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    URI link and creation of invoice template

    Hi, I have a question regarding a potential solution and whether it may work or not. I have a basic webpage that collects basic information, i.e. Name, Make, Model. I can convert the data collected into a URI string - hoping to launch an Access Form where I can generate an invoice based on list...
  2. L

    PowerPivot External Data connection error: Invalid URI

    I am trying to use a .atomsvc file from an SSRS report as my external data connection in power pivot. Every time I tried to connect to this particular report I get an error message: Invalid URI: the Uri string is too long. Anyone know what this means? Is there any way I can get around this...
  3. C

    Browser URI to open Excel at a specific Cell

    Hi all Is it possible to create a browser URI to open a excel workbook at a specific cell? Thanks in advance Michael
  4. S

    Excel hyperlinks - using only part of the URI

    I've got an opportunity where I need to take a logfile (output from a powershell script), where I am logging a filename (full), target & working directory folders, etc. The Powershell script recursively searches a file folder for shortcut files (.lnk), and then changes info on the Target (to a...
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    Using VB in Excel and HTTP Post to send a CSV file to a URI

    I need to be able to select a file (use GetOpenFileName) then send it over the network to a URI that can accept an HTTP POST transmitted file. Can I do this from an application within Excel 2003?

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