user form

  1. J

    Displaying information

    Hello, Probably this is a very silly question, but I need some help I have a form which was working well, showing me this information In my excel sheet, Id was column 1, Name colum 2 and Last Name was Column 3. This is the code that I had: With Worksheets("Registers") filas =...
  2. J

    Range question

    Hi, I have a question, I hope I can explain my self clearly I have a form called userform1, this form is to show information about people , I can find them by id or by name, I can modify information from that form. As you can see, beside volunteer name box, there are two search buttons, if you...
  3. K

    User Form Button disappeared from Home menu.

    I had a programmer crank out some vba for me that essentially allowed the user to go to the Home menu, click a custom button called "Import Folder Files". Once they clicked this icon, a form would popup and ask them to identify the folder that contained the files you wanted imported. User then...
  4. J

    Save Emails from Excel

    Hi There, I have a new specific problem with interacting with outlook. I have a sheet where I need to save approval for things that came via email. I will be using a userform to allow my users to select which row the approval should go in. I need the macro to look at the user's inbox (there...
  5. C

    Show worksheet range of cells in a user form

    I would like some help finishing the VBA code that I'm trying to piece together. I have 2 ranges of cells in a worksheet ("Data") that I would like to show individually (not at the same time) on a user form while working on another worksheet ("Input") within the same workbook. The user form...
  6. S

    Using Option Button to Set Variable

    I've got a command button that prints my workbook to a PDF with a specified filename and location, but I've been asked to add the option to save to one of two folders (without being able to browse to other folders). I'm trying to use a user form to choose the folder name, save it as a string...
  7. B

    GoTo Function in VBA checking values

    Can anyone help with the following, I am trying to miss the email module when checking through my code, I want the to skip this part of the code: Call EmailOutOfDate (Email, ExpDate, Documents, Days Remaining) and check a value in the cell which determines whether or not an email should be...
  8. B

    VBA - Mark cell with Email Sent

    Hello all, I have created a user from that is automatically checking for out of date dates and automatically creating the emails and currently displaying them before being sent. I need to be able to mark the next empty cell as 'Email Sent' to indicate that the email has been sent for that...
  9. S

    VBA User Form : Reference Value should come based on Button Click

    Hi Friends, I have a VBA User Form consisting of 1 button and 2 textbox. When i press this button , the value of button is coming in the textbox1. Till this part i have completed. Private Sub button1_Click() If button1.Value = False Then TextBox1.SelText = ComboBox1.Text + " " Else...
  10. G

    VBA UserForm - Using TextBox to look up in a range

    I have a userform that when it runs comes up with a blank text box. I want the user to be able to type in the value that they want to lookup, in this case it is a box size, and once they press enter I need it to put all the matching information on the same sheet that I have my macro button that...
  11. A

    Search function to find customer

    I am just learning how to create VBA's and need some help please! I have a worksheet that I am using to manage customer information. In rows "E" trough "T" are the fields for customer information such as customer name, address, phone,etc. I have over 1500 rows of information to keep track of. I...
  12. dannyok90

    Notes Userforms

    hi all, I'm thinking of creating a user form to help me track notes and checking. I'm not a novice with VBA and user forms butequally im not a master and maybe not quite an intermediary user either haha. Basically i have spreadsheet sheet for estimating jobs. It has rows representing subtasks...
  13. B

    Show Cell Values in User Form- VBA

    I have a workbook with 26 worksheets that could have data in a certain range of cells. What I'm hoping to have is a subroutine in a user form that will look at each sheet in a range of cells V5:Y39 and show a list with no blank rows in a user form. I will have a Button on each sheet that will...
  14. N

    User Form Text box number to Excel

    Hi all, Apologies for the terrible title. I have a user form where the user enters the total number of hours they were at work for. In most cases it is 7 and everything is fine, however, for part time staff, when they enter 5.5 and click the submit button, the data that gets published to excel...
  15. M

    Have existing button! Can I add existing buttons to New User Form???

    Obviously new to VBA. I've created spreadsheet with many buttons and text boxes, etc... Now, I realize I should have placed them on a User Form for better control. Is this even possible? Can I add existing buttons to a new user form? I've searched the internet and especially your site for the...
  16. D

    TextBox export back to worksheet as number (%)

    Hi, I have got very difficult issue for me and cannot handle it myself :-( Hope experts here can help me. First of all I need to say that I am not good in VB, I am doing sth only from time to time only using hints and manuals. Now I did sth which is very helpful for me, a user form which...
  17. D

    textbox macro object required error

    Good morning Everyone. I am creating a macro where users put something in a textbox, and it turns green after someone checks it. all i needed was for the textbox to turn green, but when i put in the code, it says object required. Sub Jira()ActiveSheet.Shapes("TextBox25").Select...
  18. R

    VBA Loop Search

    The code bellow goes through my list of NAEDs and if the NAED is on the list it should activate combo boxes if the NAED is not in the list it should not activate the boxes. once this code finds a partial match it makes the combo boxes available i do not want that. It has to match the NAED in...
  19. J

    Building a dynamic User Form that updates an Index

    Hi! This is my first time posting on this forum, but I will try to be as clear as possible -- I am brand new to VBA so I appreciate any help that you all can provide. I have been working on some code that consolidates data from separate workbooks into one workbook. Then, using the index and...
  20. I

    How to tie Userform to only 1 workbook

    I've created a user form that uses multiple sheets in my workbook (workbook1). I want the user form to only access that specific workbook. But, when I open a different workbook (workbook2), the user form changes data in workbook2 instead of workbook1. It is changing data in whatever workbook is...

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