user input

  1. F

    Excel VBA - How to add a popup that takes input number and adds/subtracts to cell?

    Hello! So I have a column in Excel titled "Number of Units" and I want a popup message to appear whenever someone presses on that column that asks the user to input a number. I want that number to be added to or subtracted from the current value in the cell (hence giving a the new value for the...
  2. R

    user input column and then search row for other input

    Hello all, Here is the problem I am trying to sort out. As soon as workbook opens user is asked for an input from column C. The VBA script locates it, rthen user inputs number , which should be exactly agsinst the earlier input i.e. if user has input Article12 , which is in column C5, the next...
  3. N

    Getting custom number format from user

    Hello everyone, Hope you all are well. I am struggling with a task which requires me to get an input from the user which will specify what number format the user want (currency symbol and the separator to be used). And then save this setting in the windows registry and apply this number format...
  4. S

    UX design for times in Excel. How to "scroll" the times ?

    So I am working on user interface on one worksheet and not sure how to make time fields more user friendly. Right now it is just validation list in increment of 5 for minutes and separate field for hours, while I want a user to be able to select any time. E.g 22:47 or 3:21 And I am thinking...
  5. C

    Calculating MATCH row based on user input.

    I have a column of data in B from row 5 to 23 (see below). I want to accept user input in cell M25 and use that input to to select a MATCH row of data from my list below. For example, if the user inputs $74, the row number is 3. (greater than 70, less than 80) My column data is similar and...
  6. J

    User Input

    I want to make a Dashboard that uses a userform or something. I want the form to have dependent cells. For instance: I am writing a spreadsheet to track sporting events (football and basketball, etc) the sports are on 8 separate worksheets with tables that are to be populated automatically based...
  7. K

    VBA Code that resumes if no input is done after a certain period of time

    Hello, I am trying to create a decision/choice game on excel using VBA. When the user clicks on the "Start" button, the excel will display a hidden sheet with a riddle on it. On this sheet, the user is required to give a numerical answer in cell C5. I want the vba code to either continue...
  8. D

    Checking user input and copying/pasting it to another worksheet

    So, my second post is a 'sequel' to my previous post I have this user input, UserId.Text , that is being checked to see if it exists on a certain sheet. I have a sheet named Users, with columns ID(unique), Name and Sirname. And I have a sheet where all the 'events' should be stored. So you...
  9. M

    Retrieve last input from user

    Hi All, I am searching for a way to retrieve in Excel VBA 2 points when user had input new data in a worksheet: 1. how to retreive what user had input ? 2. how to retreive where (address or range) user did this input? Currently I use activecell but it's not right because when you valid your...
  10. K

    Keep User input column matched with dynamically adjusting column

    Hi all, I hope I am using the proper terminology in this post, and hope I can explain it well enough for you to understand. I have a tracking worksheet that pulls a list of names from another workbook (the source) if their status is considered "Current" (this status is found in a related...
  11. A

    inputting multiple lines

    Scenario: User presses button input box opens user pastes several lines of text text gets pasted in column A each line in different row. Do I use inputbox for this or userform? Managed to create inputbox but it only gives me one line Don't know uesrforms
  12. A

    Validate User Input Data - Confirm against known list

    I have a range of cells 10 columns wide by 16 rows tall... it is assigned the range name of: "USER_CHANNELS" The cells in this range are validated against a range called: "VAL_CHAN_NAME" If the user is typing in data... and they get something wrong... it stops them and forces them to...
  13. P

    Sending an email using outlook

    I am wanting to send an email from outlook. It is all user input. The email address can be found on sheet 1 cell D17 and the user entered message in cell H5. Can anyone help? If i havn't been clear please get in touch
  14. M

    VBA to call UserForm for user input for use in same code

    Depending on the situation the value for a certain variable can be pulled directly from the workbook. In other situations, it will be best to prompt the user to make a selection from values that are pulled from the workbook. I have created a UserForm that displays under the right conditions and...
  15. C

    Loop Macro until Userinput, continue if no input

    Hello! I can't figure out how to make a code loop until user input and continue if there is no input. I don't want to use Ctrl + Break, because I am interested in how many times the code ran and how long it took. Is there a way to have the code pause and basically ask the user to stop...
  16. K

    How to use variables in a Userform?

    <tbody> I have a spreadsheet with 1000+ rows of data, that I want to filter down based on two separate columns of values. I know I can do this using the AutoFilter option, but I am trying to do this using an Excel VBA script which prompts the user for the values it wants to filter on...
  17. B

    Variable User Input - Either a Fixed Input or Cell Reference

    I would like to give a user the option of either inputting a fixed number or making reference to another worksheet, but all within one cell if possible. Therefore, it would be a decision first (do you want to input: 1) a fixed number or 2) utilize a reference to another worksheet that contains...
  18. T

    User input in a column, and creating option to select how many rows it will populate

    Hello Community, I am seeking the advice of any advanced users in my attempt to create an efficient user input, data entry form for the creation of table metadata. Scenario I am looking to design my sheet/Macro with the top two rows as user inputs, which will then paste these into a table...
  19. T

    Macro that allows user to set a sort range and then executes the sort

    I'm attempting to create a macro that will allow a user to set the sort range, field sort parameters, and then perform the sort. I'm able to have the macro bring up an excel input box (I copied an example from a John Walkenbach book) and have the user select the sort range but after that I'm...
  20. D

    VBA populate list using user input range

    So, i'm new to using VBA but have managed to get a few things done through online help etc. but i'm now trying to build my own macro instead of editing and adding to an existing example. basically i'm tryign to create a hypothetical summary of a company's stores' sales for the day. I want the...

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