1. J

    Pulling data from cell to fill in a link

    Hello guys! Firstly, feel free to save time and jump straight to the TLDR bold section below, then read the rest of this long post only if more context is needed to help. This is probably a super easy problem for most of you, so trying to respect your time here, but also include context incase...
  2. E

    web scarping with chrome

    I want to do web scarping with vba and chrome. I can open a url with chrome like this: chromePath = "C:\Program Files (x86)\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe" Shell (chromePath & " my url ") Now I want to use getelementbyid or getelementbyname, how to use those elements on my url ?
  3. E

    VBA code to use a web query with the option to insert user name and password

    Hi I want to use the method of web query (Data-From web) and to get a vba code that can insert the user name + password to a url login page. I try but its not work for me. Need your help :) TNX
  4. E

    loop of urls

    Hi I have a code that open a webpage then copy it and paste on a1 I want to know if there is a way to add a loop that take 10 webpages and paste tham on columns a1-i1 my code: Sub test() On Error Resume Next Dim IE As Object Set IE = CreateObject("InternetExplorer.Application") IE.Navigate...
  5. most

    Build url with double quotes

    I'm running crazy on this, why doesn't example two work? Dim oShell As Object Set oShell = CreateObject("Wscript.Shell") oShell.Run ("https://www.google.com/search?q=yeah") Dim oShell As Object stringit = "yeah" Set oShell = CreateObject("Wscript.Shell") oShell.Run "(" & Chr(34) &...
  6. B

    HYPERLINK() function not working with VBA .Follow

    Hello, I'm not a power user but I tried to google my problem for hours and couldn't find an answer so I landed here seeking for help. The situation I have made a URL with CONCAT function that looks something like https://blablabla.com/date/something/variables. In another cell I used HYPERLINK()...
  7. D

    Excel 2016 - Macro working on Win10 1709 and older but not on Win10 1803

    We received a excel sheet from a third party with macro's. It works fine when using Office2016 and Windows 10 build 1709 or older. But when using Windows 10 build 1803 it always goes to CONNECTION ERROR :S When we go to the original website it give back the response it should, but whenever...
  8. N

    Get Array from XML web page using VBA

    Hello, I have this code: Dim xmlOBject As Object Set xmlOBject = CreateObject("MSXML2.DOMDocument.6.0") xmlOBject.async = False xmlOBject.Load ("https://www.boi.org.il/currency.xml")' just example URL and its load to the xmlOBject variable the XML resulte. Is there a way to convert a...
  9. leopardhawk

    Get External Data (long shot question!)

    This is likely a long shot but I am wondering if it is at all possible for Excel to somehow 'change' the contents of a URL that is being linked to by 'Get External Data' every year on January 1 at 00:01 local time? The following URL is currently in use on a worksheet within my workbook...
  10. F

    Can't query all rows from website table where URL doesn't change with pagination

    Hello, I'm trying to do a simple web query for a couple of sites, but however their tables are coded, it only queries the first page of the table rather than all results. When clicking to the next page of the table (or selecting to view all rows), the page URL doesn't change, which eliminates a...
  11. M

    Hyperlink url changes - mass change

    <tbody> Hi I am having an issue performing a mass update on url addresses within excel. I have a macro embedded spreadsheet that contains a list of url links to file folders. The purpose of the macro is to select each folder individually and email out to the relevant person. The root file...
  12. F

    Extract text from URL

    I have over 40,000 url similar to this one below https://i.postimg.cc/4xRS70r0/Anne-Hathaway-10.jpg What I want to do is create a listing title automatically from the above link so it reads: ANNE HATHAWAY A4 GLOSSY PHOTO PRINT #10 *FREE P&P* So basically I am taking the name and number...
  13. M

    URL in email created by VBA Excel code is not recognised as an active link in O365 Web Outlook

    Hi, New to this forum as I cannot work out how to solve an issue that I have come across since we migrated our corporate email system from Lotus Notes to Office 365. Mr Excel has helped me a lot, by reviewing other peoples problems and proposed solutions, but I cannot find anthing on my...
  14. B

    hyperlink using a cell with a date in it to complete the link url

    hi, so i'd like to include a hyperlink in my file that will take you to a folder. the url is this "\shared folder\08-Aug\main folder" i have the date in cell A1 as "Aug 2019" is there a way i can make a formula that will factor in what the date in cell A1 says? Meaning it extracts the...
  15. J

    On Error, is skipping, but not posting next in correct row

    If one of the ret(1), ret(2), ret(3) is not found it skips it, but it pastes the next one in that row, rather than skipping; any ideas how to alter the code to achieve this please? Thanks. Option Explicit Sub Get_Prices() Dim Lastrow As Long Dim LastRow2 As Long Dim x...
  16. J

    Understanding class or attribute in html

    Hello, Bit of a novice on pulling data from the web. The 3 lines in bold below work. But when I try to pull another element, ret(4), the code isn't working. How do I work out whether it is a class or attribute? Many thanks. Private Function getprices(ByVal URL As String) As Variant...
  17. B

    Create New tabs based on cell value

    HI, I have an excel with 2 columns. Column A = Name Column B = 'URL' (www.google.com) Not all Column A's have URL field. some are blank. I want to create new tabs in the same excel and seperate out URL and NO URL data. Please advise.
  18. V

    Trouble with Import functions

    I have a golf spreadsheet I've been using and want to try and take it to the next level. I want to be able to automatically update players handicaps from a website, specifically www.gam.org On that website you can lookup a players handicap by name or by course. However, once you're in this...
  19. B

    Download WAV file from URL link

    Hello, I have a list of URL links in excel and each link goes to a breif WAV file recording. In fact, when you click on the link the option pops up to either open or download. Is there a way to through VBA, MACRO, or other automated means to run through this list of over 40,000 and download...
  20. A

    Macro to input sport schedule from website no longer working

    Hello. I have a macro that is supposed to gather all the college football team schedules from ESPN.com into a spreadsheet. I've used this the past three years but now the macro is not working and I'm unsure why. I'm getting a "Run-time error '91': Object variable or With block variable not set"...

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