1. W

    DATEVALUE function

    I have a column of data which I thought were dates but the data doesn't seem to behave as such. I have attempted to use Datavalue function but no am getting #value ! I believe I have checked my system date and time settings, Doesn't anyone have any advice?
  2. T

    SUMIFS Function Is Performing Inconsistently

    This problem has been driving me nuts, because it should be simple, but it's not working. I have the following formula in a table called tblCurrentHoldings on the sheet CurrentHoldings (see screenshot: https://1drv.ms/u/s!ArArDJ7WmD62grkdhF-Y-3Epey_0_g?e=vkjFxq)...
  3. A

    Complicated formula giving "#value" and "You've entered too many arguments for this function"

    Hello, I am trying to figure out why Excel is giving me errors about the new formulas that I am creating. I have an original formula that works and gives me updates: =IF($B$3="(All)",CONCATENATE("Code ",$B$2," - Top Skills & Retirement Eligibility as of "&'Date for Charts'!C1),CONCATENATE("Code...
  4. M

    Please help!! WEEKDAY function

    Gentleman, I know this is weird but the WEEKDAY function works fine till 12/5/2015, any day after this it returns #VALUE . i mean 12/5/2015 will return 6 but the next day 13/5/2015 will return #VALUE . Not sure what is happening. Any help?
  5. S

    =if formula giving a #value! error

    Hello I use this formula but if there is no data in the other column "D" if gives a #VALUE ! error. How can I get rid of this and leave the cell blank? =iferror? Thank you =IF(D15>7,D15-7,0)
  6. S

    #Value! in Month

    Hi, I think its a format issue, how to solve ? formula applied in B2 =DAY(A2) C2 =MONTH(A2) <colgroup><col width="64" style="width: 48pt;" span="4"> <tbody> Date DD MM YY 12/05/19 12 5 2019 #DCE6F1[/URL] , align: left"]15/05/19 #VALUE! #VALUE! #VALUE! </tbody>
  7. A

    Suproduct formula calculation error

    Hello, Is there anything add to below formula that will avoid the error? If there are letter at on the target cells(column B) it shows #VALUE! =SUMPRODUCT((E5:E84="L")*B5:B84) Thank you.
  8. D

    How to hide

    I have a spread sheet with several formulas when the formula is not being used the cell displays #value ... how can i hide this till a value is added?
  9. C

    Why is IF returning #VALUE!? Seem correct to me.

    Hi, Below is part of the formula. The error is in the beginning. When evaluating; first logic test= FALSE, instead of running the formula in the "FALSE" section, it returns #VALUE !. Why? I can not see anything wrong...
  10. G

    Dynamic average_range by column text in AVERAGEIFS formula

    Hi, I am trying to obtain an average from multiple criteria using AVERAGEIFS function. The issue is I want to be able to specify the average range in a dynamic way based on column header name. I used index/match to specify the column name using header name for AVERAGEIF and it works like a...
  11. W

    removing #DIV/0! & #VALUE!

    What do I need to do to this equation, so I don't get the #DIV/0! result? =IF(E43<=(N43/2),((A25/(ROUNDDOWN((N43/E43),0)))*B43),A25*B43) Same with #VALUE ! =IFERROR((D25/(ROUNDDOWN((O43/H43),0))),"")*B43 Thanks
  12. G

    Index Match 2nd Match Help

    I came up with this formula INDEX('TABLE INPUT'!$B$6:$AAZ$309,MATCH($A7,INDEX('TABLE INPUT'!$C$6:$AAZ$309,0,MATCH($E7,'TABLE INPUT'!$A$3:$AAZ$3,0)-7),0),MATCH($E7,'TABLE INPUT'!$H$3:$AAZ$3,0)) I know i need to use small or large but I tried and get a #value error message <tbody> -> 47A x...
  13. T

    Any way to get a SUMPRODUCT formula for non-contiguous cells?

    What i would like is Sumproduct of array1= A1,A3. Array2 = B1, B3. =SUMPRODUCT((A1,A3),(B1,B3)) gives #VALUE . If you try to use {}, SUMPRODUCT will only accept constant numbers, not cell references. When i type the formula with the (), the formula tip seems to suggest it is working. For...
  14. J

    #VALUE! Countifs

    im getting #Value ! when doing a countifs. anything i am missing. i am basically wanting it to count the totals for jan when Q5-Q29991 = "yes", sales AC = a value in a cell, sales R5 = "new" and the sale date (AB) is in january. i have this formula in another section for the sales execs and it...
  15. P

    Linked cells showing #value when source linked file is not open

    Hi, I'm encountering an unusual problem. I have cells in workbook A with links to cells in Workbook B. When both workbooks are open, everything is fine. But if I close workbook B, the linked cells in workbook A change to an #value error. If I reopen workbook B, the error goes away and the...
  16. I

    Sumproduct, Left and #Value!

    I'm trying to count how many times specific text (the first 4 characters in a cell) appear in a column. Each cell starts with a code e.g. RC30 and then will have varying text after. I've tried VBA code Worksheets("Sheet1").Range("D1").Value =...
  17. S

    Multiple UDF #VALUE! Error

    Hello, I have two UDF's defined in my workbook. One in Module 1 and the other in Module 2. The first UDF is used solely on Sheet1, and the second UDF is used solely on Sheet2. When I calculate the Sheet1 and navigate to Sheet2, every UDF on the Sheet2 has a #VALUE ! error. And when I...
  18. N

    #VALUE! Error of SUMPRODUCT if cell value is ""

    Hi, I have a table calculating times based on several criteria. I have a problem with calculation if one of the cells in the criteria range (B2:B1000) is "" then I get #VALUE! Error. The following is sample table (real table has more than 1000 rows) and in this case B7 is empty cell value...
  19. B

    trying to change dd/mm/yy to mm/dd/yy

    <tbody> Dates Text to Columns Text to Columns Text to Columns Search "/" 23/11/2018 23 11 2018 3 1/3/2019 1/1/1900 3 2019 <tbody> #VALUE! </tbody> 31/03/2019 31 3 2019 3 1/11/2018 1/1/1900 11 2018 #VALUE! 24/10/2018 24 10 2018 3 </tbody> The first...
  20. P

    getting #value! instead of total

    when i paste this i get #value! =SUM(IF('Shirt Database'!A2:A500,'Goal Keeper List'!B61,SUMIF('Shirt Database'!$F$2:$F$500,{"sub on","sub off","started","injured"},'Shirt Database'!$K$2:$K$500))) TIA

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