only if the lower row 8 has 0...Row 8 has 5 0's over it in the row 7 has numbers 0, 1, 3 & 4 (0=2, 1=1, 3=3 & 4=1) result...
  8. M

    Extract upper value if the line below has 0

    Hello,</SPAN></SPAN> I need a Formula or VBA, not a Function, which can extract upper value if the line below has 0. Result in column L</SPAN></SPAN> Here is an example....</SPAN></SPAN>...
  9. S

    CountRows with upper bound

    Hey guys, I need ur help plz Does anyone know if there is an excel function that counts the number of occurrences in a row of some value till there is a new value For example: The value The occurrrence counter 4123 1 4123 2 4123 3 4111 1...
  10. O

    How to create an array of outliers from a data set?

    I already calculated the upper and lower fence for my data set, how do I create an array that has every outlier (lower than lower fence or greater than upper fence)? :confused::confused:
  11. S

    Conditional formatting using vba

    Hi , So I created an automated summary sheet which extracts data from multiple sheets and puts it in one workbook. I need to do conditional formatting on the data in summary sheet based on certain parameters Base Upper Lower PROD A PROD B PROD C PROD D PROD E 2 4 5 6.1 6.3...
  12. M

    How to use application.countifs to count a time interval like 7:00AM to & 7:00PM

    Dear Gents, I would like use application.countif to count people numbers of visit time between 7:00PM to 7:00PM but times seems to a circle....how to define upper and lower limit and make this calculation happen? Thanks.
  13. W

    set specified colum to upper case

    What is the best way to set column "J" to upper case?
  14. H

    using INSTR to delete certain text whether in Upper or lower case

    I have code to delete text , but need it amended so that if the text is in upper, lower or a combination of upper and lower case, the rows containing the text will be deleted your assistance in resolving this is most appreciated Sub Del_Unwanted() Sheets(1).Select...
  15. K

    Return row data from 1st, 2nd, etc. instance of lookup

    I have data similar to what is in the table below on one worksheet and I'd like to create two tables on another worksheet (one for "Upper" and one for "Lower" type). I was wondering if it's possible to create a lookup formula that looks at the "Type" column and displays the entire row of data...
  16. MUKESHY12390

    Table Design - Vaildation Rule

    Hi All, I'm trying to create validation rule where only value in upper cases "MUKESH" would be allowed in field. this is what I'm trying with - Is Null OR Not Like "*[!a-z]*" but not seem to be work . Note : I know I can format field with ">", so that whatever user enters it will turn into...
  17. H

    Upper case or lower case

    Hi! I have a table and searching for a text. The value of ActiveCell.Offset(0, 3) is “1-ÅRIGT ÅTAGANDE” This text can change time to time, some time has upper case, and sometime has lower case. I want to match no matter upper case or lower case (without sensitivity). Please help! Sub test() If...
  18. C

    change first letter of the text or sentence using vba

    hi all are there any syntax of how to change only the first word of the text or sentence to upper cap format using vba? so far in vba excel, there are only all lower cap, all upper cap and proper sentence.
  19. srizki


    I have invoice amounts in column A and approvers names on corresponding cell in column B, we have more than one approvers depending on the amount in column B. I arranged the approvers names in column C and the upper limit of amount they can approve in corresponding column D. the last name in...
  20. Z

    Upper Case first letter

    Can I upper case every first letter in a word in Cell A2 with vba. For example Tom Hanks 3456 Elm St.
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