1. S

    Type mismatch using date in InputBox

    I make a request for a date and if it is a valid date (11/11/2019), partial date (11/11) or even a single number (11) “inputbox” can handle it. It will provide “date” formatted results. If I put in only “11/” and nothing else I get a type mismatch. How should/can I check for valid input? Your...
  2. F

    Corrupt/Damaged File Won't Open

    One of my regular (almost daily) excel (.xls) files will not open today. I get this message: "Sorry, we couldn't find D:\Daves Data\....blah.xls. Is it possible it was moved, renamed or deleted? When I ran CHKDSK the result for the file in question says that "first allocation unit is not valid...
  3. Drofidnas

    MsoType for converted Smartshape Rectangles

    Hi I'm writing some code to convert a SmartArt organisation chart to shapes and then extract the text. The converted rectangles don't appear to be msoShapeRectangles though. They are called Freeform xx which isn't a valid mso type. Any idea what they might be?! Thanks Chris
  4. K

    Determine missing zip codes from a range for sales territories and determine valid zip for state.

    Originally our sales territories were set up with zip code ranges. Our new requirements are to have each zip code listed, based on a limitation on the new version of the territory tool we use. So I need to take our existing range lists and convert them, without duplicates, to list each zip...
  5. A

    Data Validation for E-mail Input

    Hello, I have a few columns (not adjacent to each other) where I expect users to enter valid e-mail addresses. What I would like to validate is that the entry contains all the valid characters possible, namely digits 0-9, latin letters a-z (not case sensitive) and special characters...
  6. R

    [VBA] Cut down a string to match another string, if applicable

    Hi all, It was all going so well. In N12 I have a long string of place names, like this: Aberystwyth, Accrington, Alfreton, Altrincham, Banbury, Bangor, Barnsley, Barrow-in-Furness, Basingstoke, Bath, Bebington, Bedford, Belper, Beverley, Biggleswade, Birkenhead, Bishop Auckland, Blackburn...
  7. A

    5F921200 file format is not valid

    Please can anyone explain the following message I am getting each time I open Excell ... 5F921200 file format is not valid Thanks
  8. M

    Filtered Query not staying filtered when brought into another query?

    Hello and thank you in advance if you can help, I am using Excel 2019 on a PC. I am still quite new to Access, so I would appreciate any guidance to resolve this issue I am having, and I will apologize in advance if any of my explanation is confusing. I have a database that is 1,115,1867...
  9. RasGhul

    Multiple criteria sales rate

    Hi Excelakos, I've started a new thread so we don't continue to hijack the previous thread with a different problem. Here is the same solution across sheets, just change the names & ranges to what you need and test if it suits; <b></b><table cellpadding="2.5px" rules="all"...
  10. S

    Data Validation - Numbers only (can be multiple)

    How do I have Data Validation that can only contain numbers (no text, punctuation etc). I have tried ISNUMBER, however, the field can contain two separate numbers i.e. 33 34 can be a valid entry, but 33, 34 or 34 & 35 should not be accepted
  11. W

    Formula giving Run Time Error

    I am trying to post the below code into a column of a table so that it will determine if an employee is Valid or Not Valid when it comes to whether or not they accrue vacation. When I paste this formula into a VBA script I get a Run-Time 1004 error. I cannot determine why...The worksheet name is...
  12. G

    VBA Code alternative to protect Worksheet

    Hi all, I´ve been reading many forumns but I do not find any solution for my problem and I hope you could help me. I want to enable filtering in every part of a protected sheet. The alternatives that I have found in the forumns are not valid for me and I would like to know if there is a...
  13. sharky12345

    Edit result from AND formula

    I have this which is evaluating cells to see if they match; Presently they produce either TRUE or FALSE - but can it be tweaked to produce either VALID or NOT VALID? I've tried this but it produces '#VALUE!'...
  14. R

    VBA FreezePanes on multiple worksheets in my workbook

    I created a vba macro that helps us apply some formatting to our reports before we send them out. At this point everything works on a workbook with a single worksheet. However, if there are multiple worksheets I am unable to apply FreezePane to more than the first worksheet. I tried to...
  15. U

    Filter Formula

    Using Filter formula in excel, message appears This function is not valid. Kindly help
  16. P

    not a valid path

    Hi All, With some help from you guys on here i have manged to build a small database which i want mutlple users to be able to use. The file itself is on a shared drive where all users have access to be able to see the file in question. The only issue is when they click on it to open it they...
  17. J

    Formatting Column A

    I would like to create a code to check the format of all cells in column A, excluding A1 on my Sheets( "Input") If the format is not one of the following, a msgbox with pop up saying "That number is not valid": Formats ######### ############ ############## ###-###-### ####-####-####...
  18. Y

    How to find article with old link?

    In one of the articles, it refers to this link: The link is no longer valid. Does the article still exist? How to find it?
  19. Z

    excel vba to check cell are have only letters AND NUMBER

    Hi All This is my first post as i have joined this fantastic Forum. I am looking for anyone to help me with a problem. I want to run a VBA Macro that will basically search a columns of names and check that each name has letters A(a) to Z(z) and possibly numbers aswell. So Bill Smith is...
  20. S

    Autosort a list removing spaces

    I am trying to create a dynamic column in excel that will serve as an index for a graph. I have a list of 4000 items that have been registered over the past 10 years. I'd like to keep the list intact, but create a new list in a column that meets criteria. Easy so far, but I'd like there to be no...

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