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    V look up help needed

    I have an excel spreadsheet having information in two sheets i.e. sheet 1 and sheet 2 Sheet 1 has 3 columns. Column A (Description) consists of repetitive values Column B (Job Title) Blank cells {Information needs to be populated from Sheet 2} Column C (University) Blank cells {Information needs...
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    V look up? Help

    Hi I have never really used V look up before and correct me if I'm wrong but I think v look up is what I will be needing to use to fulfil my request below: I have a document which lists staff members who have completed their training or started their training. Now in an excel document, the...
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    V-lookup help

    I have to reach out to this forum as I've hit a brick wall (brick wall being, simply not enough smarts!). I'm thinking V-look up or Match but not really sure how to achieve the desired result. In the layout below I want retrieve from sheet 1, the person for each address. Note: In the actual...
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    How do I return a columns values into a different sheet using a column name?

    Okay, so what I'm trying to do is something similar to a v-look up, except I want to search by a column name. For instance: I have Excel file 1 with only two column names, "Fruits" in A1 and, "Vegetables" in D1. So it looks like: <tbody> Fruits </tbody> Vegetables In Excel file 2 I have...
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    I need a look-up function within Excel that works on an inconsistent set of data

    Any idea's? Basically, I get fuel costs each month on a spreadsheet for each team within our company. It has the months scrolling across the top (B2:L1) and the team names going down (A1 onwards) with a total under each one team. The problem is, we get new people joining the company or leaving...

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