validation list

  1. R

    Vblook up in a user form.

    First off my data is simple- five columns Manufacturer, Type, Description, Function, Category I need to create a user form that allows the user to select Manufacturer and Function from a drop down list. Once they choose manufacturer and function, I need the vlookup to provide all of the valid...
  2. M

    DataBodyRange lost after adding new column to listobject

    Hello Experts, I am not able to figure out why the Run-time error. For every row in the 1st table, a new table is created. The new tables will consist of the number of rows as per the #Count column from 1st table. Also, a new column will be added at the end of the table if column "t1col5 to...
  3. B

    Check Manually Inputted Text in Cell Range Contains Text from Several Validation Dropdown Lists

    I have manual inputted text strings in cell ranges: B104:B125 B132:B175 There are validation dropdown Lists located in the following ranges: B200:B212 D200:D212 B221:B231 D221:D231 The drop down lists could be 1 text string in 1 cell or 1 text string in every cell in the specified ranges...
  4. R

    How do we using dynamic list based on condition criteria from cell value?

    We using dropdown dynamic list from master using OFFSET function for except blank data's, Here, we would like to next two columns lists should allow/block based on the previous column list value, Kindly help us anyone, how to do this functions in excel? Eg: In above example, First List...
  5. M

    Shrinking Data Validation Drop List with a column in between

    Hello All, This is my first post, I've looked though the forums and I've found some items that come close but not exactly what I'm looking for. I'm working on shrinking drop down list with data validation. I'm able to get it working while using 1 column and adjacent columns, the issue comes...
  6. L

    create dynamic dropdown based on UNIQUE values from a column within a table

    Hello expert Excel users! Below i will describe what is the purpose of my first forum post, so bear with me. So i have multiple tabs defined as tables in a big excel file. Each table has one or more columns but then, some of the tables do have common fields among them. What i want to do is...
  7. Q

    Hyperlink function from drop down menu data validation list throughout entire workbook

    Hello need a little help "YouTube": Hyperlink function from drop down menu data validation list throughout entire workbook "YouTube": The validation link hyperlink listed above works great but it links to other sheets and I need it to link on...
  8. 9

    Validation Tables - how to get one to feed from another

    I currently have one validation list. Lets say it is different types of pets (dog, cat, bird, fish, etc) and that is in column A on Sheet 1. This is my current validation list and there are 15 different options to select from currently. What I need to happen is if I select dog in column A and...
  9. I

    Selection of dropdown list value with a checkbox

    I need help trying to implement a check box to automatically select a dropdown list value when checked, but when it is unchecked i would like to be able to select the value from the dropdown list. So, I have: <tbody> A B C left right left right left right upper ? ? ? ? ? ? lower ...
  10. A

    Help Please: Indirect named range in chart data, pulling from validation list.

    Hello all - I recently posted something similar here, and got some great help that got me 70% of the way, but I'm still stuck. Was hoping someone could pick up the thread and show me the error of my ways. Thanks! Final result desired: I have a chart on Sheet3, and wish to update that chart...
  11. G

    Problems converting array formula to dependant drop down list

    Hi All, I've been trying to find an array formula for a dependant drop down list I saw a few years ago. Basically, I have three Source columns (Category, SubCategory, Details) that I need to work with. Constraints: Must not use VBA, Helper Columns, Macros Source is not defined as a Table...
  12. R

    Automatic Sheet Rename When Validation List Changes

    Hello, Just finished my first 3 day VBA class last week. I'm intermediate-advanced in Excel, but have been struggling with VBA. I've been search throughout the web for some code that will dynamically rename the current worksheet when I change the entry in a certain validation list. I found...
  13. D

    Require Data Validation List to only allow Exact Match

    Hi I'm trying to get the data validation to only allow exact entries in cells based on a list. I'd previously achieved this by entering a delimited list but this doesn't seem to work so well with Office 365 on Mac. I have student grades and codes as a range. These include: A B C D E NS Ung NR...
  14. C

    VBA worksheet event to delete dependent validation list

    Hi Excel jedis, how can I change the below code to only clear a specific cell instead of column . (lets say cell B2 and C2 and clearing C2 when B2 i changed.. ) As usual, thanks inadvance Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Range) On Error Resume Next If Target.Column = 2 Then If...
  15. V

    Validation list with array formula (index/ match)?

    Hi All, I am trying to achieve the following, using the table below as expample: Set up in D1 a validation list (dropdown) that pulls the right values from column B, based on the filter on A (from user choice in C1). E.g. if user inputs "Joe" in C1, then the validation list in D1 should have...
  16. S

    Disappearing Validation List Choices

    Dear Excel community, I created a model that used several Validation Lists that had drop down choices. I saved this file on a external hard drive and was recently looking at the file. All of the Validation List cells no longer show the drop down arrows to make cell selections. All of the...
  17. L

    creating a product renewal validation report

    I have to deal with hundreds on line item prodcts to ensure to provide clear response if a product is beling ordered or still available for ordering and what qty is available to be ordered, in case not all product qt where bought for certain period I hope below is clear on what I am looking...
  18. S

    Help with validation list using vlookup or index match

    I have sheet with two columns, say A and B. I would like to enter text into A and have B show a validation list of values based on what has been entered into A. In another sheet there is a simple list of the values A could have and the associated values B should have. eg: Sheet 1 A...
  19. E

    How to run code automatically every time a drop-down validation menu changes the case

    Given two workbooks named as follows: "W01_Clients.xls" "W02_Macros.xls" I wrote a piece of code in a module of the workbook "W02_Macros" to make a sheet (named "S02_AuxBackOffice") which it is placed in the workbook "W01_Clients.xls" to be visible or invisible when runing the code from the...
  20. L

    Vlookup and data validation in same clumns

    Hello I'm working on enhancing my xls where currently, I use a Vlookup to show SurName (Col J), FirstName (Col K), Rate (Col M) and Hours (Col N) based on knowing a unique ID. So formula used in Col A is =IFERROR(VLOOKUP($L1,Personnel,2,FALSE),"") where L1= a unique ID, Personnel = table range...

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