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    Help to Create User-Friendly Find/Toggle Features

    Howdy! I need help trying to create two items. I will illustrate the purpose of my worksheet. I am creating a database that will allow the user to identify which customers need to be contacted on that particular day. For example – If today is 10/12/16, I have utilizing conditional formatting...
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    Help Me Sort Out a Compiled Database

    Dear Reader, I need to simplify a worksheet before I can use it. Maybe I can use it as it is but I do not know how. How can I change this: Bui:Regal(1988-1996);Chev:Lumina(1990-2001),Monte Carlo(1995-1999);Olds:Cutlass Supreme(1988-1997);Pont:Grand Prix(1988-1996) Into this: <tbody> Buick...
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    How to make a reporting-sheet user friendly?

    Hi! Please be prepared for some bad english, thats also I think the reason that I can't find a solution from earlier threads. My challenge is to make a user friendly solution to fill in info from a paperform to a sheet. The way I have built the sheet is that every paperform is unique and have...
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    OPINIONS WANTED - User friendly - Question

    Hello All, I have a pretty nasty Userform that is filled with textboxes. To be specific, there are 10 Groups as column headers (Group 1, Group 2, etc.) and 71 inputs as row headers (1, 2, 3 ,etc). There is a textbox for every one of these entries. However, if you can imagine, it seems like...

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