validation lists

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    Chart data change via selected named range(s) in validation please...

    Hello all - I am hoping someone may have some input on this, please: I have created 5 named ranges from a table. Each named range is simply one column of data. Then created a lookup for the (names of) these named ranges (names match exactly, etc.) Once I had a lookup list, I then created a...
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    Validation on multiple column

    Good afternoon everyone, I thought I knew how to do this but seems not, I am trying to validate a cell value to see if it's in a name ranged and check if the cell above is the offset of the named ranged. here is an example of what I have: On sheet1 I have the following: Cell C6 contain a...
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    Userform to add names to a validation list for a cell.

    Good Day Folks! I am attempting to create a form which uses a validation list for cell A2. I have created the list I want to use in range H2:H5. That part is easy. The hard part is that several folks that have limited Excel skills may need to add new names as new people are needed on the...
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    Adding a function to select from a validation list within a macro.

    Hi all, I have a macro that copies values from one sheet (1) and pastes them into another sheet(2). However in sheet 2 there are 3 validation lists that I need the macro to select from based on other values in sheet 1. Recording the macro to copy and paste values and then loop it down the...
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    Validation lists needed to autopopulate, or not

    The goal is for efficiency. The user wants to have the options to: 1. Select component-by-component or, 2. Select a kit. In 7 of 10 times, a Kit is going to be ordered. My thought is to add a dropdown list in Column F that offers: - Component - Kit A - Kit B - Kit C If "Component" is...
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    Reset dependant validation list when preceeding validation list is changed

    I have two validation lists working great, list 2 dynamically changes depending on the value selected in list 1. However, when you change the value of list 1, the old value for list 2 still shows. I would like list 2 to reset or clear when list 1 is changed. Can this be done?

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