1. J

    Adding validation in excel according to another column from another sheet

    I have a excel sheet called data with 3 columns: id, name I have another sheet called list with 3 columns: id, name I have made a data validation on column name in data sheet with this > formula: =list!A$2:$A$37000 its working fine and gives me a drop down list from my names in list and...
  2. S

    Data validation list - the order of computing formulas

    Hello, the good example of drop down list is here: Prevent duplicates in cells where there is a dropdown list It is not working when typing allowed value, for example "peaches" and pressing enter on the keyboard. The value "peaches" is accepted when it is choose directly from the list or...
  3. K

    VBA code to highlight empty cells that are mandatory

    Hello I needed help with identifying all required data that has been left blank. I have multiple workbooks and within each workbook there are multiple worksheets, all have employee related rows of data. I wanted a macro/vba script to be able to automatically go through each worksheets within...
  4. L

    Nested or formula combinations

    Hi Guys, Columns B, C, D, and E contain a list look-up (Yes or No) Earlier today, you guys helped me that if column B and/ or E has "Yes", to return certain text (Thank you!) I placed the updated functionality in column F. Then I wanted the user to identify the scope of work based on the...
  5. L

    Force user to select from list on adjacent column if option from list is selected

    Hi All, A user on this site kindly provided me with the below code. The code done exactly what I wanted at the time: "I have a dropdown list on column AY with 'In-Scope' & 'Removed' as the options. If a user selects 'Removed' I want to force them to enter free text in column AZ to explain why...
  6. M

    Combo Chart - linking data to different data points

    I have attempted to attach the mini sheet below with a Data Input table in which I have created. All of the cells in the Standard columns have a drop down list connected to them including the following: Year 1, Year 2, Year 3 etc. The cells in the ticks column is a manual entry...
  7. S

    Date validation on command button

    Hi everyone, I apologise for being noob, I'm new to posting on this forum (even though I've been a member for ages!) I'm having difficulty with validation (not my own btw... Excel's) validation works fine when you enter text into a cell, but it doesn't work when you are working with a user...
  8. J

    Dependent data validation question

    Hi all, i feel like i've watched a million youtube videos and read a million articles and they all seem sooo similar to what i'm trying to accomplish, but i just can't quite get there... Here's the situation; Excel 2016, will be a shared workbook so no tables allowed, workbooks will likely have...
  9. darrenmccoy

    How to build formula to check address structure?

    Hi, Could you guys help me with what type of formula would I use to check address formatting and return a true or false? An example case would be the format of address must be (number, street names, location, state zip) with the commas and spaces. ID FULL ADDRESS VALIDATION 611762 101...
  10. Akbarov

    Show results based on 3 Data Validation list

    Hi community, I have big table of monthly spending, i wanna know how can i show results based on Data Validation list choice, 1-List shows Models ( E:E ) 2-List shows Department ( B:B ) 3-List shows Month I need formula to return matching all 3 list, can anybody help me please?
  11. A

    Data Validation List based on Cell Value

    I have a table in which currency in A and values in B <tbody> CAD 2 USD 13 AUD 15 CAD 5 CAD 11 </tbody> I enter text CAD in C1 and make data validation list in D1. Based on text in C1 data validation only shows the value against CAD. like image attached.
  12. G

    Data validation drop down list source to lookup a value and list unused items ?

    Hello everyone! In a sheet i have the following: A2=Joe; A2= Jack; A4= John and for each name there is a recommended Name list in B2:B4 (Fruitlist;Vegetableslist;Dairylist) A2:A4 is defined as Names G2:G5 is defined Fruitslist L2:L4 is defined Vegetableslist Q2:Q4 is defined Dairylist In B7...
  13. S

    Moving around the screen

    Hi all I have a data validation box in cell b2 with the following options, Q4-19, Q1-20, Q2-20. Columns a:c are locked data for Q4-19 starts in column d to p data for Q1-20 starts in column q to ac data for Q2-20 starts in column ad to ap Based on the data validation selection I want the...
  14. E

    Data Validation - error

    I have a data validation with a nested if statement. =IF(R8="D18",D18_OP,IF(R8="D24",D24_OP,IF($R$8="D34",D34_OP))) It works fine as long as I don't have D18 in R8. D18_OP named range = "Not Applicable". When D18 appears in R8 the drop down will not load with "Not Applicable" nor can I select...
  15. J

    Macro removes data validation from cell

    Hi, I have an excel sheet to track project status. I've created a Macro that moves the a row from Sheet1 to Sheet2 when 'Complete' is selected from data validation drop down. The problem is, when the row is moved to sheet 2, the now empty row loses all it's data validation. Is there any way...
  16. Darth_Williams

    Data Validation - Lists

    Good afternoon all, I am looking to to list data validation over different columns but have it so that the selection in the first column will only show a certain selection in the second. So column A will show a certain supplier then column B will only show what that supplier provides, Column C...
  17. H

    data validation non contiguous cells

    Hello I have non contiguous range ($U$2:$AS$1000 and $AW$2:$BF$1000) I need a data validation to alert users when the same date is entered in both range combine more than 12 time. Thanks
  18. P

    VBA Userform Combobox color validation?

    Hi, I'm trying to add color validation to comboboxes on a userform - but seem to be having issue with the syntax - I've done this before using defined drop down values and not had any issues.. I'm not sure how to amend this code to validate input based on using the scripting dictionary?.. can...
  19. J

    Data validation and numbers + hyphens

    Hi there all, i want to set a data validation rule so that only the following number sequence can be entered to a cell: 000000-00 the hyphen is a must, if i didnt need the hyphen I would be fine setting this up. Any ideas? I use the data validation from the ribbon, and need a custom formula
  20. D

    Formulas and Data Validation

    Is it possible to have data validation and a formula all in one cell? Current situation is =IF($B4="Testing","NA",""), but I also need this same cell to have a drop down in it if its blank.
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